Friday, May 26, 2023



ROME – After a packed afternoon with multiple appointments the day before, Pope Francis did not hold any meetings or public audiences Friday morning due to a fever, a Vatican spokesman has said.

In response to reporters, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said, “Due to a feverish state, Pope Francis did not hold any audiences this morning.”

And the words of the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin sound more ominous and paving the way to a more serious announcement: 

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin told reporters Friday. "The Pope was tired, he had a very busy day yesterday, he saw many people, there was the Scholas Occurrentes meeting, he wanted to greet them all. At a certain point, your resistance wanes," said Parolin on the sidelines of a meeting at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See. 


Justin Motes said...

Praying 🙏

rcg said...

I hope it is a minor thing. But a fever after a stressful day is a bad sign for an elderly person.

Anonymous said...

Deo gratias!

Rome (CNN) — Pope Francis returned to work on Saturday morning after being struck down by a fever which interrupted his regular schedule and sparked renewed concerns for his health.


Countless Catholics, as well as people of good will, pray constantly for holy, and great, Pope Francis.

Conversely, Satan foments the bad-mouthing, hatred, and lies that are hurled around-the-clock at Pope Francis. But via our prayers, we form a protective spiritual ring around His Holiness.

Pope Benedict XVI has provided us with the blueprint in regard to the relationship that we are to develop with our august Roman Pontiff.

Pope Benedict XVI did so via his having granted "unconditional reverence and obedience" to Pope Francis.

Father McDonald, thank you for this thread...established to obtain prayers "THE HOLY FATHER AND THE CHURCH…"

God raised Jorge Bergoglio to teach, govern, and sanctify God's Holy People. In turn, may God grant to Pope Francis many happy and blessed years.

May God grant to his holy priest, Father McDonald, who established this wonderful thread, many happy and blessed years.

We need to form a protective spiritual ring around holy Father well as God's holy priest, Father Kavanaugh, who participates here regularly.

Prayers as well for Holy Mother Church.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Fr K votes for the Party of Moloch, so if that is holy, we are in big trouble

rcg said...

You got all that from a bad cold?

ByzRus said...

I do not wish anything but a change of heart and benevolent leadership from the Holy Father. Regardless, I hope his suffering is minimal and his health is restored.

rcg said...

It appears he has returned to his regular schedule. Praise God he is over the fever.

Paul said...

Eccles is claiming on his blog, I think, as might be The Babylon Bee - that neglect on the part of someone close to Francis could be a factor here!
Various side-effects of Anti-Modernism meds can and DO occur.