Thursday, December 23, 2010


More fallout from excommunicated Catholic hospital in Tucson--will all Catholic hospitals cease to be?

New York Times, ACLU: Catholic hospitals should be forced to perform abortions
December 23, 2010

The American Civil Liberties Union has again urged the federal government to compel Catholic hospitals to perform abortions that are deemed necessary to save the life of the mother. The ACLU’s latest letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cites Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s decision to revoke the Catholic status of a hospital in which an abortion took place.

“This confrontation never should have happened in the first place, because no hospital-- religious or otherwise-- should be prohibited from saving women’s lives and from following federal law,” the ACLU letter said.

A New York Times editorial blasted Bishop Olmsted and supported the ACLU’s position. “This is no small matter,” the newspaper’s editors stated. “Catholic hospitals account for about 15 percent of the nation’s hospital beds and are the only hospital facilities in many communities.”


Gene said...

The ACL(F)U is the single most subversive and destructive force in America today. They should be treated as enemies of freedom, the Church, and democracy and dealt with through the harshest legal means. A cabal of radicals, malcontents, scum, and dysfunctional lawyers who never got over their anger at Mama and Daddy.

Rabinowitz said...

ACLU of Colorado Supports Students Wearing Christian Symbols in the Colorado Springs School District

ACLU-NJ Defends Christian Student's Anti-Abortion Speech

ACLU of Tennessee Defends Christian Students' Right to Preach in Public Park

ACLU of Virginia Defends Christian Students' Right to Protest Against ACLU at Public School

ACLU Defends Christian Students Wearing Anti-Islam Shirts to Florida Public School

ACLU Fights For Christian Inmate's Right to Preach

ACLU of Northern California Fights Law that Got Quakers Fired Over Loyalty Oath

ACLU Defends Christian Librarian Disciplined for Refusing to Promote Harry Potter

ACLU Defends Right of Individual Christian to Display Nativity Scene on Public Property

ACLU Defends Christians Protesting Gay Rights in Florida

ACLU Champions Religious Freedom Of Mormon College Student

ACLU Fights for Christian Church's Mission to Feed the Poor

ACLU Fights for Christmas Tree

ACLU Files Suit to Protect Free Speech Rights of Christian Protesting Wal-Mart's Policy on Gays

ACLU of Georgia and Baptist Church File Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

ACLU of Rhode Island Files Appeal on Behalf of Christian Prisoner Barred from Preaching at Religious Services

ACLU of Michigan Defends Catholic Man Coerced to Convert to Pentecostal Faith in Drug Rehab Program

ACLU of New Jersey Joins Lawsuit Supporting Second-Grader's Right to Sing "Awesome God" at Talent Show

After ACLU Intervention on Behalf of Christian Valedictorian, Michigan High School Agrees to Stop Censoring Religious Yearbook Entries

ACLU Helps Free New Mexico Street Preacher From Prison

ACLU of WA Wins Right of Christian Minister to Preach in Spokane Plaza

ACLU Fights for Baptist Preacher in Illinois

ACLU Defends Rights of Christian Group to Make Religious Protest at Funerals

ACLU Backs Christian Abortion Protester in Ohio

ACLU of Oregon Defends Religious Liberty Of Adventist School Boys Basketball Players

ACLU Backs Missouri Nurse Penalized for Wearing Cross-Shaped Lapel Pin

ACLU Defends Christian Street Preacher in Las Vegas

ACLU Argues for Legal Recognition of Small Christian Church

ACLU of MA Defends Students Punished for Distributing Candy Canes with Religious Messages

ACLU of Nebraska Defends Church Facing Eviction by the City of Lincoln

ACLU Defends Church's Right to Run "Anti-Santa" Ads in Boston Subways

ACLU Defends Inmate's Access to Material from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Following Threat of ACLU of Virginia Lawsuit, Officials to Agree Not to Ban Baptisms in Public Parks

ACLU Defends Families Fighting Removal Of Religious Symbols from Florida Cemetery

ACLU Supports Right of Iowa Students to Distribute Christian Literature at School

ACLU Argument In Support of the Display of a Christian Cross in a Public Forum

ACLU Defends Christian Worker Required to Remove Bible from Desk at Government Job

ACLU Defends Free Speech Rights of Christians And Others On Main Street Plaza

ACLU Defends Prisoner's Rosary Beads

ACLU Defends Christian Group's Anti-Abortion Ads On Phoenix Buses

ACLU Pledges to Back Church in a Zoning Battle

ACLU of PA Files Discrimination Lawsuit Over Denial of Zoning Permit for African American Baptist Church

ACLU Offers To Represent Private Prayer on Public Property and

ACLU Joins Falwell To Fight For Church Incorporation Rights

Mama and Daddy would be pleased.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I know of some priests who did wonderful things in their ministry, some of them ministering to their 80's and then it was discovered they molested one teenager when they were first ordained. That one event ruined everything else they did and they were defrocked.

Rabinowitz said...

Actually, Father, one instance of molestation, deplorable as it is, does not and cannot undo the good of one Baptism, one Confession, or one Anoitning of the Sick. Mercifully, the grace of the sacraments does not depend on the holiness of the priest. Goodness HAS won out over evil.

Our society has conditioned us to accept (blindly) this "zero sum" or "all or nothing" proposition. Of course a priest who has abused should never be in a position to repeat the crime. But no, his act of sinfulness does not negate the good he may have done is his ministry.

Gene said...

Rabinowitz, Ignotus, Maria...need I repeat my above comments? Nah...

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

"Of course a priest who has abused should never be in a position to repeat the crime. But no, his act of sinfulness does not negate the good he may have done is his ministry."
That's exactly my point, the ACLU should get out of business for the horrible things they have advocated and are advocating for Catholic hospitals. They should not be in business to repeat crimes no matter how good they've been in other areas.

Rabinowitz said...

"That one event ruined everything else they did" translates into "the ACLU should get out of the business for the horrible things they have advocated"?

Come on, Father, that not just a stretch, it's a fantasy.

pinanv525 -You can reapeat or not repeat, it doesn't change the good the ACLU has, at times, done for us.

Anonymous said...

What would be the moral algebra? How many Baptisms off set the molestation? I think it may be a sin to equivocate, but more importantly it is foolish.

The ACLU seems to be obsessed with the academic nature of their issues, not the morality or justice of it. In the case of demanding that Catholic hospitals perform abortions is prima facie attacking the liberty of the hospital to perform or not abortions. It would be the same if they demanded a staff for nose jobs in every hospital. They are dishonestly attacking the anti abortion position as there is no law REQUIRING an abortion in ANY case. That they may, at times, be on the side of an argument we approve is accidental and does not prove motivation. Rather it is only the unintelligent operation of the legal mechanism. Justice is not by accident, nor is it moral to test the operation of the system at the expense of an individual. That is a sophomoric argument.


Gene said...

Ignotus, you cite a lot of anecdotal evidence in an effort to defend the ACLU as some neutral and disinterested arbiter of First Amendment issues. The incidents you cite are, in my opinion, "scraps to the dogs" designed to lull us into believing that they are friends of conservative, Christian, middle class patriots. The ACLU understands that it must advocate for a sufficient number of strict constructionist Constitutional issues to create an illusion of political neutrality. As Sun Tsu said in, "The Art of War," you always allow the enemy to believe he is winning or that you are compromising. Never allow your opponent to know your true intentions, and never reveal your ultimate strategy. Saul Alinsky apes this in his 'Rules for Radicals," which I am sure most ACLU lawyers have read and heavily underlined.
The ACLU starts with the premise of a de-constructionist view of the US Constitution. The key phrase here is, "Oh, the Constitution is a living document..." Sounds all nice and dynamic, right? Sort of like the Jesus Seminar and the neo-Prots telling us the Bible is a "living book." That just gives them an excuse to mess with it. So, now we have Jesus as the illegitimate son of Mary and her a delusional, paranoid young woman. It is all the same liberal, progressive garbage.
Both liberal organizations and liberal theologians have secular humanist premises that are in total conflict with Judaeo-Christian, particularly Catholic, doctrine. So, Ignotus, go ahead and tout your buddies over at ACLU. They may be coming for you next...but then, for all we know, you may well be completely comfortable co-celebrating with Fr. Betty Jo Downyshanks or Deaconess Mary Lou Headlights. Pour that Ripple Red and bless that Sunbeam bread...Halleluja!!!

Gene said...

I asked my daughter, a Constitutional lawyer, about the ACLU re: our blog discussion. She said, "Well, there are some good attorneys in the ACLU, but all of them have chips on their shoulders. Don't let the court cases they litigate distract you. That is a red herring. The ACLU is primarily a very powerful lobbying organization with, yes, a de-constructionist view of the Constitution. That is where they do the most damage and often few of us ever hear about it." Nuff said.

Gene said...

Father Ignotus, why don't you just keep one blog name and stop all the coy BS. The very fact that you enjoy playing these kinds of games indicates a condescending, "group negative attitude" with regard to the members here, as well as a chip on your shoulder...which indicates wood higher up, btw.