Thursday, December 24, 2020


 Memories of Saint Joseph Church in Macon decorated for Christmas. Our nativity approached the beauty of the Cathedral’s nativity in Savannah. The decorations and nativity fit the ornate French Revival Romanesque architecture of the church. I think this is Christmas 2011 or so, prior to the restoration of the altar railing which I had removed during a major renovation/restoration in 2004. And yes, there was a real running water waterfall and pond!

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The Egyptian said...

Out here in the northern reaches of the Cincinnati diocese my little home parish had a similar crib, covered the entire St Joseph altar with a canvas, all painted and blocked up with boxes to make hills and sky, angels trees shepherds oxen cows everything. Then our new pastor in the "spirit of Vulcan II" burned everything except the holy family and stuck it in front of the altar, said the old was a distraction from the mass (and the priest)he was an insecure little man and quite full of himself. Drove me away from the church for several years