Sunday, September 4, 2022


 Yes, it was raining but I don’t think there has ever been a beatification in St. Peter’s Square where the Square was not filled when the pope presided over such a celebration. What do we make of this?

Here is the poorly attended Beatification Mass presided over by Pope Francis I. Please note the fake cover to this video which is not the beatification but a crowded Easter Sunday Mass from the past:


TJM said...

Beatifying almost every Pope connected to Vatican II diminishes the canonization process and perhaps the laity are on to this scam. Pius XI at great personal risk and quite prophetically condemned the Nazis, Fascists and Communists. He seems to be far worthier of Canonization than the Pope who most contributed to the destruction of the Catholic Church - Paul VI.

John Nolan said...


Pius V was not beatified until a century after his death in 1572, and another 40 years elapsed before his canonization. The next pope to be canonized was Pius X who died in 1914. He was beatified in 1951 and canonized a mere three years afterwards. This set an unfortunate precedent.

The canonization process has become as devalued as the British honours system which showers knighthoods on sports personalities and pop stars.

The canonization of Paul VI was doubly ironic - the worst pope of modern times conferring sainthood on the second worst.

John Paul I achieved nothing in his pontificate unless you count adopting a double-barrelled name and not bothering to get crowned. Still, the beatification Mass was in Italian, so presumably his cult is a local one.

Jerome Merwick said...


I'm pretty sure you meant Pius #12.

And yes, it IS getting rather predictable and uninspiring to see the managers of the decline all picking up their posthumous honors this way. However, in all fairness, we don't know WHAT kind of pope Luciani would have been.

However, if THIS story is true:

he might have been a good one, given the chance.

I think it's reasonable to say that there are forces (think "superforce" within our Church that continue to see to it that the restoration continues in its delay. Meanwhile, enjoy the rot and stench and the leaders who call it "holiness".

ByzRus said...


On this, we agree. These beatifications and canonization have the "feel" of popularity contests. To me, there should be a waiting period, perhaps generations in duration, followed by objective study of a candidates lives, actions and writings.

Anonymous said...

The Beatification of Pope John Paul I is a wonderful moment in the life of Holy Mother Church.

We have been blessed for decades with holy Popes. That has continued as God has raised Jorge Bergoglio to serve as Pope.

In 2011 A.D., an 11-year-old Buenos Aires girl, via Blessed Pope John Paul I's intercession, was healed miraculously.

Today, the Holy Ghost inspired holy Pope Francis to recognize Pope John Paul I as Blessed.

At today's Beatification Mass, despite rain, thunder, and lightning, thousands of worshipers, in holy, and joyful fashion, expressed their delight at Pope Francis' beatification of holy Pope John Paul I.

Said worshipers were joined by thousands of God's Holy People throughout the world.

From Fox News:

"But by the end of the ceremony, the sun was shining, and Francis, waving while seated in a popemobile, toured the square, waving to the crowd, some of whom shouted, "Long live the pope!"

What great day in Rome, and beyond!


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

It was Pius XI. Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII) was his Secretary of State.

Canonization has become a farce.If Pius XI were connected to Vatican II he would be canonized.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

It was Pius XI. Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII) was his Secretary of State.

Canonization has become a farce.If Pius XI were connected to Vatican II he would be canonized.

Anonymous said...

Mister John Nolan said..."John Paul I achieved nothing in his pontificate unless you count adopting a double-barrelled name and not bothering to get crowned."

Mister Nolan, Blessed Pope John Paul I's beatification is not based upon supposed achievements related to his Pontificate.

The True Church has recognized Pope John Paul I as "Blessed" as the result of Albino Luciani having lived, as Pope Francis declared, "in the joy of the Gospel, without compromises, loving to the very end."

"He embodied the poverty of the disciple, which is not only detachment from material goods, but also victory over the temptation to put oneself at the center, to seek one’s own glory.

"He thought of himself as dust on which God deigned to write. That is why he could say: “The Lord recommended it so much: be humble. Even if you have done great things, say: ‘We are useless servants.’”

"With a smile, Pope John Paul managed to communicate the goodness of the Lord."


Mister Nolan, you have viewed Pope John Paul I's beatification through worldly lenses...he "achieved nothing in his pontificate unless you count adopting a double-barrelled name and not bothering to get crowned."

Therefore, in your worldly approach, we are to measure Pope John Paul I's beatification via supposed "achievements."

In your view, he did not "achieve" anything as Pope.

Actually, he achieved something monumental...holiness.

Holy Mother Church has recognized that he lived the Gospel...he preached the Gospel...Blessed Pope John Paul I brought people to Jesus Christ.

Conversely, in your way of worldly, shallow, non-Catholic manner of thought, "John Paul I achieved nothing in his pontificate unless you count adopting a double-barrelled name and not bothering to get crowned."


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Mister John Nolan said..."The canonization process has become as devalued as the British honours system which showers knighthoods on sports personalities and pop stars."

Should we accept your declaration in question, then, for example, we must equate Holy Mother Church's Holy-Ghost guided canonization of Pope Saint John Paul II to that of a "devalued" knighthood granted to a British sports personality and/or pop star.



Mark Thomas.

Gregory said...

I was puzzled over why francis woukd canonize this pope, until i saw that JPI
Attempted to overturn Humanae Vitae. Truly, francis does nothing except to
to further his agenda!!! What he has done with The Pontifical Academy for Life is nothing but destruction.

Carter said...

Many of the commentors here fail to understand that JP I isn't being beatified because he was a pope in recent times....but because he was a great man and led a great life. His 33 days in the papacy are not what is being recognized here but rather his whole life. I think many would do well to not be so critical and near sighted.

For some actual insite into the life of JP I these commentors should listen to the historical podcast about JP I.

Further, quick canonization is not just an issue of the modern Church...all through Her history she has canonized many saints only a few short years after their some historical perspective would also seem to be in order before trashing infallible acts of the magisterium.

I will only give a couple examples from a very long list of shirt death to canonizations:

Adalbert of Praugue - d. 997 - can.999
Benvenutus Scotivoli - d. 1282 - can. 1284
Bernard degli Uberti - d. 1133 - can. 1139
Bernard of Clairvaux - d. 1153 - can. 1174
Bernardino of Siena - d. 1444 - can. 1450
Bononio - d. 1026 - can. 1026

This list is rather long and is inclusive of many different centuries.

One further point is that from some perspectives, it can be more sensible to canonize people who are more closely related to the time period in which they are canonized whereas canonizing people from 700 years prior who also don't have a strong cult in the USA seems from some perspectives to make less sense.

It is true that Pius XI, at his own personal risk condemned those errors, however it is worth noting that being an intellectual doesn't make you a good intercessor in the sense of a personable pastor. Not saying he wasn't or that he isn't a good intercessir or that he isn't a good candidate for canonization in light of his doctrinal work...just saying that there is often much more in the consideration.

TJM said...


There is no justification you can provide for the most destructive Pope in modern history, Paul VI’s, canonization. It was done to legitimize a failed Council.

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

You give new meaning to the phrase: it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt!

Thomas Garrett said...

Our leaders are not what they purport to be. They claim that they are listening to us, but they are deaf to our pleas. They claim to be open and flexible, but they are brutal, closed-minded and intolerant. They dress themselves up in the honors of their office and whine that any criticism of them as persons is truly an attack on the institutions they purport to lead.

Pope Francis grinds out yet another pro-forma beatification of a post-conciliar pope and the ho-hums are palpable and nearly half of St. Peter's square is empty.

Joe Biden can't even fill a high school gymnasium for his latest Maryland "rally".

Pope Francis never stops talking about "accompaniment" and "dialogue", yet no questions are permitted from cardinals at the latest consistory. Traditiones Custodes is implemented with an iron fist. "I have decided that the Catholic faith will no longer be what it once was and YOU will obey. Case closed>"

Joe Biden never stops demonizing his political opponents, yet he still insists he is the president of ALL Americans. "If you vote Republican, then you ain't black." "Trump supporters and MAGA Republicans are fascists because I say so." Then he exercises a level of fascist repression that would make Mussolini jealous, sending SWAT teams after his critics with the flimsiest of "probable causes".

The result?

Increasingly Catholics and non-leftist Americans feel the despair. There is no point in even putting up any pretense of hoping our leaders will listen to us or care on iota about what we suffer under their regimes of intolerance masquerading as openness.

If something doesn't change soon, no one will even CARE who the next pope is and no one will ever trust another national election in America ever again.

Thanks Klaus.

Thanks Cardinal Martini.

Thanks Cardinal Daneels.

Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

Thanks to the rest of you...uh, people who "gifted" us with this new world.

TJM said...

omas Garrett,

This is all about abortion, the raison d'etre of the Left. Planned Parenthood owns the Democratic Party and the Left owns Rome at the present time. PF is looking for a way to overturn Humanae Vitae and he continues to tolerates, no, he supports pro abortion politicians like Biden and Pelosi. Talk about a failure of leadership. Corrupt bishops and priests in the US go along and they wonder why the pews keep emptying. For all I care they can become greeters at Walmart and baristas at Starbucks because they aren't good for much else.

Tom Makin said...

This is indicative of how the faithful feel right now and Francis needs to look himself in the mirror. Can you imagine the YoY comparison of the "Peter's Pence" collection? I cringe to think. As an old Pastor of mine once said, "People give in direct proportion to what they feel they are receiving...." (said Fr McDonald, St Joseph's Catholic Church, Macon, GA). This crowd in St Peter's Square, weekly attendance at local churches, Bishop's Annual Appeals, total collections and yes, all the way up to Rome, says it all! These octogenarians refuse to see it. They drank the cool aid in the 1960s and 70s and cannot admit, because their inflated egos won't permit it, that they blew it.

Thomas Garrett said...

Abortion and sexual perversion getting mainstreamed ARE a big part of it all. But the effect upon believers is demoralizing. Does this pope think we're all so stupid that we can't see the disgusting, obese, apostatic pervert buffoons he is elevating to the level of cardinals? Does he really think that we don't see the empty "reasoning" behind his edicts and prohibitions on all that once fed us?

The clown show in Rome, the clown show in Washington...Catholicism stripped of its meaning, the Constitution re-defined to settle old scores, it's all B.S.. I have no respect and no interest in whatever the leaders in either city have to "give" us, because in the end, it's all turning to poison. I pray God is more merciful to them than they are to the people they are supposed to serve.

I am proud to be Catholic. I am proud to be American. I am ashamed of my Church's current leadership. I am ashamed of my country's leadership. I cringe at their very mention. I am even more embarrassed for the self-righteous fools who defend them. How easily we give up truth to get our ears tickled.

TJM said...

Well Thomas Garrett, we do have two self-righteous fools posting here who defend them.