Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is our All Souls' Mass where our combined choirs sang Faure's Requiem. I was in Bismarck, North Dakota so Fr. Daniel Firmin, our Diocesan Chancellor was the celebrant, Fr. Justin Ferguson the sub-deacon and Deacon Don Coates the Deacon, talk about a demotion for Fr. Justin! I only got these today. By the way, I just looked at the temperature in Bismarck. The current temperature was -8 degrees and the high will be 0 degrees. Oddly, though, it said it felt like only -7, so go figure! All I can say is "Thank you Jesus for Macon!"

Click on any picture to explode it if you are opposed to this form of the Mass!


Gene said...

It was a wonderful and powerful Mass. You know, Fr. Firmin's Latin might be a little better than your's...LOL!

Anonymous said...

we like it, we love it, we want more of it!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, and warm looking church. We made it to 17 today. The sun is down and the temps are plummeting.....


Anonymous said...

I clicked but nothing happened! Just kidding - I am sure the Mass was very powerful and solemn. Specially w/Fr. Firmin there.

SqueekerLamb said...

pin, I had to come back and take a second look at you in the photo. In my memory you were looking around at the congregation. On second inspection, you're trying to see the altar.
I'd got to wondering why you choose to sit in the back. At first I thought it was perhaps so that you can people watch and mentally point fingers at all those in blue jeans, sneakers, and forget to genuflect...but that would be just too awful. Then I thought perhaps it's because you're tall and don't want to block the view of thoughtful that would be, but out of charachter for you. Then I realized.
You sit in the back so that you can easily switch lines so as to receive communion only from a priest.

I guess that makes you a communion snob, heh? Just pokin' ya'-sort of.