Thursday, March 30, 2023


 Google translate of a Spanish text:

Cardinal Müller describes the situation in the Church as "hour of the great tragedy"

 Cardinal Gerhard Müller describes the situation that has arisen in the Church with the Synodal Path in Germany as “the hour of the great tragedy”.  In an interview with the "Tagespost", the emeritus prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith affirms that the current Vatican authorities have underestimated the entire process and the "Furor teutonicus" from the beginning.

 03/30/23 12:38 PM

 (Die Tagespot/InfoCatólica) Cardinal Müller believes that historical parallels must be established:

 "During the Reformation, Rome was partly responsible for the apostasy of much of the Catholic Church throughout Northern Europe by doing nothing or doing it too late.  It is very regrettable that here the competent authorities have illusions about the German situation and do not fulfill their responsibility with sufficient vigor to be the eternal principle and foundation of the unity of the Church in the revealed truth of Christ.

 Hostile position taken by bishops and theologians

 The cardinal also told Die Tagespot about the global synodal process, in connection with which he declared in an interview on EWTN that a "hostile takeover" was taking place, that is, a kind of internal coup.  In the "Tagespost" he specifies:

 “Synodality is anchored in the practice of the Church.  Now the abstract concept of synodality becomes a principle of the Church.  One speaks then of a synodal Church.  Which is still strange, since the characteristics of the Church - united, holy, catholic, apostolic - appear in the Creed and cannot be multiplied arbitrarily."

 The "hostile takeover," according to Müller, is carried out by bishops and theologians "who no longer recognize the basic principles of the Catholic faith."

 Violation of the Constitution

 The cardinal casts a harsh judgment on the blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples decided by the Synodal Path in Germany: this decision is "invalid and heretical in its content" because it clearly "contradicts the revealed understanding of marriage and also natural anthropology, based on reason."

 But for Müller, the error occurred at the beginning of the Synodal Path: "Namely, when it was expressly declared that the decisions of the synodals are valid even if they violate the contents of the Catholic faith."  In secular terms, that would be a violation of the Constitution.  Formally, the synodal body does not act at the level of the Magisterium and, secondly, a part of the episcopal conference cannot represent the entire Magisterium of the Catholic Church.


Tom Makin said...

Francis MUST act!! Enough!!

Paul said...

Who would want to be a Catholic bishop or cardinal in 2023?

Especially, a Catholic bishop or cardinal with common sense, wisdom and a concern for the Church’s future.

To watch YouTube clips of a French priest imitating the actions, moves and mannerisms of a disco and/or rap-hip hop DJ during the Eucharistic Prayer; to watch an obese, late middle aged German Catholic priest with a base ball cap on at an angle, a thick rapper gold chain around his neck, bizarre robes or vestments, mincing his way around the altar hip hop rapping Catholic prayers (do these men have zero insight that young people only laugh at them; and most older Catholics are just deeply saddened ?!)……while they know about the harsh, strict restrictions being replaced on the TLM……and reading of new Mayan (or Aztec?) rites of Mass (and leaving aside probability of inclusion of pagan idolatry into Catholic liturgy) knowing introduction of such new rites will almost for certain increase not decrease the large numbers of Catholic people in Central and South America joining Protestant sects…..and compare the treatment of priests like Frs Altman and Pavone to the treatment of Jesuit Fr Rupnik (sp?)……To Paulist priests in the USA especially openly giving talks, sermons and retreats; and publishing articles etc so extreme and so pro LGBTIQ+2+++ that make Fr James Martin seem moderate and almost orthodox.

Strange days indeed!

TJM said...

I do not know the Canon law, but what if Cardinal Muller got the ball rolling by excommunicating some German bishops? It would certainly force Rome’s hand

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Off topic, but this article is a must read for you:

It talks about a certain generation's anti-liturgical obsession written by Archbishop Aguer

Anonymous said...

Paul, the priesthood has always had its share of wheat and chaff.

Consider the following from 2005 A.D:

Here is then-Cardinal Ratzinger's bleak, horrific assessment of the particular, the priesthood:

"How much filth there is in the Church, and even among those who, in the priesthood, ought to belong entirely to him!"

"How much pride, how much self-complacency! What little respect we pay to the Sacrament of Reconciliation..."

"Lord, your Church often seems like a boat about to sink, a boat taking in water on every side. In your field we see more weeds than wheat. The soiled garments and face of your Church throw us into confusion. Yet it is we ourselves who have soiled them! It is we who betray you time and time again..."


Paul, what is chilling is that after nearly 27 years of Pope Saint John Paul II's Pontificate, the above horrific description is the best that then-Cardinal offered in regard to the condition of the Church.

Despite then-Cardinal Ratzinger's horrific description of a Church in collapse, She has remained standing. There remain many holy Catholics...many holy priests.

We are blessed with fine examples of that Fathers McDonald, as well as Kavanaugh.

Paul, in 2023 A.D., there is every good reason as to why a man would desire to serve as a Cardinal, bishop, priest, deacon, religious...every good reason for each of us to be Catholic.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

And the Papacy has had its share of wheat and chaff: Borgias, Medicis, Bergoglio

Paul said...

Thanks, Mark.

I'd never before read those comments by Benedict.

Of course, you are correct, Mark, regarding the vast majority of Catholic priests.

I call recall many years ago in the seminary library there was a 100 plus journals on display with articles and photos of countless priests in many nations, especially third world nations, doing heroic service, achieving so much good - which the mainstream secular media ignores - and 99 per cent of average secular people in the West know nothing of...


Anonymous said...

In 2005 A.D., then-Cardinal Ratzinger noted the "filth" and "weeds" within the priesthood.

But on June 16, 2009 A.D., Pope Benedict XVI noted the "wheat" within the priesthood.



"Dear Brother Priests,

"The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus”, the saintly Curé of Ars would often say. This touching expression makes us reflect, first of all, with heartfelt gratitude on the immense gift which priests represent, not only for the Church, but also for humanity itself."

"I think of all those priests who quietly present Christ’s words and actions each day to the faithful and to the whole world, striving to be one with the Lord in their thoughts and their will, their sentiments and their style of life."

"How can I not pay tribute to their apostolic labours, their tireless and hidden service, their universal charity?"

"And how can I not praise the courageous fidelity of so many priests who, even amid difficulties and incomprehension, remain faithful to their vocation as “friends of Christ”, whom he has called by name, chosen and sent?

"I still treasure the memory of the first parish priest at whose side I exercised my ministry as a young priest: he left me an example of unreserved devotion to his pastoral duties, even to meeting his own death in the act of bringing viaticum to a gravely ill person."


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Paul, thank you for your response to my comment.

I appreciate your memory of having read numerous articles in regard to "countless priests in many nations, especially third world nations, doing heroic service, achieving so much good - which the mainstream secular media ignores - and 99 per cent of average secular people in the West know nothing of..."


Paul, have a blessed day.


Mark Thomas

Carter said...

Father, in what church was the cover photo taken? Is that a regular Mass there?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I saw it on the internet but can’t remember where. It isn’t in the Dioceses of Savannah or Charleston though.