Monday, November 18, 2019


I am not sure but I think Joel Osteen’s Church is the Church of the Prosperity Gospel. I understand that he and his wife are worth mega millions each in their own right apart from the assets of the Church which is Osteen’s family business. Joel, not even a theology student, inherited his father’s business when he died suddenly.

Kanye West was a crude rapper but seems to have had a conversion to the Church of the Prosperity Gospel. He got a gig at Osteen’s Church and hopes to sell mega millions of dollars of Gospel music which he is now recording in a rap sort of fashion.

I wonder if Joel, in helping his new found prosperity buddy, Kanye is getting a cut of the goodies by promoting him at his entertainment complex in Houston?

Are Joel and Kanye the modern version of Peter and Paul who are the almond joys of the Church of the Prosperity Gospel?

Can the Catholic Church learn from the J & K Church?


Dan said...

"Can the Catholic Church learn from the J & K Church?"

I think first it has to get that 'Amazonian face' right. Then it can learn from the Church of J&K, without however trying to convert the 'Amazonian faced' Catholics into the J&K Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Osteen is definitely part of the "prosperity Gospel", like Creflo Dollar here in Atlanta. I think Osteen has even been criticized for such a feel good "Gospel" by fundamentalists. I wish he would get rid of that tacky revolving globe around him!

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

I haven't been following whatever Kanye has been up to recently, but only have seen snippets where he's going "religious" Christian. I've just seen some headlines over the past couple of months.

My guess is Kanye's record sales were flagging, and so he looked for an untapped market and found it in mostly minority young people who believe in God but don't attend any organized church or belong to any Christian denomination.

Sounds like Kanye and Osteen are giving the people what they want, even if it is snake oil.

God bless.