Thursday, June 2, 2022


 The green chasuble with overlay stole is a chasuble and stole I purchased for the Cathedral in the late 1980’s. It is still there and I modeled it last year for your viewing and envy pleasure. Back then, and still to a certain extent today, I liked the stole outside the chasuble. I was introduced to that in the late 70’s seminary I attended. 

I am not particularly a fan of the “fiddleback” vestment I am modeling and actually wore for a Cathedral EF Mass. I am eclectic and certainly most humble enough, to wear that which I don’t like. Canonize me. 


James E Dangerfield said...

Since the stole over the chasuble is illicit, shouldn’t this relic of liturgical abuse be re-purposed to something licit?

Jerome Merwick said...

I love photos that show men's fashions when they looked like men's fashions. Your dad had good taste.

TJM said...

I have to say the fiddleback almost looks like the guards’ costumes in Alice in Wonderland! My preference is Gothic but the Chasubles worn in the 16th century which were fuller than the fiddleback look nice