Thursday, May 18, 2023


 I must admit I did not know that northern Italy recently had some devastating flooding. I am glad Vatican News reported it.

But then the tragedy of flooding, which has hit the world since the days of Noah, is turned into a political ideology meme of global warming and the need for us poor, miserable sinners to stop it since we caused it.

There is no historical or scientific evidence to prove that what happened in Northern Italy is due to man-made climate change. There is no reporting that in fact it could have been an “act of God.” 

Or it might be due to the old age of our universe, planet system, not to mention the sun itself. It might be that like we human beings, there is an expiration date that leads to death and no one can stop it.

Thus, without the mention of the finality of things and the final consummation of the world at the Lord’s Second Coming for judgment and resurrection of the dead bodies strewn everywhere since creation of man, there is no preaching on the need to repent, believe the Good News and be saved from the fires of hell. 

Many people die of lung cancer because their bodies are predisposed to it at the time of conception, or they smoked or inhaled second hand smoke or it is a random act of misfortune. Does the Church complain bitterly that if people didn’t smoke and there were no cancer causing agents   in nature or man made, this poor soul could have lived forever. Never mind the unrepentant sins that might well have placed him in hell!

Vatican News becomes just another political ideology promoting one theory on why, since the days of Noah, there have been natural disasters. There is nothing said about original sin and its corruption of man and all that God created. There is no mention of salvation history as God warns His people to repent before it is too late, and to be save, from the ravages of this life and the eternal fires of hell!

Pope expresses 'heartfelt sympathy' after deadly Italian floods

Pope Francis expresses his heartfelt sympathy for the people killed, and thousands forced to evacuate their homes, as exceptional, torrential rains battered northern Italy, causing massive damage.

By Deborah Castellano Lubov

Nine people are dead and thousands were evacuated from their homes following exceptional, torrential rains which battered northern Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, and eastern provinces, triggering floods and landslides.

According to Civil Protection Minister, Nello Musumeci, some areas had received half their average annual rainfall in just 36 hours. Rivers burst their banks and water washed through towns, and submerged thousands of acres of farmland, reported Reuters.

This catastrophe marks the latest episode of extreme weather and always-more-violent storms to strike the globe as the climate crisis intensifies.

Pope's heartfelt sympathy, prayers

Pope Francis expressed his "heartfelt sympathy" to the suffering and affected by the extreme weather in Emilia Romagna, especially the eastern provinces, in a telegram of condolences. It was sent Thursday on his behalf by Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, the Vatican's Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State, to the Archbishop of Bologna and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi.

The Holy Father asked the Cardinal to convey his sentiments of heartfelt sympathy to the relatives and friends of the victims for the disaster which struck the territory.

Comfort following 'grave calamity'

While assuring fervent prayers of suffrage for the deceased and expressing condolences to their families, the Pope invoked comfort from God for the wounded, and consolation for those who are suffering the consequences "of the grave calamity."

Pope Francis expressed his gratitude to all those, amid great difficulty, are working to bring relief and alleviate all suffering, and to diocesan communities "for their manifestation of communion and fraternal closeness to the most-tried populations."

The Holy Father concluded by offering his Apostolic Blessing to all, as a sign of special spiritual closeness. He also relayed the prayers of Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Climate Crisis provoking global tragedy

As the deadly Italian rains wreaked havoc, across the globe, various climate catastrophes are killing many people and causing dramatic damage.

Earlier this week, powerful Cyclone Mocha slammed between Myanmar’s port city of Sittwe and Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, home to nearly one million mostly Rohingya refugees, killing at least six people, causing hundreds of injuries and provoking a vast communications blackout that has left relief workers struggling to assess the extent of the damage. 

Meanwhile, the death toll in Malawi from tropical Cyclone Freddy has surpassed 1000, confirmed Malawi's President Lazarus Chakwer in April.

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rcg said...

It would be prudent to cleve ourselves to the Church and the Word of God that she brings to us because no matter how hard we plan tomorrow may be our last day.