Friday, March 17, 2023


 Savannah’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade begins first for the reason for the parade, celebrating the great evangelizing saint, Saint Patrick of Ireland. The Mass for the Feast of St. Patrick was televised on Savannah’s local CBS affiliate, WTOC from the Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist. Then the Grand Marshall and his entourage have breakfast with Bishop Stephen Parkes in the Cathedral Rectory attached to the back of the Cathedral. The parade passes in front of the Cathedral. It is purported to be the second largest parade in the country after New York’s . There are over 500,000 people lining the street all the way to Savannah’s Riverfront. Bright and sunny and close to 80 today!

Photos of the Cathedral Basilica's Solemn Mass for the Feast of Saint Patrick of Ireland. These are taken from the comfort of my recliner watching TV in beautiful downtown by the sea, Hilton Head island! TJM will be happy to know that Fr. Michael Kavanaugh provided narration for the televised Mass. He spoke of the significance of the Mass, especially as Sacrifice, why we don't have open-communion and about transubstantiation. Not really a bombshell, though.


Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."Fr. Michael Kavanaugh provided narration for the televised Mass."

That was a good decision if only for the fact that Father Kavanaugh has an excellent voice.

But beyond that, as I had watched the Mass video, Father Kavanaugh's narration was skilled and insightful.

Father McDonald, God has blessed you with an excellent voice.

The most important thing is that Fathers McDonald, and Kavanaugh, are God's holy priests.

But it helps that Fathers McDonald, and Kavanaugh, are excellent speakers. Their God-given talents have enhanced the dynamic manner in which each has brought to us Jesus Christ.'


Mark Thoma

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Fr K is on his very best behavior for the bishop! I suspect he kept his Party of Moloch views to himself!

The Cathedral really needs the TLM again! I was there last February (unfortunately you were not the celebrant that Sunday) and was impressed with the Schola and the attendance of all of those young subversives!

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

At masses with numberous non-Catholics present, usually weddings and funerals, I say this right before communion:

"I deeply regret that, as a result of our divided Christianity, I cannot offer communion to those present who are not Catholic. If you are not Catholic and, therefore, cannot recieve communion, please use this time to pray for the unity of the Church which is the will of Christ."

Over the years, including many in ecumenical gatherings, that "regret" has grown deeper and deeper. The Sacrament that should feed the entire body of Christ - all who are Baptized into Jesus Christ - is, as a result of our divisions, not open to all. I have heard a few complaints after a mass from some non-Catholics, but have been able to respond in what I hope is a generous and understanding manner.

TJM said...

I really have never understood why people who do not share the Catholic belief in the Real Presence (Transubstantiation) would even care to receive at a Catholic Mass. I certainly have no desire to receive the unconsecrated bread at a Protestant service. There is a large divide. The Eucharist is not a favor or treat but some people obviously treat it that way.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

None of the Protestants I have known think of communion in their churches as a "favor" or a "treat." They understand taking communion as an act of worship (Baptists), as the substantial presence of Christ (Lutherans), as, not a sacrifice, but as a meal that nourishes their faith (Presbyterian), as the presence of Christ to which they are united (Episcopalian), as a representation (not the real presence) of Christ (Methodist.)

Non-Catholic Christians are accustomed to open communion policies in most of their churches, so they are likely expecting the same when they attend a mass in a Catholic Church. That's why I offer the reminder at weddings and funerals when a substantial number of non-Catholic are really and truly present.

TJM said...

Fr K,

Nice try but no sale. I have numerous Protestant family members, Methodists, Episcopals and Lutherans and none of them share the views you expressed. They believe the bread is a mere symbol and they do not expect to receive Holy Communion when they come to a family wedding or funeral. Maybe you should focus on fixing the Catholic Church instead of pursuing unicorns. When Pope John XXIII breathed his last and allegedly said “Ut unum sint” he would have wished our separated brethren to accept the fullness of Catholic belief, not its dilution as we are seeing in Germany today.

TJM said...

Fr K,

Why not also focus on the evil endemic in your political party. Try this for starters:

Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine promised that medically changing children’s genders will soon be normalized among parents. This from the freak dressed as a woman.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

TJM - It would appear that you have relations who are poorly catechized in their denominational beliefs. That or, I suspect, you know nothing about what they belive but can't stop yourself from bloviating when my name appears on your screen.

I would also point out that your poorly catechized kith and kin are not the touchstone for the beliefs and/or expectations of Christians of other denominations who attend Catholic weddings and funerals.

TJM said...

Fr K,

Actually my relatives are all highly intelligent and successful people. For you to talk about poor catechesis is a joke. You are the poster boy for failure. You cannot even admit that most Catholics who bother to go to Church no longer believe in the Real Presence. You further have ZERO credibility because with your alleged education in the Faith you continue to vote for a Party which advocates the right to kill the unborn while coming down the birth canal. Get lost and do your parishioners a favor. They might actually get a bona fide Catholic priest as pastor.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

TJM - Your "highly intelligent and successful (by which you mean wealthy) people" relatives have missed the boat if they don't know what their own denominations teach and believe about the meaning of communion. Seems pretty cut-and-dried to me...