Saturday, October 30, 2021


 THE ANCIENT ORDER OF THE LATIN MASS (TAOTLM) CELEBRATED TODAY IN SAINT PETER’S IN ROME TO A CAPACITY CONGREGATION OF ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING LAY CATHOLICS AND OTHERS OF DIFFERENT RANKS! YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!!!!! AND THIS: Saturday 30 October, 11:30 am, in the Archbasilica of St. Peter in the Vatican: Holy Mass at the Altar of the Chair celebrated by Msgr. Patrick Descourtieux, Office Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Foto e video del 10° pellegrinaggio internazionale Populus Summorum Pontificum: 4 - sabato 30 ottobre, ore 11:30: la Santa Messa all'Altare della Cattedra #sumpont2021

Continuiamo con i servizi dedicati al 10° pellegrinaggio internazionale Populus Summorum Pontificum.

Sabato 30 ottobre, ore 11:30, nell'Arcibasilica di San Pietro in Vaticano: la Santa Messa all'Altare della Cattedra celebrata da mons. Patrick Descourtieux, Capo Ufficio della Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede.

I would love to read a transcript of this homily by

Msgr. Patrick Descourtieux, Office Head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith!


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

And how delicious would it have been if Msgr. Patrick Descourtieux had worn the 1930's fiddleback that President Biden gave to Pope Francis! Maybe it was what he wore--I can start that rumor, no?

Joseph Johnson said...

The God of surprises?!

TJM said...

This must have ruined PF’s and his leftwing minions day

John Nolan said...

The Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage has been an annual event for ten years now, and is hardly a 'bombshell'. Back in August it was announced that it would be led by Archbishop Cordileone who would celebrate the Mass in St Peter's. Does his absence suggest he is not so lion-hearted as his name implies?

TJM - Keep up! PF is far too preoccupied with the mythical 'climate emergency' and the absurd COP26 jamboree in Glasgow, North Britain (motto: Last Chance to Save the Planet) to worry about such irrelevancies as sacred liturgy.

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Thanks for the reality check! Archbishop Cordileone is the “Cowardly Lion” because he has done nothing about Nancy Pelosi, rabid abortion supporter who resides in his Archdiocese.

Al Gore told us Manhattan would be under water by now. All of his climate prognostications have never materialized but he makes a lot of money off of suckers who buy the bilge he is selling. PF knows that climate change is a scam and simply a means to implement his true faith: Marxism. “Saving the Planet” always involves using other peoples’ money. We need a Lady Thatcher today to forcefully make this point once again!

TJM said...

John Nolan,

I am starting to think PF is a tool of the Red Chinese. He surrenders what little autonomy the Church has in China and then does not DEMAND that the Chinese end expanding their coal program to "save the planet." PF says nothing about that nor does little Greta. I think both will come to regret their positions. Like you, I remain a Catholic in spite of the wretched leadership and teaching of PF, the empty cassock. I truly feel bad for people like Father McDonald who have to tolerate his idiocies.

John Nolan said...

TJM - The earth is an estimated 4.5 billion years old and the idea that climate change (which has always existed) has reached catastrophic proportions makes the philosopher's stone, phrenology and the phlogiston theory look positively scientific.

There are environmental issues (plastic pollution is one of them) which are far more pressing and we can actually do something about it. Seventy years ago air pollution in London and other cities resulted in pea-soup fogs or 'smogs' which killed thousands. The notorious London smog of 5-9 December 1952 killed an estimated 12,000 people and brought the capital to a standstill. Four years later Parliament passed the Clean Air Act and the last ever London pea-souper was in 1962.

Now we are told that the UK is responsible for one percent of world 'carbon emissions' yet we are spending billions, wrecking an economy still to recover from government-imposed lockdowns, and forcing millions of people to endure a massive hike in the cost of living, all in pursuit of the chimera of 'net zero by 2030'. Whether it's a scam, pointless virtue signalling or simply mass delusion, it's still madness.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

When the Magisterium seems to side with the politicization of the climate and also sides with but one theory on climate change, it undermines its authority on the good steward of creation that all people must be. The good stewardship of creation should be the thrust with scienctificlly proven methods to improve things, which, John you make clear in terms of issues in Great Britain. On this side of the pond, some recycle but most do not. Then there are idiotic things that happen. Hilton Head Island, acting as an island, banned thin plastic bags because these are a threat to the ocean. For a while businesses went to paper bags and then all of of a sudden Walmart and other bigger retailers started using what are called thick reusable plastic bags which go into the garbage just as the thin ones do and in my mind are a greater threat to the ocean. Yes, ban plastics. Everything is plastic, from k-cups to individually, vacuum packed boneless chicken breasts. All of it goes into the garbage.
In this country good stewardship of creation has led to clean air in Pittsburg and even Los Angeles. People do not litter as they once did and the landscape is a bit cleaner. Common sense use of science to preserve the land and air is what is needed. The pope should warn Catholics and all people of good will that no matter what remedial actions we take with our body or the earth—it is all coming to an end and we need an equally strong ecology of the soul to prepare for the end times, ether our own personal death and judgement or the final judgement! We don’t hear this from this pope.

Ceile De said...

Another real head scratcher is why +Cordileone confirm as recently as August that he would lead the pilgrimage, followed by his late cancellation at short notice, with no explanation or discussion anywhere that I can find. A few years ago, Cardinal Pell cancelled on short notice immediately after meeting with you know who....

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"...we need an equally strong ecology of the soul to prepare for the end times, ether our own personal death and judgement or the final judgement! We don’t hear this from this pope."

Oh, really?

"If you died today, would you be ready? Pope Francis asks"

Pope at Mass: 'look to your moment of death with hope and trust in the Lord'

"If we will open the door of our lives and hearts to our littlest brothers and sisters, then even our own death will become a door that introduces us to heaven, to the blessed homeland, toward which we are directed, longing to dwell forever with God our Father, with Jesus, with Our Lady and with the Saints."

:Pope: To face death with courage, peace, stay close to Jesus in life"

Seems some don't hear the Holy Father very well...

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Interesting, Fr. MJK, that in your internet search you found nothing to indicate that Pope Francis has ever said that the earth, planet earth, is like the human body and will die one day--what is theologically called the final consummation. Is he or you in denial of that? So go do your homework on that aspect--the earth's illness/are or victimization by a meteoroid or man made issues and death, and report back to us as to what Pope Francis has taught on that. Humans die by lightening, man made accidents and acts of God. So too the earth.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Interesting Fr. ALLAN McDonald, and telling, that you ignore the correction to your error that I supplied.

You said, "...we need an equally strong ecology of the soul to prepare for the end times, ether our own personal death and judgement or the final judgement! We don’t hear this from this pope."

I pointed out that, indeed, Pope Francis has several times spoken about our need to prepare for the end times.

So, you attempt a clumsy diversion, saying, in effect, "But...But...But... The pope has never said that the earth will die some day!"

I'll let you do your own homework on this. You need the practice since you have failed to do that homework regarding what the pope has said repeatedly about our needing to be prepared for death.

TJM said...

Father K’s post bears a strong resemblance to those of Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Fr. K, like most Dems, is detached from reality. Here is a little sample:

"Although the Democratic Party has long presented itself as the party of the blue-collar, working-class man, this image has been crumbling in recent years.

Former President Donald Trump certainly broke the Matrix in this regard in 2016, reaching out to Rust Belt manufacturers and coal miners that had been largely abandoned by the new progressive movement’s swift attachment to intersectionality and the job-killing Green Agenda.

Yet the last year’s far-reaching COVID tyranny, which is causing deep rifts between Democratic leadership and public sector union workers, has made this disconnect that much more apparent.

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was confronted with this fraught relationship head-on this week as she was loudly booed at a fundraiser for a plumbers’ union that endorsed her in 2019."

Michael A said...

When gay marriage was passed in this country, that is the example for the free world, the pope wrote a book on MAN MADE climate change, not same sex disorder This is why Father McDonald is correct to state that the pope's priorities are misplaced. Do a poll of Catholics and ask them which is most important to this pope:

A)Climate Change
B)Same sex attraction
D)Evaporation of Catholicism in Western countries

The only question is by what margin choice A wins.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"This is why Father McDonald is correct to state that the pope's priorities are misplaced."

Fr. ALLAN McDonals does not say the pope's priorities are misplaced.

He said, "...we need an equally strong ecology of the soul to prepare for the end times, ether our own personal death and judgement or the final judgement! We don’t hear this from this pope."

The fact is we DO hear this from Pope Francis.