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Praytell published a study and this is what they quoted:


December 2022, the Wall Street Journal ran a story under the headline U.S. Catholic Priests Are Increasingly Conservative as Faithful Grow More Liberal: Almost half of young clergy in a survey disapprove of the liberalizing Pope Francis.” Citing ongoing research by the Austin Institute via the Survey of American Catholic Priests, the Journal reports:

younger Catholic priests and priests ordained in more recent years tend to be noticeably more conservative than older priests on a host of issues, including politics, theology and moral teaching.

In contrast to this, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University found in 2021 that, among other figures,

thirty-five percent of millennial Catholics have considered leaving the church because of its teaching on LGBT issues.


I happen to believe that the laity are more liberal than celibate young clergy who were inspired by the clarity of the two previous popes. 

For the most part, I don’t think the laity, in general, are opposed to same sex marriage or all the combinations that lobbies are pushing that are in agreement with the LGBTQ++++ agenda. 

I don’t think the majority of the laity are opposed to married clergy of whatever sexual persuasion as the LGBTQ++++ articulates it. 

They aren’t opposed to what ever gender, in the LGBTQ++++ anthropology or its many aspects, being ordained to the priesthood and diaconate. 

And thus we see where most parishes and an aging clergy, not inspired by the last two popes or even by Humanae Vitae and Vatican II, have not embraced one iota of Vatican II or Humanae Vitae.

They don’t want a Catholic Church that is Vatican II and formed by Pope Paul VI and his Humane Vitae and rational against women’s ordination and the magisterial teachings of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI. 

The German synodal way is up these ill-formed Catholics craw. They like it and want it. 


rcg said...

It is a mistake that obstructs our efforts towards salvation to label particular vices or bad ideas as liberal or conservative. For example, people will tell you with a straight face that being one or the other is why they are not bigoted, but only dislike the correct sorts of people. A significant number of the Church hierarchy want to embrace their disordered sheep in the most intimate way and accompany their escort to full participation. This afflicts conservative and liberal alike. I believe it was Jerome of this board who noted the treachery of the mental health profession that declared sexual deviancy as normal. The ever growing acronym for sexual preferences attests to the hold those problems have on the people afflicted by them. They obsess on their desires 24/7/365 and constantly seek ways to find satisfaction. This addiction has emboldened the hierarchy to confront God and overrule Him in his own Church. They love their sin more than God and they know there is only one destination for them all, liberal or conservative.

Tom Makin said...

My wife and I are so upset with this Pope and his willingness to aid and abet the Germans and Cardinal McElroy. I have opined here many times that I truly believe this Pope wants everything the Germans are for and supports McElroy fully. Last night my wife actually said to me "maybe we should consider the SSPX". This church and this Pope are leaving us behind. I'm going on a retreat Holy Week and will be praying for clarity. I'm truly at a loss and with so few Bishops and Priests saying "NO", I imagine they are either too afraid to rock the boat OR are complicit. Where are the bishops? What aren't more speaking out and saying "Holy Father STOP THIS!!" What is happening??

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I would recommend staying calm and united in an orthodox parish in union with your bishop. Time is running out on this papacy. The next pope may not be so radical. But only Hod knows…

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

God, not Hod! Lord have mercy…

TJM said...

Well here is what the perverts of the German Synodal Way have come up with:

"Delegates of the German Synodal Way on Saturday overwhelmingly passed measures to change Church practices based on transgender ideology and to push the universal Church to ordain women to the sacramental diaconate.

The votes took place on the final day of the process’ concluding assembly, held in Frankfurt March 9-11. On previous days, delegates voted overwhelmingly to adopt same-sex blessings, normalize lay preaching, and ask Rome to “reexamine” the discipline of priestly celibacy."

If these clowns think this will revitalize the Church they are bonkers. They want Christ without the Cross

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Now you are asking for it! You will be deluged with non sequiturs and holy, holy, holies!

TJM said...

This is what passes for "rational discourse" among Democrats:

"Pro-life advocates have swiftly condemned Jane Fonda's "murder" comments while pro-choice groups have so far remained mum about the Oscar winner's suggestion that those opposing abortions should be taken out."

Of course Fonda was on The View, a gaggle of mindless leftwing women spewing hate and a token "conservative" who is not a conservative.

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."They don’t want a Catholic Church that is Vatican II and formed by Pope Paul VI and his Humane Vitae and rational against women’s ordination and the magisterial teachings of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI."

Father McDonald, you are, without question, correct.

In many ways, your above comment is related to that which many Catholics have been taught in regard to Vatican II.

That is, at the end of his Pontificate our holy, and great, Pope Benedict XVI had noted:

The fake Vatican II — the "Council of the media," (his term) — had, by far, been perceived throughout the Church as the real Council.

Pope Benedict XVI, 2013 A.D: "there was the Council of the Fathers – the real Council – but there was also the Council of the media. It was almost a Council apart, and the world perceived the Council through the latter, through the media."

"Thus, the Council that reached the people with immediate effect was that of the media, not that of the Fathers."

"We know that this Council of the media was accessible to everyone. Therefore, this was the dominant one, the more effective one..."


Let us recall that in 2013 A.D., the Council was 51 years old.

At that time, for more than half a century, our holy Popes had, in effect, fought a losing battle against the fake Council.

Consider that for 35 of those 51 years, the true Church had been governed, taught, and sanctified by holy Popes Saint John Paul II, as well as Benedict XVI. Said Popes had failed to have demonstrated to countless Catholics that the popular Council of the media was, in reality, the fake Council.

The implementation of the real Vatican II has remained for Rome a monumental struggle.

Therefore, it may be that many Catholics who have embraced the Council of the media — the false notions that are pegged to the fake Council — have acted in ignorance, rather than with evil intentions.

Anyway, we may have a long way to go before the true Council will outshine the Council of the media.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

A modest proposal: ditch all references to this failed Council and go back to a successful one - Trent. Trent and the Catechism is what will restore the Church. It is idiotic to keep beating a dead horse. Only a leftwing loon living in an alternate universe would keep slobbering over it. I lived in the pre-Conciliar Church which was stronger and did far more good than the present one. This is Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.