Saturday, December 12, 2020


This was a very popular hymn for Mass at my 1970's seminary. I wonder is it is welcomed or not? One verse has "we are each others bread and wine!" Isn't that kosher?

 Press title for story:

'All are Welcome' not a welcomed hymn at Mass, USCCB committee says

Examples of hymns that offend the presentation of Eucharistic doctrine, they said, include “God is Here! As We His People”; “Now in This Banquet”; “Let Us Break Bread Together on Our Knees”; and “All Are Welcome”. 

Hymns with poor presentation of Trinitarian doctrine include “The Play of the Godhead” and “Led by the Spirit”, while the bishops said that “God Beyond All Names” is a hymn that “fails to respect God’s transcendence.”

Those that erroneously see the Church as a human construct include “Sing a New Church” and “As a Fire is Meant for Burning“.

The bishops wrote that hymns “that imply that the Jews as a people are collectively responsible for the death of Christ” would be ruled out, naming in particular “The Lord of the Dance” and “O Crucified Messiah”.

The document on hymns said that “Canticle of the Sun” “teaches that death is natural and necessary for our life to have something at stake and thus be ‘real.’ In fact, it is the Resurrection of Christ that makes our life ‘real,’ restoring what we had lost in Adam, and it is the Passion of Christ, not death per se, that ‘helps us to feel.’ Death is not a necessary part of human nature.”



Anonymous said...

yessir. I pointed you towards this story under your first post regarding the new Mangler Scene display. Love how Cupich (naturally) used All Are Welcome at his installation. Sharp, that a weasle nose.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Cupich using the All Are Welcome, the original article mentions this, but I do not see it there, now. It appears that was removed unless I am missing it now. However, the program for his installation is available online and clearly shows it was used for his procession into the sanctuary.

Bill Hobbs said...

Well, since the song was composed in 1994 - you really must have been ahead of your time.

JR. said...

I could tolerate "All Are Welcome" only if I imagined The Muppets were singing it.

johnnyc said...

Maybe the USCCB sees the writing on the wall and is trying to stem the tide of movement to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Anonymous said...

with Cupich, "All Are Welcome" except faithful, traditional Catholics. Hey, sounds like someone in the Vatican!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Bill Hobbs, you are wrong about "What is this Place".

ext and music © 1967, Gooi en Sticht, bv., Baarn, The Netherlands. All rights reserved. Exclusive agent for English-language countries: OCP.

I remember it quite well in the late 70's seminary and not just this one but a couple of others by him. By 1979 even the seminary recognized the poor theology in his words.