Thursday, June 2, 2022


In our rectory, we receive WiFi and cable from Hargray Communications based on Hilton Head Island.

We have high speed wifi of course and your basic cable channels. The two channels I watch the most, apart from local stations are TCM and the Game Show Network. I do not use streaming services although I had Amazon's for a time but it was a waste of money for me.

I like being told what to watch, when to watch and how to watch. Streaming goes against my God-given orientation not to be technological. As soon as I catch up, technology leapfrogs forward leaving me in the dust.

But the point of this post is an email that I just received from Hargray Communications! Oh the agony! Oh, the confusion! What to do, what to do, Oh what am I to do? And how to I get the local stations plus Fox and CNN as well at TCM and Game Show Network. I don't care about the other stations. Oh, what am I to do!!!!!????

Here is the email:

A change in your service is coming.

Experience the future of TV today!


Dear Saint Anne,


As a state-of-the-art Internet provider, we are taking a forward-thinking approach to TV. On July 31, 2022, we are eliminating TV service and instead giving you access to more viewing options and flexibility in how you watch TV through streaming capabilities over our trusted all-fiber Internet.


We know that traditional TV service continues to become more expensive as video programmers raise rates and often limit your viewing options. So, we have created a Streaming Selector Tool to help guide you in choosing a streaming option with the shows you want at a cost that works within your budget. 


Making the change 

We’re to help you make this transition. To get started:

1. Go to or call us at 912-875-2670 (Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.).


2. Choose your new streaming experience.


3. Cancel your existing TV service. Then, enjoy your new benefits!


V for Vendee said...

Cut the cord and please stop watching Faux News.

Mark said...

Yes, Faux News that we now learn will not be covering the January 6 Committee public hearings live, except on its Business Channel and other, much less watched Fox outlets, replicating its abysmal conduct during the two impeachment hearings, in sharp contrast to its coverage during the Benghazi episode (except for those parts of the hearings where Hillary said things they didn’t like, of course). Cancel culture anyone? Censorship anyone? One could almost be forgiven for thinking we are living in Putin’s Russia:

So, what is Fox they so afraid of, one wonders? (actually, one doesn’t; it’s pretty obvious. Clue: five letter word, beginning with “t” and ending in “h”, “t***h). So much for “fair and balanced.”