Tuesday, November 5, 2019


This is Sister Kathleen at a voting rights march I Atlanta in 1960, before Vatican II. Sister taught at my school, St. Anthony. I would have been in the first grade.what a difference a full habit makes! And the Sisters of St. Joseph of Corondelet had a very beautiful habit!

This is I in 1960 and the St. Anthony uniform:


DJR said...

What a cute kid!

TJM said...

Unfortunately, the Sisters of St. Joseph are left-wing loons who believe in Gaia and abortion. A once great order, it is a dying

Anonymous said...

I wonder why she was at a voting rights march in Atlanta in 1960? Blacks began to vote in large numbers in Atlanta in 1946 after US Supreme Court rulings dismantling the white primary. There really were not any impediments to voting in Georgia's larger cities by 1960 (the rural areas unfortunately were a different matter). The black vote in Atlanta was critical in 1961 when businessman Ivan Allen was elected mayor over archsegregationist Lester Maddox, ensuring Atlanta would not become a Birmingham, Bull Connor and the like.

Speaking of numbers....Virginia continued its descent into a secular, "anything goes" state last night by electing a Democratic Legislature---you know, the Virginia where the governor believes in abortion up to birth. Sad commentary on how the only southern state to vote for Ford over Jimmy Carter in 1976 is now turning into a "progressive", Northeastern-type state in voting---maybe the "Massachusetts of the South." We'll see legislation promoting abortion, gender identity, all sorts of bad stuff. And Georgia may not be too many years behind that, given how liberal metro Atlanta is becoming.