Saturday, December 4, 2010


You'd think this is a Catholic commercial and it should be and could be, just make an adaptation to the ending:

Kudos to the denomination that produced it!

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Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I know it is tacky to be the first to comment on my own blog, but I think this video shows that the Episcopal Church has many wonderful and Catholic attributes and has in some branches of this Communion in dramatic decline, maintained much that is Catholic, like beautiful liturgies, good English for their Lituriges and profound reverence. The High Episcopalians (Anglicans) understand their Liturgy as the Mass as we do. This is why Pope Benedict respects their sprirituality and devotions and has allowed much of it to be retained in the new "rite" if you will that he is creating for those Anglicans who wish to return to the full communion of the their Catholic Church. Keep in mind, that King Henry VIII is the one who broke with Rome, not the rank and file laity or clergy of that day. By the grace of God, although losing the sacrament of Holy Orders, they have maintained much of their Catholic faith in tact. I'm glad the Holy Father recognizes this act of grace on God's part and allows Anglicans to come into the Catholic Church with their liturgy and customs.