Tuesday, December 8, 2020


 Apart from their antipathy toward an ecumenical council and the papacy, what the SSPX is all about is exactly what Catholics my age and older experienced prior to Vatican II and loved it and the unique culture of the Catholic Church at that time which was rather singular in approach to that culture.

This is amazing on many levels, especially the number of young people:


Anonymous said...

The hierarchy of the NO Church has separated itself from 2000 years of Catholic theology and traditions in 1965 and since. Its liturgy is in ruins. The current Holy Father sold out the Chinese Catholics to an atheistic regime. Arguably, in China now, the agent of the devil is in charge of picking the Catholic bishops.This happened also happened to the Eastern European Churches too during Vatican 2 So, accusing the SSPX of minor schism is high praise with faint blame.

The Wall Street Journal reports today the Pope is silent about the unjust arrest by the Peiking communist regime of a leading Chinese Catholic layman in Honkong. Is the Pope not separating himself from a faithful Catholic? What is the message to the rest of the Chines Catholic Church by his unjust silence?

By the way, ex-Cardinal McCarrick was a chief negotiator of the Vatican-Chinese pact that selling out the under-ground Catholic Bishops and their flock.

Minor schism indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:28

But PF believes in the Global Warming Religion, so all is well

Anonymous said...

The community is not without rumbles of scandal (at least, i THINK it is at that community), time will tell if true and how properly with which it is dealt, the attacks/allegations have NOT been unbiased.

Meanwhile, as for that video, it is slick, professional, totally inspirational, and I wish them Godspeed with it.

To see that, along with the booming traditional parishes and fraternities is a breath of fresh air in otherwise very fetid and stagnant times.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, they have had some sex abuse and cover-up scandals too. I know of one person who use to comment here and was a member of an SSPX parish fed up with it all, which he got fed up with the Ordinary Form very quickly and i don't know if he practices the faith anymore.
I would say that the problem with traditionalism that is reactionary is that it tries to recapture an idyllic time that never really existed, especially 1950's Catholicism as great as it was (I was there). But there were shadows then that simply were not talked about and the laity and a goodly number of the clergy and religious were in the dark about pathological deeds of priests and religious not to mention bishops. In that era, even outside of the Church, keeping scandal quiet, especially sexual sins and mental illness, was prevalent. And often other institutions were complicit in that secrecy to include law enforcement and families.
Priests and nuns were on a high pedestal too and most lay Catholics could not imagine them misbehaving in a sexual manner and trusted them because of it to the detriment of their children and their family life.

I worry that the SSPX which has many well-meaning members in both the clergy and laity may not be doing what most main line dioceses are doing in terms of child protection and this will be their downfall if they don't.

Barnabas said...

I am former SSPX. Go to traditional parish in union with Rome now. Michael Davies gave a famous speech here in the USA in 1988. Of course he was a supporter of the SSPX. He talked of the excommunications that year over the consecrations. We all will remember that there was almost a complete reconciliation that year. He warned that if the SSPX remains outside the established order of the Church for decades it will develop schismatic tendencies and drift into schism. I do not believe the SSPX is in schism but the longer they remain outside the normal structure of the Church they are drifting into bad things. But the novus church is so screwed up now I don't know how the SSPX would be interested in reconciliation with a Vatican that is so kooky and out of control. It is so upsetting.

Anonymous said...

As we used to say in the Army, "The Army isn't what it used be...but, then again, it never was."

ByzRus said...

When you contrast this video (which I skimmed through quickly) to like-type material offered on your average diocesan website, this strikes me as something you would want to be part of; the diocesan media strikes me as yet another attempt to sell what an ever increasing number of people wish to buy.

Tom Marcus said...


The Pre-Vatican II "sweep it under the rug" Ecclesial culture you speak of DOES have its repercussions.

My own mother left the Church a few years ago, citing the hypocrisy of the priests and bishops, insisting that she is "ashamed to be Catholic". She constantly whines and complains about how hypocritical the Church was in the 50's and how "eating meat was a mortal sin on Fridays--shy isn't it now?", bemoaning the elevation of priests and nuns to unrealistically high status, etc.. I can see her points, but what we've replaced it with sure seems to be a lot worse. I'm not leaving or going anywhere outside the Church, but it seems that both the preconciliar and the postconciliar mind-sets could use a hard dose of reality.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

There was a lot of pent up anger at the “Church” in pre-Vatican II times due to the authoritarianism of the church (as opposed to authoritative). And adult laity were treated as children in the sense that there was no attempt to assist the laity to make difficult moral decisions without black and white parameters. That pent up anger in both the clergy and the laity and usually revolving around the most personal thing in the world, sexuality, was released after Vatican II and in a process of emancipation that for many led to a new maturity but there were casualties in this emancipation that should have taken place in adults teenage years.