Thursday, October 28, 2021


 The following comment on a post at Fr. Z’s WDTPRS alerted me to this video I post. I post it at minute 23 or so, but prior to that is an Ancient Order Latin Mass celebrated outdoors of this church in France in 1987! The active participation of the laity is stunning but after you read this comment watch what happens. Stunning:

Another story about the traditional movement in France: Palm Sunday at the parish church in Port Marly, 1987. The bishop went as far as to brick up the church because the people insisted on keeping the Mass of tradition. How does this differ from psychopathy? If every Mass that you hear with devotion adds to your consolation at the hour of death, what consolation can you expect at that hour for having bricked up a church to keep out the Mass for which it was built?

So on Palm Sunday, the people and their priest held Mass on the steps outside, then got to work with crowbars and a battering ram and took out the brick wall, singing Christus Vincit

There’s a video of this on YouTube. The battering ram part starts about 22 minutes in, and at the end is an interview of the priest (in French). My French is very negligible, but I gather that the priest points out that these parishioners were being kept out of a church that was built by their ancestors, and the bishop is being a legalist and not a father!


TJM said...

The bishop is a vindictive, angry, psychopathic bully. So “pastoral!”

qwikness said...

I wonder what happened later, what's happening today?

ByzRus said...

Like being forced to take your castor oil. So many deep wounds many of which continue being opened again and again.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Evidently this man is psychologically disturbed. However, I do not believe the priest handled it properly and overreacted causing things to escalate.

Having been in downtown parishes for years and having experienced similar episodes with street people and my first in my assignment with a parishioner off her meds, the best thing to do is to act calmly.

I had a street person in Augusta come straight down the aisle as I was preaching and then go over to our life size crucifix and simply stair at it. he had a duffel bag with him which concerned me as there could have been a weapon in it, but there wasn't.
I simply stopped the homily, asked him if we could help him and then encouraged the ushers or other men to kindly escort the man out of the church. He complied.

My first experience, the woman off the meds, as I was reading the Gospel came screaming down the aisle toward me, but the ushers immediately intervened and took her outside.