Saturday, December 4, 2010


I haven't watched the whole thing, but this is a bit of a time capsule, especially as it regards cigarette advertisement and birth control. This was produced in 1957 when secularism was only then beginning to become a force to be dealt with. What I really find fascinating, apart from the smoking, is Mike Wallace's very serious question about sin. Yes, he asked her questions about sin, on a CBS news program in 1957 and no one at that time would have thought it odd to include a question like that, a question on sin. Could you imagine Katie Courick asking such a question today? She'd be a laughing stock amongst her secular friends. But not so in 1957 America. My how times have change! Sanger has some chilling things to say:



Gene said... early nut case atheist/socialist who lived and was educated mostly off of other people's money. Her own life was a wreck; she was angry, unhappy, and a militant anti-Christian. She believed the greatest strength for women lay in overcoming the desire for men and sexual relations altogether, but she seems to have failed her own test, having had numerous affairs with the likes of Havelock Ellis (nut psychiatrist) and H.G. Wells, for heaven's sake. Can you say weird...

Anonymous said...

The "most serious sin" is having children who might be imperfect (might?! Aren't we all?) but marital infidelity is too ambiguous a situation to classify as sinful or not. Right... How tragic that this woman should have had the impact that she did. If more people had known that she also supported eugenics and was a fan of Adolph Hitler's methods, perhaps her opinions would have fallen out of favor. We need to continue to fight against the lies she planted, and to pray for her immortal soul.