Monday, November 4, 2019


This guy is like the Catholic revolutionaries of the 1960's but today on the life support of modern medicine that makes them the energizer bunnies. These old "hippies" were once young themselves. So they shouldn't complain about the tactics of this youngster. After all it's not like he ripped out a magnificent altar and stripped a church sending it all to the city dump!  It's not as though he changed the liturgy throwing out the previous liturgy into the river of suppression. It's not like he burned the Baltimore catechism in favor of coloring books and crayolas. He threw a pagan idol into the river as an act of obedience to his conscience!

From Rorate Caeli:

Exclusive for Corrispondenza Romana
November 4, 2019

Alexander Tschugguel tells in English why he threw the Pachamama statues into the Tiber. 


Victor said...

It is about time the "sensus fidelium" becomes known to these leaders at the Vatican. I would even suggest forming a massive crusade of Catholics from around the world to go to the Vatican and demonstrate against what is happening there with all this Jesuistry and cleary show the "sensum fidelium" to the pope.

TJM said...

It is long past time for PF and his evil crew to go. This young man is our future!

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Yep. Remember how Jesuit Fr. Daniel Berrigan was an absolute rock star for his antiwar civil disobedience? Remember how those priests who would not support Humanae Vitae were heroes for their "conscience" and support of the conscience of the individual? Remember how the feminist religious are heroes for defying the Church and claiming the priesthood for themselves, going so far as to have themselves ordained, and calling themselves priests?

But let someone defend the Church, and remove a scandalizing idol from holy ground, ("sacred space" as the Left would say_ and suddenly conscience is not supreme. Suddenly the progressive heterodox know what sin is...THEFT! VANDALISM! HOW DARE YOU???!!!

It is amazing to me to see how they recognize how false their arguments are, when those arguments are turned on them, and they reject them.

God bless.

TJM said...


These folks on the progressive side aren't the brightest bulbs and they certainly lack self-awareness and basic intellectual honesty

Anonymous said...

Watched him today on Church Militant on YouTube, a young 26 year old Austrian from Vienna, a Traditional Catholic as well. He was congratulated by Cardinal Brandmuller and Bishop Athanasius Schneider this folks is how we are going to take back the Church no more sitting back and crying all the time. Bishop Schneider said these were pagan demonic idols.

DJR said...

God bless that young guy and all other young orthodox Catholics. They are the future of the Church.