Tuesday, September 6, 2022



Again, I ask you to help me understand what the pope said about the liturgy in his off-the-cuff interview. As usual, I am scratching my head:

Pope Francis also touched briefly on the liturgy and his decision to restrict the Traditional Latin Mass, saying there is a crisis “of poor liturgical formation” in the church, and “The lack of mercy in the celebration of the Mass” is one cause of this.

This lack of mercy “causes scandal,” he said, saying, “a Church that does not celebrate the liturgy well is a Church that does not know how to praise God, that does not know how to live deeply. For me it is important to discipline the liturgy well.”

Read the whole Crux article here.


rcg said...

I don’t understand why he canceled his trip to Ukraine due to knee problems. It sounds like his pain meds are so effective that he could fly there on his own.

TJM said...

LOL - he should watch a celebration of “Mass” at St. Sabina’s in Chicago and then call his local branch manager Cupich and tell him to apply discipline there if he wants his statements to have any credibility

Jerome Merwick said...

Father, why do you keep expecting some sort of rational discourse from this pope, especially regarding the Mass? At best, he is an amateur. At worst, he's a heretic. Neither invites high expectations.

ByzRus said...

I have to give him credit, he can spin anything.

TJM said...


But the sentient knows he is lying