Tuesday, November 26, 2019


At least the new Bishop of the much victimized Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston, W. Virginia has been and is doing something about the corrupt former bishop and is transparent about it.

You can read Bishop Brennan's letter to the diocese HERE.

Is it enough?

And when, O when, will the Vatican come clean about McCarrick and require some kind of public penance and restitution and not only of him but his enablers? Transparency please!


TJM said...

Sorry, Father McDonald, but PF will do nothing because it would implicate his darling, Cupich, Apostate of Chicago

Fr Martin Fox said...

Approximately $800,000 in reimbursements, on top of a $110,000 tax bill? There aren't a lot of people in this country who could make such a reimbursement, let alone a Catholic bishop. Does the diocese have reason to believe the former bishop has the wherewithal to make such a reimbursement? The comment about not intending to "impoverish" the former bishop would suggest the current bishop has reason to believe the resources are there. As far as I know, the $800,000 is not money that was transferred to the former bishop's pocket, but was spent on luxurious living; there are no tangible assets that resulted, that could be sold off.

Or maybe the current bishop figures accepting the obligation to pay the amount, even if it's never fully paid, is still a step forward -- which it is.

Meanwhile, there is this question: if the former bishop apologizes for actions that could be grounds for a lawsuit -- such as sexual predation -- doesn't that invite such legal action? And wouldn't whatever assets the disgraced bishop would use to repay the diocese, be targeted by the lawsuit?

Will the diocese of Charleston end up suing the former bishop if he doesn't agree to these amends?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed on all points made. TBTG for Bsp. Brennan, a true model for all our Bishops.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I posted my earlier comment too quickly. I meant to add:

"Is it enough?" How much more could the Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston ask from the disgraced bishop? As I mentioned, perhaps they can sue him; but I'd want to know what a Canon lawyer would say about that.

Might it be too much? I'm pondering it, for the reasons I said above. Maybe, as Goldilocks said, it's "just right."

I do wonder what sort of thoughts other bishops are giving to this. It's hard to believe they aren't paying very close attention.