Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Archbishop Fulton Sheen is To be beatified on December 21 in Peoria, where, thanks be to God, his body is now interred.

This audio clip shows his sense of humor and how His Excellency in the pre-Vatican II Church evangelized without proselytizing.

His weekly show was on ABC and beat Milton Berle's show on another network at the same time in the ratings.


Anonymous said...

Milton Berle.

Anonymous said...

My father-in-law, Isaac, never darkened the doorway of ANY church in adulthood and became a 33rd degree Mason. My husband believes it was all in reaction to his mother forcing pulpit-pounding southern baptist preaching down his throat as a youngster. Isaac started watching Fulton Sheen when television finally made it to west Texas in late 50s and never missed a show. My husband converted to Catholicism in college. Isaac developed early-onset Alzheimer’s in the early 70s before that diagnosis was even an entity, never having progressed beyond his TV exposure to Catholic Faith. He became aggressive toward his wife, no longer recognizing her identity. He died in an “mental” institution because at the time there was no other facility that would accept his care.
Our hope and constant prayer for over 40 years has been that Isaac knew and believed the Truth of our Lord through the intercession of soon-sainted Fulton Sheen.

Paul McCarthy said...

I’ll take Sheen over Barron any day of the week. I can’t even call anything coming out of the anti-church catholic anymore. Just another Protestant church going down the tube.

TJM said...

Archbishop Sheen was highly effective on TV. I understand much of the hierarchy was jealous of him. If anyone should have been made a cardinal during this time, it should have been Sheen. Instead some timeservers and dull lackeys were appointed

Anonymous said...

Brandon Vogt writes, "This story highlights an important observation: doctrinal objections to Catholicism are often moral objections in disguise. Earlier in his book, Sheen affirms that “most people basically do not have trouble with the Creed, but with the Commandments; not so much with what the Church teaches, as with how the Church asks us to behave.”

Good to remember.