Monday, August 8, 2022


 Father Patrick May, our diocesan vocation director, texted me last night to remind me of my erroneous assertion that yesterday’s TLM at Sacred Heart Church in Savannah was the first time since I was a young teenager that I attended this form of the Mass in the way a lay person does. 

In fact he celebrated the TLM at St. Anne’s chapel on June 29, 2019 shortly after his ordination. And yours truly attended and not in choir dress. I sat in the choir loft and took the photos of this Mass. 

So technically, I was distracted as I was the photographer for the Mass. I did not intentionally lie, so to speak. 

And yes, Father May, now that you remind me, your first TLM was memorable!  

You can read the June 29, 2019 post here.


TJM said...

Interesting that the young vocations director can celebrate the TLM. After this horrific papacy ends, I suspect he will be doing so again.

Sophia said...

Sophia here: Hi TJM. Fr. May is allowed to say the Latin Mass at St. Joseph (Macon) until it ends in May 2023.

TJM said...


Thanks. Maybe by then a charitable and kind man will be Pope and Father May can continue saying it!

rcg said...

On the other hand, Fr., you can hide your own Easter eggs.

John Nolan said...

The best way for a layman to engage with Low Mass in the older rite is to serve it. I learned to do so, aged eight, in 1959. I stopped serving in 1967 when I was sixteen. By then the Mass had changed out of all recognition and the server had little to do.