Sunday, September 18, 2022


 In the link below you will see a facebook video of the synopsis of a Dutch Mass in the pre-Vatican II era being celebrated ad popolum. Apart from this novelty, an experiment prior to Vatican II, the Mass is beautifully celebrated with Gregorian Chant of mixed voices of men and children. This is a parish Mass celebrated with great care and reverence as were most parish Masses prior to Vatican II.

If this type of ethos, meaning the Gregorian Chant as well as the pre-Vatican II spirituality and reverence directed toward the celebration of the Mass by both clergy and laity, had been maintained, what a better liturgy and Church we would have today.

Unfortunately, The Church in Holland is on its last breath, a much, much smaller and unfaithful Church and that is coming to a town near you already!

You can watch the facebook video of the Tridentine Mass being celebrated toward the nave of the Church by pressing here.


John said...

I find it interesting that so far no comment has been offered on this posting.

Was the experiment back then an early sign of troubles to come? Seeking novelty to compensate for an absence of piety and loss of faith?

It would be interesting to know who initiated this experiment, the clergy or some lay group? Clergy cooperation was certainly needed. I recall the endless discussions about the NO Mass during the JP II papacy and how that Pope emphasized organic development to be the only legitimate manner that liturgy should change. By that standard the Bugnini revolution was the wrong way to go and in retrospect can be considered even a failed initiative. A work enthusiastically promoted by people who appeared to "confuse apostolate with apostasy" according to Bernanos as remarked by in MEMOIRS by Louis Bouyer who certainly was present where the liturgical sausage was made.

TJM said...

This actually occured in the US prior to the Council, although rarely. I recall seeing this done in the Diocese of Kansas in the late 1950s in a newly constructed Church and I thought you had posted the photo on this blog, Father McDonald.

I recall when the Dutch Church was more Roman than Rome. We had friends who were born in Holland and would go back to visit family from time to time. During the mid-1970s she mentioned at her old parish Church they had sang the Ordinary parts of the Mass in Latin. I was amazed and she said rather haughtily "well, we do not have the hang up with languages like most Americans!" She is no longer living, but I suspect her parish is long gone! I guess the bishops in Holland are still waiting for the new "Springtime!"