Thursday, March 16, 2023


 A picture is worth 1,000 words….


rcg said...

This is heartbreaking.

TJM said...

But according to our resident Papalator he is holy, holy and wildly “popular!”

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."A picture is worth 1,000 words…"

Father McDonald, as compared to the photograph in question:

The following videos are worth billions of words. The videos have presented a far greater understanding of yesterday's General Audience.

Nuns prayed the Pater Noster at the 47:23 mark. Several nuns having received the Apostolic Blessing at the 48:25 mark.

Or, this youtube video of yesterday's General Audience:

...the first 10 minutes featured Pope Francis in the Popemobile, accompanied by several children, as he blessed adults, children, as well as he interacted with his loving spiritual children.

The Holy People of God radiated tremendous love, peace, and joy, as Pope Francis traveled amongst them.

The photograph in question failed, in tremendous fashion, to have conveyed the above.

Conversely, the videos depicted the holy, joyous, results of two or more Catholics, along with our august Vicar of Christ, who had gathered in Jesus' name.

The Holy People of God at yesterday's General Audience heard the Word of God, prayed together, enjoyed holy fellowship, heard Pope Francis' wonderful sermon, then received the Apostolic Blessing.

The photograph failed miserably at having conveyed the above.

Our brothers and sisters at yesterday's Audience had desired to gather in Jesus' name. They desired an Audience with Pope Francis.

Our brothers and sisters there had experienced an abundance of blessings.

The General Audience yesterday was a spiritual success.


Mark Thomas

rcg said...

Mark, the point is that there are more babies, children, and women praying at a Savanna mayoral campaign stop than at an audience for the leader of over 1 billion Catholics.

Tom Makin said...

The Pope has become an irrelevant secular humanist in a world crowded with secular humanists. He is no longer the face of moral authority. He embraces the dictatorship of moral relativism and the faithful find him no longer worthy of their attention. That is Pope Francis' legacy. George Weigel got it right in his recent essay. Archbishop Broglio got it right in his recent homily. Bishop Paprocki got it right when he called out Cardinal McElroy.

TJM said...

I knew our delusional and dishonest papalator could not help himself and would spew forth his usual nonsense!

rcg - Spot on!

Anonymous said...

rcg, I appreciate that in regard to the topic at hand, you, and I, have different views.

The following is not meant in nasty fashion: I do not attach significance to the notion that "there are more babies, children, and women praying at a Savanna mayoral campaign stop than at an audience for the leader of over 1 billion Catholics."

Again, that is not meant in nasty fashion.

My focus is upon the spiritual significance of General Audience.

The photograph did not reveal the beautiful sermon that Pope Francis had delivered two days ago. Unlike the videos of Wednesday's General Audience, the photograph had failed to reveal the tremendous holy excitement and joy of the Faithful present.

Nobody here had wished to focus upon the most important thing: Two or three had gathered in the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Jesus had been in the midst of those at Wednesday's General Audience.

The photograph had failed to reveal the powerful spiritual nature of Wednesday's Papal event.


It is a given, as noted by survey upon survey, that the overwhelming amount of Catholics have a high regard for Pope Francis.

An example of that is in Africa recently, massive amounts of Catholics (the young, in particular), had populated Papal Masses and events.

But again, of great importance is the spiritual element in regard to Papal events.

Unfortunately, in regard to the photograph/Wednesday's General Audience, the above was not of interest here.

Anyway, rcg, thank you for your reply. May you, and your family, enjoy peace and good health.

Thank you.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

The Church is in a state of virtual collapse so happy talk does not change this reality. The decline has accelerated under Pope Francis. We need an orthodox pope not a Peronist, and a very nasty one at that!

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Where here are some words that explain the picture, nicely:

To comment on the ten years of Francis' pontificate, the words written by Demos (also known as the late Cardinal Pell) in the memorandum he wanted to distribute to all the cardinals a year ago would suffice: "A disaster in more ways than one, a catastrophe."

Bergoglio has succeeded in the fine feat, that is possible only for certain particularly gifted individuals, of destroying without rebuilding. He was elected to bring fresh air. After ten years, the air is unbreathable. And the papolatry raging these days, on the occasion of the anniversary, makes it even more noxious.

In the Vatican it feels like Pyongyang, under a despotic, capricious and cruel regime. In an End of Empire atmosphere, spies and informers dominate the scene. But, more than plots, there are tremors. Everyone is terrified of coming under the tyrant's gaze. Whether by conviction or a sudden outburst of love, to be noticed by the Prince is to be crushed in a deadly embrace. So, many prefer to play dead in order to be invisible.

Submissive journalists always ask him the same inoffensive questions and he always gives the same answers. Interviews multiply, but it's a lot of copy and paste under the banner of mortifying piousness. [The author must be reading Mark Thomas'comments here]

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is in disarray (see Germany) and Peter, instead of acting as a rock, fuels confusion and ambiguity.

TJM said...

Mr cut and paste must be unable to come up with a cogent rebuttal. He also has not had the decency to apologize to Father McDonald for lying about his statement. Typical leftwinger