Saturday, March 4, 2023


Cardinal Cantalamessa said, “it is not a matter of eliminating judgment from our heart, but rather of removing the poison from our judgment.”“The strength of Christian love,” he said, “lies in the fact that it is capable of changing judgment from an act of non-love, turning it into an act love,” thanks to the gift of the Spirit.


Anonymous said...

Father McDonald,

Here is Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa's complete Lenten sermon in question:


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

Job number one is to apologize to Father McDonald for lying about his statements.

And why you are writing your apology, here is a truth bomb for you:

"It is one thing to be told, and another to see it. I have been saddened by this truth in the last few days. Some Roman friends often tell me secrets, or not so much [secret], of what goes on inside the Vatican walls and [Spanish blogger] Specola also gives us this kind of news daily, of which he knows a lot. But another thing is to personally verify the facts and confirm the conclusion that we all know: Pope Francis is not loved by anyone; neither by bishops, nor by priests, nor by the faithful, whatever may be their origin. And beyond the fact that one does not particularly like the Roman Pontiff, it is very sad to see the profound rejection that his figure produces."

This statement is inaccurate in one respect, it does not account for people like you

rcg said...

I’ll say that I love the Pope. And all the gay and heretical bishops and cardinals. Stopping them from destroying the Church can be an act of love the save as taking the keys away from a reckless relative.