Wednesday, November 9, 2011


St. Joseph's Extraordinary Mass for All Souls made an international blog, I think, from Spain. If you read Spanish well, can you tell me where this blog originates?


Then scroll down and you'll see yours truly and the servers for the EF All Souls' Mass and then click Southern Orders under the picture and then you are back to my blog for the posting of pictures of our All Souls' Mass.


Rood Screen said...

It doesn't actually say where the blog originates anywhere that I could find, but since it only list cities in Spain as EF Mass sites, I would guess it is Spanish (i.e. the Kingdom of Spain).

mike said...

When I go to this blog and see "Una Voce Málaga is now "liturgical actions"" I think it would be safe to say that the blog, honouring "Southern Orders", originates in Malaga Spain.

TCR said...

How wonderful! You are featured below Arundel Cathedral, which is impressive both visually and acoustically, but no more beautiful than St. Joseph.

Thank you for a memorable and blessed All Souls Day.

Carol H. said...

I agree with Fr. Shelton, this is a blog that promotes the EF and seems to originate in Spain. It lists churches that offer the EF and includes the Mass times. It also states that it is open to submissions of pictures and articles and has a link for submitting them.

Administrador said...

Than you for this post!
We are from Málaga, Spain.
God bless!

Acción Litúrgica

Anonymous4EF said...

Looking at the picture, where is your (and Father Dawid's) maniple? If it's the EF, you should vest properly for it.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The priest (me) clearly has his maniple on in the picture in question, however, the deacon and subdeacon do not own one!

Anonymous said...

What? No MANIPLE?!? The world is ending, the Church is disintegrating, and the maniple makers are going out of business. Oh Tempura! Oh Morays!

Anonymous4EF said...

I stand corrected. Root causes: Lack of attention to detail and failing eyesight. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

I bet that Pater Ignotus did not make the same mistake I did.