Thursday, March 2, 2023


 It isn’t about being traditional or progressive. It isn’t about being conservative or liberal. There is real and palpable, papable concern from all sides except those within the inner court, the magic circle. Read that HERE

Uneasiness occurred only days after his election, not with TLM Catholics, but Catholics reared in the Catholic Faith by two previous leaders, Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. I know that first hand from my days as pastor at St. Joseph in Macon in 2013. 

Although, back then concerns were voiced, they appreciated the down to earth way in which he related to people. 

When I visited my first cousins in Livorno, Italy months after his election in 2013, my basically non practicing relatives told me that he is like an uncle “como un zio” that you could invite to dinner/pranzo and feel comfortable with him. 

My own anecdotal evidence with bishops, clergy and rank and file laity, produces some of the same concerns although there was initial comfort and willingness to cut him some slack, as I did, and chalk it up to Italian humor and sarcasm. 

But there is clearly, from a variety of perspectives,  uneasiness and a sense that we have a leader that projects his own foibles and disorders on everyone else. 

I’ll leave it to psychologists and those in the know to diagnose this kind of personality disorder trait. 

I do know, while things are catastrophic, it isn’t the end. Christ is the End. He wins and thus does the Church win too. 


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"Report from a Rome in Deep Crisis: "Terror, Disgust, Espionage: Everybody Hates Francis."
by Caminante Wanderer

Someone told me that they heard from someone important... I spoke with priests from all walks of life... Someone said to me.... Some Italian priest told me... A group pf American priests commented to me....

What a bunch of sophomoric, cloak-and-dagger whining.

TJM said...

Sophomoric Cloak and dagger whining describes the Left to a tee. Did you watch Lori Lightfoot’s concession?

Anonymous said...

"Caminante Wanderer" is an anonymous Argentinian radtrad who has delighted in having attempted to defame Pope Francis via vicious, discredited, verbal assaults.

New Catholic will promote virtually any trash against Pope Francis even when said trash has contradicted New Catholic.

Caminante Wanderer: "They cannot understand, for example, the Pope's permanent aggressiveness towards them; they affirm from both sides that they are astonished that whenever he refers to priests it is always in strongly negative terms: they are careerists, greedy, grumpy, proselytizers, criminals, they watch pornography, they have psychiatric problems, etc. Never a word of encouragement; never closeness."


Let us examine New Catholic's horrific portrayals of priests...which is acceptable as long as Rorate Caeli does the bashing. But how dare Bergoglio insist that there are "grumpy" priests!

The following is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to New Catholic's (Rorate Caeli) attacks against priests:

-- Shame and shamelessness

October 14, 2007 A.D.

Rorate Caeli has informed us that Rome, during Pope Benedict XVI's Pontificate, had been packed with homosexuals.

"It is unavoidable to conclude that the Vatican is infested with active homosexuals - who are only suspended from their functions when they are arrested with transsexual male prostitutes...or found looking at homosexual pornography websites...or shown in national television as they bring their dates to their Vatican offices..."


August 9, 2009 A.D., during Pope Benedict XVI's Pontificate:

-- The "homosexualization" of the clergy in Latin America

New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) has assured us that the priesthood throughout Latin America is packed with homosexuals, as well as pedophiles.

New Catholic: "Will the great wall of silence which covers the fast and unimpeded homosexualization of the clergy in Latin America be brought down at last?"

Question: "What kind of accusations do you compile in your book?"

Answer: "Of homosexuality, of pedophilia; priests with children, with demands presented before the ICBF [Children's Council] for alimony; corruption... that is, all kinds of direct violations of celibacy."

New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) wishes us to believe that throughout the world, the existence of homosexuality, the sexual abuse of children, and pornography, is widespread within the priesthood.

In turn, New Catholic published an article that has portrayed Pope Francis of having defamed priests.



Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...

I can remember attending my older brother's Confirmation when I was about 7 years old. As the bishop slowly processed in, I looked at him, very much like MT, and thought to myself, "Wow! He must be SO Holy!"

The following decades did much to smash that perception to bits.

It is neither unusual or unorthodox for a journalist to publish anonymously or to use anonymous sources when publication of an article could threaten his safety, well-bing or livelihood. I never use my real name when posting here, because if I did, I could run the risk of some random internet search by one of my employers labeling me as "intolerant" or "bigoted" or "unfit" or some other such nonsense and lose my job. I have written a number of news stories in the past and I almost always used my name. However, I can recall two occasions when the story I wrote was so controversial and likely to offend some sensibilities that I told my boss that I wanted to use a nom de plume and the article was published under that name--not my own.

Perhaps this "sophomoric whining" is unworthy of a Pulitzer Prize, but it resonates as consistent with what we have been hearing for the last six years or so. Marcantonio Colonna penned his book Dictator Pope anonymously at first because HE KNEW that dissenting with THIS pope could be costly.

And unfortunately, it doesn't take this article alone to inform us that there IS indeed a worldwide, widespread problem of priests who engage in wrongful sexual activity. While the John Jay Report told us that such credible accusations applied to only about 4 percent of the clergy in the U.S., it is still a widespread problem. One of the reasons it IS widespread is because the few who actually dive in to the realm of abuse usually abuse a LOT of victims. And, human nature being what it is, it is not unreasonable to assume that for every priest acting out, there are many more who are "safely" pleasing their disordered appetites in private with pornography or clandestine relationships--something I discovered when I was writing about such things.

Michael Rose's documentation of seminary screening and manipulations confirmed the increase of disordered men in the priesthood as a deliberate move by disordered leaders.

Stephen Brady, through his organization The Roman Catholic Faithful has presented the testimony of many priests who confirmed that a homosexual network of bishops and chancery-climbing priests have a "cooperate if you want to move up" culture that has seriously lessened the quality of priests.

Is this article great journalism? Not really, as it reads more like a "Hollywood Whispers" column in Variety. Is it believable. 21 years after 2002? Absolutely.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Jerome, you find the Rorate Caeli silliness absolutely believable because it agrees with and supports your ideas, not because it is substantiated in any way.

It the same reason people still believe the nonsensical claims that Trump won the last election, only to have it stolen by a VAST conspiracy of hundreds of thousands of poll workers, Soros-backed operatives, dead Venezuelan politicians, and, probably, a few of Marjorie Taylor Greene's Jews with space lasers.

The conspiratorial, "Oh, the author is in danger, maybe GRAVE danger, if he/she uses his/her name!" is more of this Spy-Vs-Spy claptrap. The author turns him/herself into a victim, thereby eliciting the hoped for Pavlovian reaction from those who, themselves, identify as victims.

Making direct, personal accusations requires, no, it DEMANDS full disclosure. Did you ever wonder why hearsay isn't allowed in courtroom testimony? Because it is not credible or trustworthy.

Not, the item isn't great journalism. In fact, it is not journalism of any sort.

TJM said...

Father K,

Yet you adhere to a Party that embraces infanticide, sexual grooming of children, transgenderism, and the suppression of religious freedom, particularly Catholicism. You are hardly a person to lecture anyone since your allegiance to the Party of Moloch evidences your intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy. Seek help

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

You still have not apologized to Father McDonald for lying about his statement. You also continue to dodge the issue of what Pope Francis did to discipline the Vatican clerics engaged in a cocaine fueled gay sex orgy. You are highly selective prevaricator

Jerome Merwick said...

Oh, Father Kavanaugh...

Once again, you presume to know my motives and raionale for every word I type in the box here. Then you throw out the straw-man argument about how all who use anonymity fancy themselves as victims and martyrs. I swore to stop trying to define people I disagree with--it's rather a cheap shot. And your obsession with the man you "don't hate" Donald Trump...when do you let go and move on? The most casual observer would think he is "living rent-free in your head." Again, I swore I would stop trying to define the people I disagree with. I wish you would show the rest of us the same courtesy. Your condescending and dismissive tone directed towards those who disagree with you about issues you feel passionately about isn't "converting" anyone to your way of thinking--or as Benjamin Franklin noted: "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

People pay a price for exposing corruption. People pay a price for speaking truth to power. Cardinal Zen, Solzhenitsyn, Jeffrey Wigand, Emil Zola, and many other nameless people learned the hard way that the "demand" for full disclosure can be very costly. Hearsay evidence is just that, but we also have libel and slander laws to protect the integrity of human reputations. It's a delicate balance.

Anonymous said...

New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) promoted an article in which Pope Francis is denounced for having portrayed priests in a bad light.

However, New Catholic had employed the discredited Pennsylvania Report to claim that sexual abuse is rampant among priests within the United States, and throughout the world.

New Catholic:

"Another week and another massive scandal in the American Church. The following is an appropriate summary of the final Report of the Grand Jury investigation of the "widespread sexual abuse of children in six dioceses of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania":

"The investigation captured widespread sexual abuse and institutional cover up across the entire state."

"The horrid episodes represent only what could be found in just six dioceses of one state of one country: the putrefaction runs wide and deep."


The above is related to the current hit-piece article that New Catholic has, in two-faced fashion, employed to defame Pope Francis.

The article was penned by an anonymous radtrad, Pope Francis hater/blogger.

New Catholic, via said article, has wished to defame Pope Francis as someone who has spoken ill of priests.

However, it is New Catholic who, on many occasions, has spoken in vile fashion of priests.

It is New Catholic who has promoted the notion that in the United States, and throughout the world, the sexual abuse of children/homosexuality is widespread among Catholic priests.

But New Catholic, via the radtrad, anti-Pope Francis hit-piece article in question, has hammered Pope Francis for having said, for example, that some priests are "grumpy."

I have found it mind-boggling that the Pope Francis hater New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) has long enjoyed a solid following among "traditionalists."

That speaks volumes as to condition of the Traditional Catholic Movement.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Jerome - The Conspiracy Theorists who maintain Trump won are still with us, including Trump himself, who, by the way, is ALREADY warning that the 2024 election is going to be stolen. When this existential threat to our democratic republic is gone, I'll move on.

You do consider youself a victim of the actions of a "Dictator Pope." You consider youself a victim of the "widespread problem" of clergy sexual abuse, and the victim of the network of homosexual bishops and priests. This is not a straw man argument.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick

Fr K is a modern “liberal” frequently wrong but never in doubt. He believes his sources, like The New York Slimes, are unimpeachable even though that rag has been shown to be very untrustworthy and rabidly partisan from its editorial page to its “news pages.” I suspect he suffers from a deep seated inferiority complex, so as a Southern boy, he believes he will acquire a measure of sophistication by aligning with the “values” of Eastern “elites.” He is condescending, with nothing to be condescending about. Why he posts here is interesting because his more natural home would be PraySniff (PrayTell).

Jerome Merwick said...

Hmmm. Nobody called Hillary Clinton's claims of Trump's illegitimacy after the 2016 election an "existential threat" to democracy or our republic. The newfound patriotism of the left, the same left that proclaims America's sins from sea to sea, the same left that laughed at concerns about the USSR--now that same body is marching in lockstep newfound "patriotism" in their "concern" for the "safety of the Capitol" (Nancy Pelosi's daughter debunked that on a hot mic) and their suspicions of Russia--you know that country we had "nothing to fear from" when they were communists.

I wasn't threatened by Hillary's followers proclaiming they won and it seems to me that free speech permits even the stupidest ideas to be presented in the marketplace and gives the citizenry enough credit to sort it out for themselves.

As far as what I consider myself--keep guessing. Unless I tell you or you can get inside my head, all you can do is guess.

Jerome Merwick said...

And again, why do you make such a public display of your feelings for Trump? Why can't you let go? I can name a number of elected officials both dead and alive who I had profound disagreements with and, in some cases, disliked. I don't waste my time denouncing them at every possible opportunity.

I can't get inside your head either, but you're telling us a lot more than maybe you should want us to know.

rcg said...

There does come a point where we need to see if there is fire under the smoke. The walls between the Holy Father and me, language, culture, context, have caused me to try and understand what he says in as charitable way as possible. In the image of Mark Thomas I tried to find meaning that would at least lead me to a proper way to act even if it didn’t jibe with the words I was given. Nevertheless, consistently since his election, he has appeared as manipulated by others based on some concern for prestige and power to offset his perception of himself. He seems very unsure of himself and tries to compensate, making him vulnerable to the manipulation of others in the background. I pray for him daily, that he can see those around him as they truly are and have more faith in our Church and her lineage.

Anonymous said...

Father Kavanaugh, thank you for having noted the serious problems with Rorate Caeli, as well as the defamatory "article" (hit piece), penned by an anonymous, Pope Francis-hating radtrad.

Pope Francis hater New Catholic (Rorate Caeli), as well as anonymous radtrad Pope Francis hater "Caminante Wanderer," have engaged in the evil enterprise of having attempted to assassinate verbally the Vicar of Christ.

It is sad and horrifying that the two "traditionalists" in question share such hatred for Pope Francis.

Fortunately, Father Kavanaugh, as God's holy priest, you have confronted the evil associated with Rorate Caeli, as well as the article...hit question.


Mark Thomas

William said...

Pope Francis has done himself and the Vatican city state great harm by alienating and irritating faithful Catholics in the USA. American money flow has been reduced to a mere trickle and rich Germans have not covered the shortfall. His Holiness' latest move to charge resident Cardinals, et al., exorbitant rents is bending a lot of noses out of shape. The next Conclave would do well to choose an American, but alas nearly all American Cardinals are in no way fit for purpose.

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

You lack the capacity to read Rorate Caeli. Calling a priest who votes for a party that worships killing the unborn "holy" is a bridge too far.

You are a liar. You still have not apologized to Father McDonald and you still won't explain what your Golden Calf did to the Vatican clerics involved in a cocaine fueled, gay sex scandal, which makes me wonder about your values.

Pope Francis is mean-spirited, uncharitable and a hypocrite of the highest order.

TJM said...

Jerome Mersick,

Election denial is a one way street for the unhinged from reality. Hillary Clinton is a good example, as is Al Gore, and the current minority leader in the House, Hareem Jeffries.

When you deal with Fr. K, you are just dealing with a slightly better version of Mark Thomas. There is no reasoning with the empty cassock.

Jerome Merwick said...

You too Mark Thomas?

You have the ability to read minds and hearts?

You've been appointed to define your opponents?

If someone describes the bad condition of the papacy or (GASP!) disagrees with the pope, they are now officially 'FRANCIS HATERS' because you say so?

I'm awed to be in the presence of so many clairvoyants.

Jerome Merwick said...


Thank you for noting the obvious: Where there is smoke there is fire.

Surprisingly after 20 years of excessive smoke inhalation and a clerical world covered in soot, we are still being told that there is no fire.


Fr Martin Fox said...

Yes, this sort of report is sketchy and gossipy, but certain things can be gleaned, and confirmed:

- Pope Francis continually and aggressively trashes priests, with comparatively little encouragement. How do I know? I read what he says and I am a priest, and have been for almost 20 years. And this experience is common among other priests I know.

- It was very clear, prior to Covid, that attendence at the weekly papal audiences was down -- by a lot. That's not gossip, it's a fact in the public realm.

- The pope's appointments are not gossip, they are public. They can be evaluated. The decisions about cardinal appointments are public, and they are, at the very least, puzzling. What in the world did Gomez of Los Angeles do wrong, that one of the most prominent -- and respected -- Hispanic clerics in North America was not named a Cardinal? The pattern of appointments and the pope's preferences among bishops in this country is no secret. It is discouraging and will bear bitter fruit in years to come. Will they bear fruit in vocations? The public evidence on this score, since Francis became the successor to Peter, is not good.

- It is not at all hard to believe that concern transcends theological or ideological markers. Pope Francis has governed in a very direct and monarchical way, undermining one of the goals more often associated as "liberal." Surely they have noticed, even if they approve of the purposes for which so many motu proprios have been issued.

- That said, it isn't always bad that the curia gets discomfited.

- That said, I reiterate my assertion that overall, morale is down. Not just in the curia, among large swathes of Catholics. Who feels good?

Who can deny that the situation in Germany is disquieting? And the trial?

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"It’s important to point out, however, that the Democrats did not question the actual counting of ballots in 2016, as Youngkin’s statement implies, or that Trump won the election." - Austin-American Statesman

"After the 2020 United States presidential election, the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump and others filed and lost at least 63 lawsuits contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Among the judges who dismissed the lawsuits were some appointed by Trump himself." - Wikipedia

Hmmm - Maybe there's more than a smidgen of difference.

Trump does not inhabit my brain. Maybe you pay little or no attention the news sources, but just yesterday it was reported by NUMEROUS news sources that, as the Axios headline states, "Former President Trump can be held liable for damages for his speech on the day of the Jan. 6 insurrection, the Department of Justice said Tuesday." When he and those who threaten our democratic republic are gone, I will no longer be concerned about them.

Suggesting that "the left" has not been patriotic - you said, "The newfound patriotism of the left,..." - is a typical tactic used by those with little else to fall back on in terms of substance. People who disagree with you aren't really patriotic. Yesh, Jerome, they are.

TJM said...

Fr K aka the Great Prevaricator ignores:

1) the election deniers in his own party: hillary clintoon, gore and jeffries and host of others

2) his Party’s raison d’etre is abortion: kill a baby as it comes down the birth canal is fine, fundraising and campaigning on abortion “rights!” It has apparently never occurred to him if he and other “catholics” withheld voting for Democrats such that they lost elections, the party might back off its extreme position. They love power more than principal

3) that he cannot bring himself to thank President Trump for not starting any new hot wars in contrast to the senile, grifter in chief who is working on getting us into one

4) refusing to acknowledge that under President Trumo the working classes, including minorities, were far better off economically than now. He must have a heart of stone and be pretty callous to ignore that. If he made his views known to his congregation they might reward him with smaller collections because I cannot imagine they are all leftwing simpletons who don’t get it

Jerome Merwick said...

Gee I hope you ARE Patriotic Father. That's great. But for years--decades--patriotism has been an object of mockery for the all-too-hip left in America. To say you love your country, of stand at the national anthem often invited derisive put-downs from the cool guys. In fact, we still have even COOLER guys--pro athletes--who let us know by kneeling how wrong we are for loving America.

I didn't just make it up that the left had a problem with patriotism, but I'll take your word and just be glad that now they truly ARE patriotic!

Maybe they'll even embrace free speech one day!

Anonymous said...

Jerome Merwick said..."You too Mark Thomas? You have the ability to read minds and hearts?
You've been appointed to define your opponents?"


New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) had taught me that via his July 16, 2021 A.D. Tweet:

New Catholic had read Pope Francis' heart and mind...and had defined Pope Francis:

Emphasis by New Catholic:

"Francis HATES US. Francis HATES Tradition. Francis HATES all that is good and beautiful.

"Francis is an Anti-Christical figure for this age."


New Catholic (Rorate Caeli), thank you for the lesson on how to have read Pope Francis'
'hateful" heart and mind...and for having defined your "opponent" — the Vicar of Christ.


Mark Thomas

Paul said...

Fr K,

I can at times disagree with you but I mostly appreciate your contributions to this blog.
But a part of your 8.24AM reply to Jerome is simply wrong.
Jerome had written above of his reasons for the times he publishes material anonymously.

Throughout the Western world, teachers, police officers and public servants etc are not in any way into paranoid, conspiratorial, “spy vs spy” playing the victim etc thinking when they fear the consequences of being labelled racist, “homophobic” or “transphobic” …..the situation is far worse in Canada, the UK and Australia than the USA.

Cancel culture is real and typically at first takes the form of humiliation through online censure, and then direct contact with the targets’ employers in order to deprive them of their livelihood (even Obama has noted and criticised this trend…)

J K Rowling has received death and rape threats by radical trans activists for her alleged “transphobic bigotry”.
The children’s author Gillian Philip was dropped by her publisher because of her alleged transphobia in supporting Rowling.
The German textile artist, Jess de Wahls, a left of centre feminist, like Rowling, criticised modern gender identity ideology, saying “the reality of biological sex cannot be gainsaid and is crucial to upholding the rights of women” - for this she was bombarded on social media with vitriolic messages, including threats, and radical LGBT activists started a petition that resulted in cancelled exhibitions and collaborations; and her work removed from a number of prestigious gift shops…

The examples that can be given are endless; in the UK a supermarket employee can lose his job stacking shelves for posting a Billy Connelly joke on Facebook.
In the UK, an elderly man, a retired British soldier, and a former police officer business man were each charged with a “non crime hate incident” and received a quasi criminal record for retweeting a poem/limerick that it was alleged mocked transsexual people.

In Australia, one of its greatest Rugby footballers of all time, Israel Folau, was ostracised , sacked - had his multi million $$ contract torn up for quoting what St Paul wrote on homosexuality in both a public sermon and his Facebook site… Australian Catholic bishop had to appear before a tribunal for “hate speech” because he quoted the Catholic Catechism re homosexuality during the Australian same sex marriage debate…

Millions of people in the West note the above, and hundreds of other REAL incidents ….and the REAL consequences of being accused of racist, homophobic or transphobic bigotry or any type of “hate speech”….

The Cato Institute in 2020 found that 62 percent of Americans say “the political climate these days prevents them from saying things they believe to be true because of the consequences of offending others”….and the situation is worse in the UK and elsewhere; see the government enquiries into the “Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal” which revealed the insane EXTREME lengths many UK police and any government employee can go to to avoid being accused of racism.

I have a younger brother who is a teacher and a younger sister who is a “staffer” for a leading politician and they have described how “the process is the punishment” re any allegation of racism, Islamophobia or homophobia etc made against a teacher or any government employee.

Jerome Merwick said...


You're hitting the heavy bag. At one time or another, almost everyone here had admitted they were wrong about something in the course of these discussions. Not him. It's not "in his wheelhouse". No matter what you bring to the discussion, he is going to bury you with links, articles, opinions, etc.. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Jerome Merwick said..."You too Mark Thomas? You have the ability to read minds and hearts?
You've been appointed to define your opponents?"


New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) had taught me that via his July 16, 2021 A.D. Tweet:

New Catholic had read Pope Francis' heart and mind...and had defined Pope Francis:

Emphasis by New Catholic:

"Francis HATES US. Francis HATES Tradition. Francis HATES all that is good and beautiful.

"Francis is an Anti-Christical figure for this age."


New Catholic (Rorate Caeli), thank you for the lesson on how to have read Pope Francis'
'hateful" heart and mind...and for having defined your "opponent" — the Vicar of Christ.


Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...


I really don't want to go political, but your spiel about "Election Deniers" brings up the flip side of the coin, which is "Election Fraud Deniers". Some people don't want to hear this, but the 2020 election IS the wound that will not heal. Why won't this wound heal"?

•. Unlike the Gore/Bush controversy, the new media forgot the word "alleged". They showed their cards almost immediately, by chanting in unison, "NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE" even though there had not been enough time to investigate. The Gore/Bush controversy of 2000 took weeks to sort out and that was just ONE STATE. The allegations in the 2020 elections came from several states, but the news media marched in unison and the march began almost immediately.

*. People who publicly disagreed slmost immediately found out that free speech "Is for ME not for THEE" as Facebook, Twitter and other top social media outlets shut down all dissenting voices as "disinformation". Leftists used to wear a T-shirt with a cartoon of a man with a hand over his mouth that read "Censorship is Un-American." You won't find THAT T-shirt anywhere since 2020.

•. Just as one example, Rudolf Giuliani, by all accounts (before 2020) a brilliant lawyer, who broke the five families of the New York Mafia, who transformed the city into a safe place as mayor and--oft forgotten--a rather LIBERAL Republican who supports abortion and all things LBGTQ, became an "idiot" overnight because he publicly made accusations and asked the wrong questions. The tar-and-feathering persists. Events are cancelled if he is scheduled as a speaker. He is not served in restaurants. The bar has threatened to take his law license. He went from being America's greatest mayor and crime-fighter to overnight becoming a "fool", "scumbag", "moron" and worse. Oh, and let's not forget "racist"!

•. If you look hard enough on the internet, you can still find videos from the weekend after the election when Trump supporters went to Washington to march in support. This is not January 6 (that big lie would take up too much space) but as these people attempted to walk back to their hotels, various BLM and ANTIFA types used guerrilla tactics to follow, hound, sucker punch, attack and take merciless and often bloody cheap shots at these protesters in one of the most cowardly displays of barbaric hatred I've ever seen.

•. We have watched the left burn flags, call everyone a racist, scream their hatred of America from sea to shining sea. As far back as the 50's they have laughed at any politician's concerns about Russian influence and communism. Yet this same group now sanctimoniously voices their overarching "concern" for Russian influence in America, their hatred for one Russian leader (where was all that hatred when Stalin was at the wheel?) and their desire to 'PROTECT AMERICA" from radical ideas by suppressing the one thing that can actually destroy radicalism: FREE SPEECH. It's laughable.

This wound won't heal because American's know they have been gaslighted. The media has no one but themselves to blame, as their smugness and self-censorship ( didn't make the problem go away--it just inflamed it.

Jerome Merwick said...

Part 2:

I can't predict where America will go politically, but wherever it is, as long as we operate this way it will be deeply divided. I will make ONE prediction. If a conservative wins election to the presidency in 2024, violence will erupt like we've never seen from coast to coast. We should all know by now that "peace-loving" leftists--yea, now the "mainstream" of the once-great Democratic party (and I used to be one)--cannot control themselves. If they don't get their way, they throw tantrums, they disrupt and they destroy. Oh, how they destroy!

Since the turbulent 60's, the left has venerated "Tolerance" as the virtue that surpasses all others.



TJM said...


Fr K’s like Mark Thomas’ mind is closed like a trap. He is impervious to facts which undermine his leftwing narrative. He ignores them like he ignores the evil of the Party of Moloch.

Thomas Garrett said...

Amid the complaints of "unsubstantiated" claims made in Rorate Caeli, Fr. Nicholas Bux, a highly respected priest/theologian, has gone on the record to make many of the same claims:

TJM said...

Thomas Garrett,

Thanks for sharing. A measured and non polemical piece, but he gets to the heart of the problem: Francis. If our resident papalotor reads it, he might learn something

Jerome Merwick said...


Highly doubtful he will learn anything or admit HE could possibly be wrong either. Not in HIS wheelhouse.

Instead you'd be more likely to get the usual virtue-signaling tripe that reads something like this:

"Dear Mr. Garrett,

"I appreciate you doing the research on the Satanic Francis-Hater Nichols Bux. However he has no credibility at all because the Church teaches us that popes are never wrong about anything. And even if they are wrong, it makes us holier to do whatever they say because that is the holy law of love. Nobody listens to Bux because he is satanic."

"But that's O.K.. We can agree to disagree."

"Please know that I have nothing personal against you and this is just the different way we see things. I am too busy being filled with peace and love for everyone, so it doesn't matter what you think. I know my sanctified blind trust in Pope Francis will overcome your vicious hatred some day."


It may not be those exact words, but it will be something of the same sanctimonious pabulum that has driven so many readers here away.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Paul - "Cancel Culture" is a contemporary term for something that has been happening for time immemorial.

The Roman senate practiced "damnatio memoriae," in which the name of the "offender" was stricken from any and all public records, even to the point of grinding his name off any buildings or monuments. The "damnation of memory" was their form of Cancel Culture.

The Catholic Church and many Christian denominations tired for centuries, to our shame, to drive the Jews out of every place they lived, to deprive them of whatever civil liberties existed at the time, and to persecute them physically and psychologically. That was "Cancel Culture." I heard a Jew once remark that the summation of Jewish history was, "They tried to kill us. It didn't work. Let's eat!"

Saying something in public has ALWAYS had consequences. Some people will agree with you and laud you. Some will disagree with you and despise you. What might be novel is the mistaken notion that a person can say or do something really terrible and expect that there will NOT be repercussions.

And this behavior is not limited to the left. Senator McConnell will be remembered for, if nothing else, practicing the senatorial version of Cancel Culture on the nomination of Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court. And no one will ever, I hope, forget the attempt of Trump supporters, including Rudy Giulani, to Cancel the results of the 2020 presidential election.

How many right-wing extremists have engaged in violence? These include white sumpreacists and anti-government extremists. Groups like the KKK and the Aryan Nation, the Three Percenters and the Proud Boys, and individuals like Timothy McVeigh and Dylan Roof

For a very long time racist language and behavior was acceptable in "polite" society. Now, when someone like Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, makes deplorable, racist comments, he is rightly pilloried and punished by losing his place in the funny papers.

Jerome Merwick said...

What did Scott Adams say that our priest commentator has assured us should be 'rightly pilloried'? He was responding to several polls in an interview, polls which revealed the unbridled hatred for white people that black people in America harbor--the same hatred that corporate America evidently endorses with statement like, "Try to be less white" from Coca Cola. Specifically, he said:

"“If nearly half of all Blacks are not OK with white people ... that’s a hate group. And I don’t want anything to do with them,” Adams said Wednesday. “And based on how things are going, the best advice I could give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people. Just get the f— away. Wherever you have to go, just get away. ’Cause there’s no fixing this. This can’t be fixed.”

Is that REALLY racist? Is it REALLY hateful? I only ask because if any black person says this in the media, it's O.K. and there is NO accountability. Adams isn't vilifying black people per se. He is vilifying the poll-proven hatred that too many black people in America harbor towards white people, the hatred we see played out in media news reports day after day. I hope it can be fixed, I really do, but it's easy to see how anyone might despair that such a problem could be fixed.

Many times when I am out in public and I am near a group of black people, I see a kind of behavior I don't want any part of. "Mother" is half a word and spoken openly in front of children. Cursing at clerks is acceptable. Shouting angry rage and making threats is acceptable. Expressing racist stereotypes against white people is acceptable.

I just don't want any part of that. Neither do millions of Americans. It isn't race. It's culture and behavior being embraced by a particular race in a particular country. I get along great with many black people whom I have known when I was a student and through my various jobs, because I knew them as people and they didn't bring these behaviors and attitudes to the table. So when I see black people that I don't know and I can hear that aura of angry speech coming from the group, I avoid. It's protected my health so far.

Sanctimoniously calling people concerned for their safety "racists" doesn't fix the problem. If someone says, "It's O.K. to be white" the self-righteous and race-hustling left automatically get their character assassination guns out and scream "racist" and demand that such person become a social pariah. It's safer to just keep your mouth and keep your distance.

Is Scott Adams a racist? I have no way of knowing. He is reasonably afraid of a hateful group of people. And hateful people LOVE to label others what they are themselves.

That said, I would be VERY careful about labeling people as racists. Even if one repents, it's society's unforgivable sin. Say the "F" word and nobody even notices any more. Say the "N" word and you are banished for life and you can exit while we spit on you.

Jerome Merwick said...

This reminds me of something that happened when Bill Clinton was president. Speaking at a college commencement ceremony, he proposed a "year long discussion about race" in America.

As soon as he proposed it, many of us knew it was utter B.S.. The "discussion" was tightly-controlled, tightly-scripted and utterly contrived with a pre-determined outcome, very much like a so-called synod we keep hearing about.

If there had been a REAL discussion about race in America, it would have held black people AND white people EQUALLY accountable for the sins of racism and we all know that that just ain't gonna happen.

The charade continued and the atmosphere of racial relations in America has continued to deteriorate. Free speech for me, not for thee.

Say the wrong thing and you're a "racist". No discussion, no debate, no appeal. We have decided. So get out of here while we spit on you as you exit.

Paul said...

Fr K,

Thanks for your reply. But I believe you did not really replied to the point I was making with the many facts and examples of modern cancel culture I provided.

Take UK “non crime hate incidents”. Context and a person’s intentions can be ignored. It is all about the “victim” (who legally should be called a complainant not a “victim”) and his or her perceptions of what is truly offensive, in terms of “non crime hate incidents”…

The following are 2 of hundreds, if not 1000s of cases on record….

A young factory worker in Scotland teaches his girlfriends ugly pug dog to raise his paw like a Nazi salute as he shouts “heil Hitler” - he posts this online, and makes it clear he is mocking European neo-Nazis…..BUT a few people are offended; the police get involved; and he ends up charged and in court! Though police IT specialists could find NO far right, genuinely racist material on his phone or computer; he ended up with a big phone.

A young working class girl in England is grieving her 50 year old father’s death from cancer - she posts online his favourite song (some silly country and western song from 1950s Alabama) this teenage girl had NO intention to insult black people or offend gay people - but some insane extreme activists ignore the context and her clear intentions, she is mourning her father and she states this silly song was his favourite song etc - ring police and report her for online racism and homophobia - and police then initiate a “hate incident” investigation ….

This is endless ….see too Rev Calvin Robinson YouTube clips of “Woke New Puritan” ideology/insanity making inroads into public education and Christian Churches in the UK. If you can explain away or excuse English pastors and priests giving sermons on a transgender Jesus …..and using scripture to give instances where “transgendered him/her self…”....I give up.

Can’t you even agree with Obama and other sane left of centre politicians and commentators that this is going WAY too far and will only push many working class people to vote Conservative?

And to provide some historical context - it actually happened in late 1930s Berlin that a working class German man had his neighbours laughing at his Doberman dog he had taught to raise his paw like a Nazi salute.
This man in Nazi Germany was reported to the authorities (someone was offended thinking loyal Germans were being mocked for saluting their Fuhrur Hitler) the SS/Gestapo knocked on his door ; he apologised and was let off with a warning …..left off with a warning for offending some loyal Nazis in late 1930s Germany!

How far we’ve come!

Jerome Merwick said...

A few observations:

While there has been some anti-Semitism in Catholic history, the Church has repeatedly and I mean REPEATEDLY apologized for it, especially under good Pope John Paul II. It would be hard to find anyone who worked as hard to protect Jews in Rome during WWII as Pope Pius XII.

Merrick Garland? He was the "victim" of what both political parties have been doing to each other for decades, but the only thing that was cancelled was his elevation to the nation's highest court. Judging from what I've seen of his leadership as Attorney General and his pathetic testimony before Congress a few days ago, I think we should thank Mitch McConnell for saving us from another lousy justice. Roe V. Wade would still be in place if he had been confirmed. And, more significantly, he lost an opportunity for promotion. He wasn't disbarred. He wasn't kicked out of any restaurants. He wasn't banished from polite society. He wasn't silenced by the news media. The kind of media we have today (and had then) would welcome him on the air with open arms.

And while no one denies there have been incidents of right wing violence, it pales in comparison to the damage to life and property caused by "tolerant" leftists in the 60's and more recently, during the COVID summer, when people were arrested for showing up for work without masks while college truants burned down our city centers and the media insulted our intelligence by calling it "mostly peaceful" and our vice-president rubbed it in by telling us it was "necessary".

The Church has apologized for its anti-semitism. America has apologized for slavery. America has apologized for interning Japanese Americans.

Have any leftist leaders apologized for the innocent people who were injured trying to protect their businesses. Did Jane Fonda or Tom Hayden every apologize for their support of Communism in Vietnam? Did the student groups that planned the Chicago riots at the 1968 convention ever apologize? Did Congresswoman Ttlaib ever apologize for calling Trump a "motherf_cker" in public? Has any Democrat politician apologized for supporting a bunch of foul mouthed "students" destroying property and calling it "patriotism"? HAS ONE MEMBER OF CONGRESS OR THE SENATE apologized to us for wasting millions of dollars on a phony investigation into a president for alleged "Russian ties" that they knew was bogus right from the beginning?

Of course not. They are all awash in a phony patina of "respectability".

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Paul - I agree that people are FAR to ready to claim a grievance where none is warranted. Far too many account themselves "victims" when no offense is given.

When I beep my car horn at the driver of the car in front of me who is not moving for 15 seconds after the light has turned green because he/she is looking at his/her phone - illegal in Georgia and, in my estimation should be punishable by 30 lashes, but I digress - is is likely that I will get flipped off or, possibly, worse.

It's all part and parcel of the radical individualism I have so often mentioned here.

Jerome, while it may be true that "If there had been a REAL discussion about race in America, it would have held black people AND white people EQUALLY accountable for the sins of racism..." I would ask, "Who has suffered more from racism, white people or black people?"

Paul said...

….He ended up with a big FINE after appearing in court…..

Fr K,

How do you feel or what do you think about Muslim parents being as concerned, and at times very upset, as Christian parents at, for example, a sex education program in their children’s school that has been put together by a radical Gender Studies academic, who has views on marriage, relationships and sexuality so extreme that no more 1 or 2 % of parents would ever agree with such views….?

Also, don’t you think it a problem when teachers, police office and council clerks etc in many western nations and states are too scared to express their real views on the BLM movement ideology or teaching children aged 5 to 10 what it means to be “trans”, non-binary or “gender queer”…? Or do you deny this reality?

Finally, at 9.20 -referring to victims of a “network of homosexual priests and bishops” is neither a straw man argument or some fantasy in Jerome’s imagination - leaving aside the possible /probable exaggerations of people such as Taylor Marshall and Michael Voris etc - don’t you think the claims about sexually active homosexual clerics in the USA in books, research and articles by Richard Sipe, Fr Donald Cozzens, Michael Rose and Joseph Sciambra and others could indicate a REAL problem?

TJM said...

Fr K,

You really cannot be this obtuse. Mitch McConnell exercised his senatorial prerogative and based on his performance as AG, going after parents and the Catholic Church, kept an evil and corrupt man off of the Court. That is not "cancel culture." If McConnell had not exercised his legitimate prerogative Roe v Wade might never have been overturned because your evil Party as a litmus test demands everyone be an abortion drooler and support a woman's right to kill the unborn. You mask is falling off on this one and exposes you for what you are, a Democratic toady who will sell out his religious faith, for God knows what.

You know damn well that Cancel Culture is erasing someone from history as if they never existed, like the loons on your side of the aisle tearing down statues of historica figures, something which the Soviets specialized in doing. Some of your loonies even want to cancel Washington and Lincoln. I really don't know how you live with yourself. You truly are mendacious.

Anonymous said...

Jerome Merwick said..."You too Mark Thomas? You have the ability to read minds and hearts?
You've been appointed to define your opponents?"


New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) had taught me that via his July 16, 2021 A.D. Tweet:

New Catholic had read Pope Francis' heart and mind...and had defined Pope Francis:

Emphasis by New Catholic:

"Francis HATES US. Francis HATES Tradition. Francis HATES all that is good and beautiful.

"Francis is an Anti-Christical figure for this age."


Mark Thomas

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"Obtuse" is the person - I am not naming names - who thinks that a person who follows the rules can do nothing wrong. Only the mendacious - I am again not naming names - think that the defense used at Nuremberg, that is, I was just following the rules, is a legitimate excuse for wrongdoing.

Jerome Merwick said...

"Who has suffered more with racism...white or black people?"

An interesting question and a question that exposes the problem perfectly. It's a hard question to answer, because both sides have suffered from it, albeit in different ways and white America is STILL paying for the sin of slavery, as if shedding blood to end it was not enough.

But I digress (gee, doesn't THAT sound sophisticated?}

By trying to measure who has been hurt more, we set up a futile effort to somehow force some sort of equity into the mess. Thus begins the talk of "reparations" or "quotas" and all sorts of other "equalizing" efforts to repair the damage. One look at what has happened to post-apartheid South Africa shows what a disaster this has to potential to create. And posing that question obviously inflames the low-information and non-thinking classes into rage, because the vividness of the image of slavery can't compete in their minds with the often more subtle and complicated sufferings that followed for either side.

So again, if we are going to have an HONEST conversation about race in America, it isn't going to happen until we hold BOTH sides accountable and it isn't going to happen so long as one side appoints itself the arbiter of what constitutes racism and what doesn't. As long as we persist with our politically correct woke B.S. standards we will continue to have nonsense like blacklisting, cancel culture and idiotic corporations like Disney "purging" their rides of imagery from ALLEGEDLY racist movies that maybe weren't even racist in the first place. How can we know? WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Paul said...

Some wise words from Fr Hunwicke's blog:

The papacy is not guaranteed against malfunctions due to human weakness.

Having a wise and good Pope is not something which the Holy Spirit guarantees; not part of the divinely protected essence of the office.

The hollywoodish personality cult of popes is problematic - it is a very modern corruption of the Petrine Office.

It is a fawning superstition when good, faithful Catholics come to regard the pope as sort of God-like superman who never makes mistakes and is above all criticism.

Prominent and educated Catholics should educate our obtuse and ignorant Media to abandon their assumption that the Catholic Church is some sort of North Korean dictatorship in which a throw away, off the cuff remark by one man in an airliner might constitute the discarding of a teaching of two or even four millenia.

If a cry goes up to drink a toast to our beloved Holy Father Pope Francis I all should spring to their feet and do exactly that - but it is best to drink a toast to Holy Tradition first.

....the ultrahyperueberpapalism of some who surround Pope Francis, and Sedevacantism, are two sides of the same dangerously erroneous coin. Or like a pair of inseperably joined Siamese Twins. They both massively exaggerate the personal inerrancy of the man who is the Roman Pontiff. Accepting an absurdly inflated notion of personal papal inerrancy, Bergolian ultras (correctly believing him to be pope) incorrectly conclude therefore that his every word and even hint must be the ipsissimum verbum Spiritus. People of various Sedevacantist tendencies deeming him to be guilty of repeated blunders wrongly conclude that he "obviously" cannot really be pope.

Both views are equally absurd .
Many Catholics can forget the immensely careful conditions laid down at Vatican 1 for any pope to be capable of being the mouthpiece of the Catholic Church's own infallibility and of binding all our consciences.

(Btw - Fr Hunwick refuses to enable any comments which suggest Francis is not truly our Pope.)

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Jerome, I asked, ""Who has suffered more with racism...white or black people?" You answered, "It's a hard question to answer, because both sides have suffered from it,..."

I find the answer simply amazing.

Let me suggest a way to bring you some clarity.

How many years were whites enslaved in this part of the world? Zero

How many years were blacks enslaved in this part of the world? 245 years, from 1619 to 1864.

How many years were whites routinely denied the right to vote? Zero

How many years were blacks denied the right to vote? 100, from 1864 to 1964.

How many years were whites "Red Lined" out of ownership of homes? Zero

How many years were blacks "Red Lined" out of ownership of homes? 100+

Jerome, you say: "By trying to measure who has been hurt more, we set up a futile effort to somehow force some sort of equity into the mess."

No, we're not. We are recognizing that African-Americans have suffered far, far more than whites from racism in this part of the world. FAILING to recognize that is one of the main sources for the continued racial divide.

You may consider that as "wokeness." I consider it "honesty." And anyone who denies the reality that blacks have suffered more due to racism is fooling only himself.

TJM said...

Notice how Father K ignores the elephant in the room? If Garland had gotten on to the SC Roe v Wade would likely not been overturned. So his protests to the contrary, Father K, like the good Germans of the 1930s, would remain loyal to the Party rather than his religious “ faith.” Sieg Heil!!!

TJM said...

Father K,

If you hurry up and move to California you can pay their high income taxes to underwrite the $360,000 in reparations payable to each to Black person, a very strange and divisive idea! But that’s how your Party rolls!

Jerome Merwick said...

Well Father, I first want to apologize--and I sincerely mean it--for offending your sensibilities with my observations. It only magnifies what I said about the fact that the vivid IDEA of slavery far surpasses any other consideration we could introduce into the argument. However, I will make my own lame attempt. And as I do attempt this, I am not necessarily AGREEING that blacks suffered more or DISAGREEING either. I think this is simply something we are afraid to even discuss because it has become such a taboo. And THAT bothers me more than anything else--the very un-American idea of a subject that is forbidden for public debate.

1). A generous estimate of the slavery era tells us that there were about 20 million slaves in America during that period.

2). Not every slave was being whipped and abused on massive plantations. A very large segment of the slave population lived as individuals or maybe with one close relative as part of a "family", which their white owners--usually not wealthy people--considered them as. There were many white slave owners who would have been horrified at the idea of beating their slaves.

3). At the time of the Civil War, the U.S. population was about 30 million and the Slave population was about 2 million. About 360,000 Union soldiers died in our effort to end the horror of slavery. That doesn't take into account those disabled or the sufferings of the family members who lost their beloved sons.

4). Abraham Lincoln was exploring ideas about sending the freed slaves back to Africa, because he--and a lot of other black and white men at the time--had serious doubts that the former slaves might be happy as American citizens. Maybe he knew something we don't know.

5). A lot of innocent southern white people who might never have even owned slaves or who tried to treat their slaves with some degree of humanity lost everything they had in the war by the scorched earth Union tactics (a necessity, to be sure) or the imposed "new justice" of Reconstruction.

We all know that after Reconstruction the Jim Crow phenomenon grew in the Southern States--no argument and no excuse for it. However, jumping to more recent history...

The martyrdom of Dr. King marked a turning point in American race relations. He made white America look at itself and look they did. Since his death in 1968, there has been a virtual revolution in race relations in America. It didn't happen overnight, but doors began to open that had never opened before and white people, even hardened segregationists like George Wallace and Lester Maddox, actually dared to change their attitudes. Unfortunately, this is where the problems for white people and THEIR suffering start to escalate.

Jerome Merwick said...

Part II

All the way up to the early 60's most black people lived in somewhat stable families with a mother and father. Distrust of white people was (rightfully) a part of their culture. After Johnson's Great Society came in to play, that distrust morphed into a hardened hatred for white people and the black nuclear family collapsed. Dangerous parts of the inner cities soon became the DEADLY parts of the inner city. King, who preached that hatred can only be overcome with love was memorialized with hatred, violence and destruction. The love of the nuclear family gave way to the degradation and lust of "Baby Mamas" and "Baby Daddies". White people fled to the suburbs for their own safety and to protect what they invested in their businesses. And while all of this was happening, almost every administration we had continued to scold white people for how bigoted they apparently were and the new vocation of "race hustling" was fine-tuned by people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Angela Davis, the NAACP and the SPLC.

By 2021 about 47 million Americans identified as black. That's slightly less than 14 percent of our population, but boy, do they hold sway. More and more police departments and prosecutors are looking the other way as they prey upon white people. States like California, already overtaxed beyond reason are passing reparation payments and the black leaders are already saying that $300,000 per person isn't enough. And a large number of white Americans are utterlly unrelated to anyone who ever owned slaves. Good luck with that. BLM has a license to steal and destroy. When white kids bully, ,the hate crime police are at the ready. When black kids bully, it's "justifiable". More black people are killed by each other than any other ethnic group, but let ONE WHITE PERSON kill or injure a black person and the rage and destruction reaches a fever pitch and our idiotic media feeds it.

I teach. I try to inspire young black people to prove racist white people wrong and take advantage of their education. 95% of the time, they are too busy listening to rap in their earbuds and speaking to each other in an unintelligible tongue laced with lots of cuss words. When students are caught engaging in sex acts in the restrooms, it can almost be guaranteed it will be black students. They are unfathered and undisciplined and white America didn't make them this way. Through human agency, they made their choices.

White (and Asian) Americans have MORE than made reparation for the sins of slavery and are still paying for it. Giving license to legitimacy, rage, hatred, destruction, and publicly indulged vice and stupidity does not correct the past. But it helps create a future that will only get worse and, as it stands now, the only solution is, "blame whitey" and "get whitey".

None of my ancestors were even IN America during slavery. Slavery was horrible. Slavery was despicable. Equally despicable is the radical dishonesty of trying to "equalize" racial disparity in America by vilifying all white people.

Paul said...

Fr K,

If the USA has been and still is such a terribly racist oppressive nation, why have millions of people, for over a 100 years to the present, from dozens of different countries, chosen to migrate to the USA?

If what modern critical race theorists say is true, ie that the USA is a systemically racist nation, with millions of white Americans socialised through discourses (ways of talking about things) to believe and act on their claimed racial superiority and their racial biases, and white Americans have created a system that is structurally unfair to racial minorities etc …..just HOW does that explain the great success of MANY Jews and Asians over a 100 years in this allegedly racist and structurally unfair system? ; and why do Indian-American individuals (people of colour) and their families have above average incomes in the USA?

Jerome Merwick said...

Which brings me to my final point:

I grew up in the 60's and 60's and was fed a steady diet of white guilt.

By the 1980's a lot of Americans thought things had changed for the better, myself included, when it came to race relations. That doesn't mean the problem was fixed, it just means it was a LOT better. Or so we thought.

After electing a black man for president (I wish someone could convincingly explain what great things he did for America's black population besides remind everyone that he was black) it seemed that there was no limit to what black people could achieve in America. Oh, how wrong we were!

We forgot that there was no limit to the rage and unbridled hatred that an ignorant, unsupervised childhood fed by institutionalized race-baiting and whitey-blaming could stoke. And stoke they did!

Let's look at it this way:

Let's say a married man cheats on his wife and she threatens divorce. They go for marriage counseling and decide to stay together. The man stops cheating.

However, the wife cannot move on. She WILL not move on. At every possible opportunity, she reminds her husband of his sins and rubs his nose in his infidelity and just wallows in making him feel guilty.

Such a marriage has no chance of surviving.

And so it is with black and white America. I don't know one white American who isn't ashamed of slavery. I don't know one white American who would want to see slavery revived. But black America and the race-hustlers and media they have decided to listen to will not forgive, will not forget and will not shut up about it and insist on blaming, guilting and rubbing white America's nose in its past sins.

No doubt some will point to racially-motivated crimes committed by white people today. Good! If they're REALLY honest, let's compare that to the racially-motivated crimes committed by black people. They don't dare touch that.

America's racial "marriage" is in serious trouble.

If we want America to fail as a racially diverse country, then, by all means, let's keep blaming whitey. Let's keep hating whitey. And when black people commit crimes, let's never forget to say it's whitey's fault and let them off the hook. After all, it's "only fair"...right?


Paul said...

Fr K,

Strange how Wikipedia and other sites have pages and pages on:

For example,

Racism in the middle east.
Racism in China.
Racism in Japan.
Racism in Libya.
Racism in Sudan.
Racism in Ukraine.
Racism in Cuba.
Racism in Zimbabwe.
Racism in Chile.
Racism in the Arab world...

And on and on....

It is similar with the issue of slavery.
Millions of Americans of all races know about the trans Atlantic slave trade.

But not one in a hundred knows of the centuries longer Arab slave trade in Africa; and the trans Saharan slave trade...which involved, for centuries even before Europeans reached Africa, Africans enslaving Africans....and Arabs enslaving both Africans and white Europeans, especially Slavic peoples...

And probably not one in a thousand knows that for 3 centuries -until the early 19th century - Muslim sailors and slavers from North Africa raided coastal areas of western Europe, capturing and enslaving white Europeans...

I wonder why that is?

Paul said...

“Modern Woke Social Justice approaches that focus SOLELY on group identity and neglect individuality and universality are doomed to failure for the simple reason that people are individuals and share a common human nature. Identity politics is not a path to empowerment. There is no “unique voice of colour” or of women or of gay people or trans people or disabled people. Even a relatively small random sample drawn from any of these groups will reveal widely varying individual views and different life experiences……

Modern Woke Social Justice scholarship and activism is also constrained by its social constructivist views, often called “blank slatism” .This leads many scholars and activists to deny the possibility of a universal human nature, a denial that makes empathy between groups very difficult. This denial does not bode well for minority groups, and this view was not shared by Martin Luther King Jr……his overall message was liberal, individual and universal and it succeeded by appealing to empathy and fairness…..Dr King appealed to white Americans pride I’m their country as a land of opportunity and their sense of fairness, and making common cause with them in their hopes for the next generation. He called upon their empathy and stressed their shared humanity. Had he, like Robin DiAngelo and others in our times, asked white Americans to be “a little less white, which means a little less oppressive, oblivious, defensive, ignorant and arrogant “ would this have had the same effect? I think not……

….By seeking to divide humans into marginalised identity groups and their oppressors, Woke Social Justice activists risk fuelling our worse tendencies - our tribalism and vengefulness. This cannot work out well for women, or for minority groups, or for society as a whole…”

By Helen Pluckrose “Cynical Theories”.

rcg said...

Jerome, I basically agree with and am gravely concerned about this situation. There appears to be an investment in antagonizing our people to economic and political gain. Black folks, and any other Balkanized social group, are pushed to the edges of society and forced to dwell forever on that cusp so that they feel excluded more acutely than merely different. This is a very foolish and dangerous game that is gaining energy with every election cycle. It is very similar to the bomb our Church leaders have built, even if with different ingredients. Prayer is the key, but commitment and action will be needed.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

The race card was cancelled when Obama was elected president yet cheap race hustlers like Al Sharpton are still making money off of simpletons who buy into it, i. e, guilt ridden White liberals who live as far away from them as they can get. The demand for White Supremacists far exceeds the supply. It is a permanent stain on the national media that this fraudster and tax scofflaw Sharpton is featured on Television.

Since St. Floyd of Fentanyl’s death the media and advertisers have gone into overdrive slobbering over Blacks. My European friends comment on this frequently. The tragedy of this is that Blacks are worse off in Democratic controlled cities than in any other environment. There is an epidemic of Black on Black crime yet Soros bought and paid for DAs let hardened criminals with long rap sheets back on the streets to wreak further havoc in the Black communities. So until the Democratic leadership decides to change how it runs these cities nothing will change. A recent example was Lori Lightfoot getting kicked to the curb by Chicago voters. She attributed her loss to being Black and a woman (at least she still identifies as a woman). Pathetic.

Most of my Black friends have abandoned Chicago for safer places. One moved to Mississippi and she told me Chicago was racist and she frankly has not encountered any there at this point but I am certain some cheap race hustlers will manufacture something. There newest outrage is that jockey’s helmets are “racist” because dreadlocks don’t fit!!!

One of the great ironies of the Left in America, is that segregation is back in style on university campuses and elsewhere. The more things change. So maybe George Wallace and Senator Robert Byrd will be “uncanceled.”