Sunday, March 12, 2023


Progressives in the Church truly suffer a crisis of faith and see the Church as a mere human organization that, like political parties, can be manipulated at will to fit the meme of cultural shifts and ideologies at any given moment. 

The progressive agenda has always been based upon the Church being merely a human, sociological organization where certain lobbies and power groups can manipulate the organization to fit their ideological meme.

Basically, what I am is describing is a “church” without Divinity, without God and what is mentioned of “god” is a kind of Gnosticism that manipulates people into thinking what was unthinkable and alien to God and the Church His Son founded, is now acceptable and of “god” and of that “god’s” spirit. 

It is a religious atheism for ideological purposes. 

In other words, the Arian heresy basically said Jesus was not divine. Simplified, Jesus was just a good human being. 

The truth, though, is that Jesus Christ is One Divine Being, with two natures, Human and Divine. 

The same can be said of the Church. It is one Divine Reality, the Mystical Body of Christ comprised of the baptized with Christ as her Head and thus like Christ, the Church, she/her, has two natures, human and divine. 

The neo-Arian heresy as it concerns the Church is that it is just a human institution. 

Read this John Allen commentary on the mess that Pope Francis has exacerbated of the Church. I think the Gorbachev is a good analogy. But read it and try to find God in Allen’s commentary. He isn’t there. Nor is Divine Truth, the Deposit of Faith, the faith and morals of Christ the risen Lord. And the Church, as Allen’s commentary implies, but is not explicit, is a church without divinity, a mere human construct similar to the Soviet Union, except the church is older. And a leader, be it Gorbachev for the Soviet Union, or Pope Francis for the Church can cause an implosion resulting it demise. 

But can Pope Francis do that to a Divine Institution? Is the Church just like the Soviet Union where a leader, even if well-intentioned, sets into motion the “Union’s” demise? 

That is the sad reality with synodality and the method of Pope Francis’ governance, It makes a mockery of the Divinity of the Church. But because the Church’s Soul, melded to Her Body in an inextricable way is Divine, Christ, in the long run, will not be mocked. 

After a dramatic decade in power, Pope Francis faces a Gorbachev dilemma


rcg said...

Following the arc of that article I hope the parallel universe where the revolutionaries win does not happen. Pope Francis has some issue where he says one thing and does another, so it is hard to see what he really wants or will do. So the one thing The Church has that the USSR did not is a prayer for his conversion.

William said...

No question about it, we're on the brink. Quo vadis, Francis?