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However, I must confess, I am not sure what the Holy Father is saying, please help me out:

Pope: Liturgy must look to God without being worldly

In an address to an Italian association of liturgists, Pope Francis warns against “worldly” approaches to the liturgy, saying liturgy must be directed to the Mystery of Christ while remaining close to daily life.

By Christopher Wells

Pope Francis on Thursday addressed the Italian Associazione dei Professori e Cultori di Liturgia (Association of Professors and Practitioners of Liturgy) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the organization’s foundation.

The Pope noted that fifty years corresponds to “the ecclesial season of this liturgical reform”: following the initial phase marked by the publication of new liturgical books, "we are now in a period of deepening acceptance of the reform." This process, he said, requires not only time but also “passionate and patient care,” “spiritual and pastoral understanding,” and ongoing formation.

He encouraged members of the Association to continue to pursue their work in a spirit of dialogue.

“Theology can and must have a synodal style.”

Listening key in liturgical study

In order to ensure that their efforts “are never separated from the expectations and needs of the People of God," Pope Francis said, listening to the Christian communities is “indispensable.”

The Holy Father noted, too, that the academic work of liturgists cannot be separated from the pastoral and spiritual dimension of liturgy, saying that liturgical formation must reach the people of God. In this regard, he held up the model of Romano Guardini, a German priest and scholar who, among other notable accomplishments, was able to spread the "achievements of the liturgical movement" in a way that was accessible to the ordinary faithful.

“May his figure and his approach to liturgical education, as modern as it is classical, be a point of reference to you.”

Progress rooted in tradition

Finally, the Pope insisted that progress in the understanding of the liturgy and the art of celebrating it “must always be rooted in tradition.” At the same time, he warned of a worldly spirit of going backward (IT: “indietrismo”, literally: backwardness).

Going back to the roots, he said, does not mean going backward, but instead means allowing true tradition to lead one forward. He cautioned liturgists to carefully distinguish between tradition and “traditionalism,” warning that “today the temptation is ‘backwardness’ disguised as tradition.”

Concluding his address, Pope Francis reminded his audience that the study and promotion of liturgy “must be imbued with prayer and the living experience of the Church that celebrates, so that liturgical ‘thought’ might always flow, like a vital sap, from the lived liturgy.”

All theology, he said, but especially liturgical study – precisely because it is directed to “the act of celebrating the beauty and greatness of the mystery of God who gives Himself to us” – must be done “with an open mind, and at the same time, ‘on one’s knees’,” in prayer.


ByzRus said...

Organic development seems not to be considered here. PF seems to be espousing rupture rooted in tradition. Perhaps I'm wrong, however, I sense the sale of an ideology here.

ByzRus said...

Apologies if posted twice, your blog crashed for me when I tried to post.

To me, this reads like rupture rooted in tradition as well as the sale of an ideology.

TJM said...


You are spot on!

Drew said...

I can't really explain what he stated. Yet according to Cardinal Roche I guess I'm a Protestant.... That's kind of strange since the traditional Latin Mass was once the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite before the summer of 2021. Bizarre world.

rcg said...

I think the Holy Father is mainly having a conversation with himself, causing a mess, in his own mind in a constant dialectic trying to find a truth.

TJM said...

Maybe Pope Francis and the Roche need to take a trip to Germany to investigate this:

Then with a straight face, talk about "unity", "reverance" within the Roman Rite and how the TLM is the problem.

TJM said...

“I think it a great cheek of the Germans to try and teach the rest of the world anything about religion. They should be in perpetual sackcloth and ashes for all their enormities from Luther to Hitler.” – Evelyn Waugh (1963)