Friday, June 24, 2022


Went out to eat with parishioners at a coastal seafood restaurant, Sunbury in Midway. Spectacular scenic location near Richmond Hill. We arrived at high tide.

And what are the odds of this. My parishioners who took me out to this restaurant on Thursday evening moved to Albany, Georgia from Augusta, Georgia around 1983 or so when I was associate pastor of Saint Teresa's Church there (1980-85). In 1984 the wife was hired by our pastor to coordinate our social outreach programs to the poor called "Neighbors in Need". After many years there and a few children, they moved to the New York area and then Pennsylvania. In 2016 they moved to Richmond Hill to retire arriving around the same time I came. And now I am retiring effective June 30 although this Sunday is my last day.

Oh, and she is also very good friends with a family that lived close to my family and me in Augusta beginning in 1960!



TJM said...

Roe v Wade reversed!!!! Deo Gratias!

Tom Makin said...

Love the video. Love the Low Country. Was stationed at Ft Stewart for 3.5 years and lived on the south side of Savannah off Abercorn. Brought my bride there and had two children born at Winn Army Community Hospital (WACH). I have a great fondness for the area.

As for Roe v. Wade, the time finally came. God is good! That said, brace for impact; hyperbolic and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."Went out to eat with parishioners at a coastal seafood restaurant, Sunbury in Midway."

God's holy priest, Father McDonald, with his spiritual children. That is great!


At the seafood restaurant:

Father McDonald to the waiter: "Do you serve crabs?"

The waiter: "Sure, Father. I'll serve you."



Mark Thomas