Sunday, December 27, 2020


 The pre Vatican II altar set up enhances even an ultra modern church interior. That is certainly true of this chapel. While I don’t like the exterior, I do like the interior.

These photos and caption are from Facebook’s ‘I’m fed up with ugly churches.”

St. James' Chapel at St. John's College Seminary in Camarillo, CA. It has since been demolished.


ByzRus said...

Agree, the pre-VII altar setup easily makes even the most unappealing space look better. Also, agree, I do not care for the exterior. Third agreement, I do like this interior. I just wonder, however, if looking at this style of interior, week in and out, would become tiresome. I wonder how easily this interior could be made to look cheerful for Christmas and celebratory/triumphant for Easter. Again, while I like this style, it being monochromatic and a bit heavy might drive me, from time to time, to seek some color.

Leo Tridentum said...

I saw the interior of this chapel at least 5 times a day for three years. I never got tired of it. It was one of the most beautiful places of worship that I have ever known. Even though I am no longer Catholic, this place always will have a special meaning to me in spite of the fact that it no longer exists. :-)