Monday, March 27, 2023


 Saint Bernard of Clarivoux Church, which is in St. Bernard, Nova Scotia, has been closed and is for sale. 

This is on the southern end of Nova Scotia, near Yarmouth. It needs $8 million in Canadian dollars of repair.

It’s for sale. O my! Here’s the for sale video: 


 Not far from this Church in St. Bernard, Nova Scotia is St. Mary's Church in Church Point, Nova Scotia. It is the largest wooden church in North America. It has been closed too. Both these communities look like the little community where my father grew up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The churches in all these communities were the central hub of community life. Catholics in Nova Scotia were very devout, very faithful, very pious. That has all changed in the 50 years since Vatican II. Nova Scotia and all of Canada were even more progressive in the liberal deconstruction of the Catholic Church and the emphaisis on killing the pre-Vatican II piety and faith of the poeple. They did a good job!


TJM said...

Another Vatican II “success story” but the Synods will fix everything! Basta - we need to revisit Trent

AAPAYNE said...

This is my Archdiocese. All the faithful who hear about this are heartbroken. Please pray for us.

TJM said...

There is a magnificent Church in Quebec that is a concert hall now but the TLM is the problem