Sunday, November 24, 2019


A very good development in Pope Francis liturgies is that there is no longer the horrible interruption of the Mass with the local bishop greeting the pope after the Sign of the Cross and greeting. In the past pontificates, all sat including the pope for a lengthy welcome speech. At this Mass the pope uses mostly Latin! How novel! The inculturation of the Latin Rite Mass into Japanese Catholicism!

It seems that the Procession for the Mass jumped the gun as the congregation seems to be praying the Holy Rosary in Japanese. Praying the Rosary prior to Mass in St. Peter's Square is the norm at the Vatican.

Was the Pope impatient and demanded the procession begin during the recitation of the Holy Rosary?

At any rate, the Rosary is prayed until the Holy Father reaches the altar and then a verse or two of the "gathering hymn" is sung. It is interesting to me that vernacular hymns in any language all seem to have the same kind of sappy sound or is it just me?

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John Nolan said...

Ironically those who imposed an informal vernacular liturgy on the Japanese, following western notions of simplicity and so-called inculturation, chose to ignore the fact that Japan is a society that sets a high value on ritual, ceremony and tradition.

What arrogant fools those westerners were!