Wednesday, November 27, 2019


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Fr. Scott Nolan, St. Stephen's Catholic Church, November 27, 2019 Stephen Kokx / LifeSiteNews


Hundreds of Catholics rally behind priest who told lesbian ‘married’ judge not to receive Communion


Anonymous said...

A bishop with a back bone! What a rare occurrence: a bishop who actually supports one of his priests in upholding the teaching and discipline of the church. Glad to see it and hopeful that more bishops will follow this Ordinary’s example.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Bishops must give direction to priests about the decision to deny anyone Holy Communion, let alone a public official. We priests need to know that we have our Bishop’s support. I would always consult the bishop about cases that could go viral before I deny someone and I would speak to the person privately advising them not to receive.

Anonymous said...

Interesting bit of Thanksgiving history revisionism you've got going on in your cover photo there.

Although the Spanish were here in the "New World" a hundred years before the non-conformist Pilgrims were driven out of England by the Anglican regime, I'm not sure any of them had a seat at Massasoit's table in 1621.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

What I especially like about the bishop's letter is the line, "No community of faith can sustain the public contradiction of its beliefs by its own members."

This is true for any organization, whether a ski club or a synagogue.

I'm so glad the bishop pointed out this fundamental truth.

God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving.

TJM said...

I sent Father Nolan a note of encouragement before the Bishop came to his defense. I told Father he would not receive accolades from the secular press for his "speaking truth to power" but hoped his bishop and parishioners would support him. For once, I was not disappointed. Most bishops cave to the loony left. I hope they look to the Bishop of Grand Rapids to see how a true shepherd responds to defend the Faith and his priests

Anonymous said...

Noteworthy things about this story:

1) That the bishop didn't throw the priest under the bus

2) That the judge made such protestations about how important the faith is to her; if she means that, then either she hasn't been taught the basics of the faith despite her apparent life-long "Catholicism" or she simply rejects it by attempting to redefine it, or both

3) All those other priests who aren't denying her communion, thinking that they're showing mercy and doing her a favor

4) How the story got out to begin with

5) Why this is even an issue; if the Church had taught clearly for the past 50 years and had consistently refused Communion respectfully to those who are blatantly NOT in communion with the Church, this wouldn't be treated today as something radical and horrible for a priest to do

6) Why heretics identifying themselves as Catholic haven't commented on this post and piled on this priest for being so mean and disrespectful and divisive and yada yada yada