Friday, November 15, 2019


The young upstart, Francis’ golden boy, Cardinal Cupich, got the slap down treatment! At least that’s what the gossip says kind of:

Who Speaks for the US Bishops?
COMMENTARY: Baltimore provided a new USCCB executive. But who speaks for bishops is not determined by official office.
 In discussion of a letter accompanying the bishops’ “Faithful Citizenship” guide for elections, Cardinal Cupich wanted the drafting committee, led by Archbishop Gomez, to include an entire paragraph from the Holy Father’s exhortation on the call to holiness in today’s world, Gaudete et Exsultate.

Cardinal Cupich argued that the entire quotation put abortion into its proper context, as one priority among many, and not the “preeminent” priority. The drafting committee included an excerpt, but not the entire paragraph. Cardinal Cupich went to the floor to persuade the bishops as a whole to adopt his amendment.

Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego — another recipient of papal favor, recently having been appointed to the Pan-Amazon synod — vigorously supported Cardinal Cupich, flatly objecting that abortion should be described as “preeminent.” When Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, following Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, rose to disagree with Bishop McElroy, the assembled bishops broke protocol to applaud his intervention.

Cardinal Cupich’s amendment failed badly. It was clear that even on the issue about how best to present the teaching of Pope Francis, Cardinal Cupich does not speak for his brother bishops.

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Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Akita predicted all of this bishop against bishop priest against priest, but hey Francis said he wanted a MESS and well he has it.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

The headline "Who Speaks for the US Bishops" is attention-getting, but entirely inaccurate, as the Register and Fr. de Souza should know.

First, it doesn't seem to me that Cupich and/or McElroy were attempting to be the spokespersons for the Conference.

Second, if there is a spokesperson for the Conference, it is always the President OR the head of a committee delegated to speak for the conference OR some other bishop so delegated.

The USCCB is a sort of a "necessary evil" - the bishops do need considerable coordination of efforts in many areas. Pooling resources makes sense. On the other hand, each bishop speaks for himself and is answerable, not to the Conference, but to the Holy Father.

TjM said...

Cupich is another fake catholic. So glad to be out of that failing Archdiocese where orthodox priests are attacked and practicing homosexuals are pastors

Tom Makin said...

Cupich, aka "The lapdog", is one of the worst. As to the point that Bishops answer to the Holy Father and as such, not the USCCB, I would hope the German gang keeps this in mind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we don't need "climate change" usurping the importance of the abortion issue. There can be different reactions to climate change, prudential judgements as to how or to address it. No such thing on abortion. I mean, if we don't have life, what difference does climate change make?

Speaking of bishops, congratulations to the Savannah-based Episcopal Diocese of Georgia for electing a new bishop today in Statesboro, The Rev. Frank Sullivan (sounds Catholic, doesn't he?) Logue, canon (priest) to the current diocesan bishop, Scott Benhase, who is "calling it quits" next May because of various health issues. He is scheduled to be ordained a bishop next May at, of all places, the Johnny Mercer theatre?!? None of the Episcopal parishes in Savannah has large seating capacity, and unclear if the Catholic cathedral was an option (it was used to ordain now retired Bishop Henry Louttit in 1995).

TJM said...

Cupich is providing cover to the Abortion Party. He’d fit right in with Dante’s Circle of Hell

Православный физик said...

With Bishops' like these, who needs enemies?