Thursday, March 23, 2023


The super, tripple XXX, ultramontane blog, “Where Peter Is” has an incredibly stupid commentary on the madman, the former nuncio of the USA, Archbishop Vigano. You can read the uncharitable and tone deaf commentary  THE BISHOPS AND THE MADMAN HERE.

A very astute comment by a well known blogger responded to this article on their facebook page and this is what that astute man wrote:

It does seem to me to be exceptionally uncharitable to castigate a man who might well be suffering from a mental disorder, dementia or some other organic mental issue. Then to exploit this condition in the present and apply it to the past when this wasn’t the case and when he found support and respect from American bishops during his time as nuncio, is even more incredibly uncharitable and manipulative. Of course if others are exploiting the condition of the Archbishop In order to undermine the papacy, that is evil. However we know that Pope Francis has played the game of accusing traditionalists of mental disorders and rigidity to manipulate an outcome. There seems to be a need for an apology from the Holy Father to those who are traditionalists but not rigid or mentally ill. But with all that said, even if Archbishop Vigano is sane and takes responsibility for his words and actions, and he finds support from some American bishops, these seem to pale in significance with the what the German hierarchy is doing to this pope which is truly evil and divisive—no apology is asked of them?

I am convinced that the Traditionalists are being played like a fiddle by the Holy Father and other post-Catholic radicals in Germany and elsewhere as a sort of smokescreen to distract from what Germany and other European bishops want to accomplish. 

I really do wonder who the madmen are in the Church and it appears more than likely that Archbishop Vigano isn’t the only one and that there are more people out there that need an apology from those trying to create an apostate church through a hostile takeover. 

But let’s focus on the madness of Archbishop Vigano and those American bishops who thought that he was/is a man of integrity. Yes, they are the really serious  problem for the Church today. NOT!!!


Paul said...

“I really do wonder who the madmen are…”

So do I.

Archbishop Vigano is 82. It is possible he could NOW be experiencing cognitive decline and/or some form of mental instability.

I doubt though he had any cognitive decline or mental instability when he earned doctorates in civil and canon law and the decades after he first joined the diplomatic service of the Holy See in the mid 70s….

How many ordinary Mass going Catholics around the world are going to be impacted by his latest statements? Probably close to 99 per cent of Mass going Catholics around the world are not even aware of his latest claims.

But how many Catholics know about and are shocked by the numbers of Catholic bishops in Germany, Belgium, France etc who are either determined to have blessings of same sex relationships in Catholic Churches, have actually started to bless such relationships in Catholic churches or have no problem with it? What impact does that have on the faith of millions?
Likewise, what impact does it have on the faith of millions that James Martin SJ and other Jesuits can get away with publicly saying what they often say - and stay priests in good standing with the full approval and even support of Francis and many bishops - what message does that send to millions and what impact does that have on the faith of millions of Catholics……to say nothing of having a “devout Catholic” President Biden who is as pro abortion as it is possible to be and is more in favour of minors, children!, with “gender dysphoria” receiving puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and various surgeries etc than almost all secular politicians in western nations who refuse or are against allowing minors to “transition”….how many millions are impacted by that - opposed to the minuscule numbers who might read online the latest from Vigano?

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote “If there is no transcendent, we must abolish reason, forget sanity.”

Back to Vigano….even if in VERY recent times he has gone a bit mad, even he has flaws of ego and frustrated ambition …..what was clear to me from the beginning, that this was a man, a Catholic, an archbishop who actually REALLY believed in God and was actually really concerned about (and FULLY believed) having to face God and answer for what he did and didn’t do as a Catholic and a bishop….how refreshing was that?

I have stated here once before that I occasionally listen to what Taylor Marshall, Michael Voris or Michael Matt have to say….I cannot agree with everything thing they say; and I can only cope with them in occasional small doses BUT what is clear is that each of them TRULY 100 percent actually BELIEVES the core truths of Catholicism, really believes…

And I have to agree to with Voris when he says the only explanation for what many Catholic bishops in the USA and Europe say and do is that they do not have any genuine faith; no genuine belief.

Anonymous said...

In regard to bishops, as well as additional folks, who had thrown in with Archbishop Viganò:

Within hours of Archbishop Viganò's initial satanic "testimony" — lies — his falsehoods in question had been exposed by various folks.

As time marched on, it was undeniable that Archbishop Viganò had lied repeatedly.

Nevertheless, even as he had ramped up his vile attacks against Pope Francis, as well as additional folks, (and had advanced preposterous conspiracy theories) "V is for Viganò," anti-Pope Francis laymen continued to support Archbishop Viganò.

That was disgraceful/disturbing.

But even more disgraceful/disturbing is that Cardinals, as well as bishops, had continued to support Archbishop Viganò.

But finally, as Mike Lewis had noted, "Many of the bishops’ statements have been taken down quietly from the diocesan websites..."

The bishops were embarrassed at their having throw in with Archbishop Viganò. They were so ashamed that they did not wish to have it known that they had supported supported said liar.

But the bishops have not apologized publicly for having supported/enabled Archbishop Viganò vile "testimonies" in question.

However, the following has remained:

CCC #2477: "He becomes guilty: of calumny who, by remarks contrary to the truth, harms the reputation of others and gives occasion for false judgments concerning them."

That is the embarrassing legacy of Archbishop Viganò, as well as his "V is for Viganò" supporters.


Mark Thomas

Paul said...


I am going to Mass today - this parish is small and in a poor largely working class town. I would bet "London to a brick" not one person at Mass today or on Sunday, about only 30 people, either knows or cares anything Vigano. There are thousands of such parishes around the world - to say nothing of thousands of parishes in Africa, South and Central America where millions don't have access to the internet.

Mark, does it ever cross your mind that most Catholics are too busy doing things like working long hours in low paid jobs and caring for children etc to spend HOURS each week searching online for the latest "satanic lies" told about your idol and Oracle Francis, whose every word, every opinion, every insult etc (you seriously and erroneously believe) is infallible Truth.

Paul said...


Thanks for quoting CCC 2477.

Does it cross your mind that it is actually possible for any pope to sin, or to speak foolishly?

Does it ever cross your mind that popes have been known to have a confessor?

I honestly hope and pray, for his own sake, that Francis confessed his near humanely unforgivable insult (even calumny) to label young Catholics who attend the traditional Mass as young people with mental health problems.

To finish, I think this is your problem, Mark...I think it would be hard for you to imagine Francis like any Catholic person confessing his sins?

Sorry, to finally finish, I am not a psychologist (though both my wife and sister in law are)....

I am not as familiar as them re the DSM etc...

But Mark, for God's sake, if you truly revere Francis as you do how can you psychologically and emotionally torment yourself spending so much time seeking out articles and reading blogs and websites etc where you KNOW there will be what you regard as the worst insults, slander and "satanic lies" against the present gloriously reigning Oracle of God ?!

Seems like a form of rare and unhealthy masochism to me...