Wednesday, March 29, 2023



Pope Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger famously wrote in the 1990’s that most Catholics if they attended a Modern Roman Missal Mass celebrated ad orientem, in Latin and with the proper chants, would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a TLM. 

I agree! Of course the late Holy Father knows much more about that than I do.

While I believe it was a pastoral stupidity on part of Pope Francis to cancel Pope Benedict’s liturgical laws and vision for the Church, really beyond stupid and damaging to the papacy, I do believe bishops and priests should work at making the Modern Roman Missal Mass as traditional looking as possible to replace the canceled TLMS. 

Why that hasn’t been a policy yet, is beyond me; it’s another ultra stupidity to say the least.

Does anyone know of dioceses and parishes who once had the liberal celebration of the TLM now replacing those Masses with a traditionally celebrated Modern Roman Missal Mass?

Why don’t traditional blogs show this and praise it?

Of course, everyone knows I am a progressive senior priest and thus I have shown this and advocate for the liberal celebration of Traditionally oriented Modern Roman Missal Masses!

What do you think of the chairs for celebrant, deacon and subdeacon?


Catechist Kev said...

"Why don’t traditional blogs show this and praise it?"

I'll take a stab at it, Father:

Maybe because the vast majority of diocesan parishes *do not* celebrate it that way? I can think of one parish in my diocese that does so, and it is an hour away from me.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

That’s my point, though, why haven’t those parishes where the TLM has been canceled take up the task of celebrating the MRM in a traditional way?

I’m placing blame at the feet of traditionalists who refuse to celebrate the MRM in a traditional way and are willing to become schismatic by joining the SSPX or other more extreme traditionalists to keep their TLM. It may happen in my diocese and that is sad.

Catechist Kev said...

Ah! Understood, Father. 😁

I apologize for being so obtuse.

TJM said...

It was not stupid but an act of pure evil

William said...

Those chairs are inappropriate and should be replaced with something befitting such a beautiful, religious interior. Whoever introduced them has been spending too much time at the local Wendy's.

Yvonne said...

Father, for clarification, the SSPX are not in schism.

I think there may be several answers to your question:

- It is not usually the congregation who gets to determine how the NOM or any Mass is offered. Requesting a priest offer the Mass in a traditional way does not mean it will be. Even if a priest and his congregation do desire to do this, we have seen several examples over the past year of bishops making this difficult by limiting what can be done (ex. forbidding ad orientem Masses).

- If you are used to the TLM, even a well celebrated NOM would not be the same, as it will not pull at the heart in the same way the TLM can for those who are attached to it. Please note that this is no different from a person who regularly attends an Eastern rite and then must, for whatever reason, begin attending a different rite.

As an side, even though someone who attends the NOM may not be able to tell the difference between a Latin NOM and the TLM, someone who attends the TLM can tell the difference.

- For those who can no longer attend the TLM but have access to a rite that is more similar to it than the NOM, they may decide to go to there first. I know where I live, we have both the Ordinariate and the Armenian rites, amongst others. These would be options for me before attending the NOM, and I live very close to an abbey that offers the NOM in Latin, ad orientem, using the Roman Canon, etc.

- Many people who attend the TLM are not going to be so quick to give up on this Mass just because the Pope and some bishops would like us to. For these people they will do what they can to fight for the TLM, and do it while staying faithful Catholics.

In Christ,

Amont said...

Father, while you may being quite reasonable on this issue, many priests and members of the "we are church" 1970s products spit nails and curse anything that speaks of continuity (Ad orientem, Latin,Chant, reverence,) and would rather see parishes close for lack of funds,than admit their agenda of last 50 years has been wrong.

I say this as one who has lived this experience.

TJM said...


Fortunately these geriatric juvenile delinquents shelf life is set to expire. In the meantime, 3 local pastors, all in their 30s, continue to offer the TLM. Obviously they were born after Vatican Disaster II and are not invested emotionally in The Great Failure - they are willing to look at the Liturgy with a fresh, and unjaundiced view

Sophia said...

Sophia here: Technically, this is not on topic. But in every other way it is!
How absolutely wonderful is this? How absolutely, authentically Catholic, it is! Thank you good shepherd, Archbishop Gomez!

TJM said...


Yet PF appoints apostates to the College of Cardinals but not this man

Sophia said...

Sophia here: Right you are TJM, soul numbing!