Wednesday, August 17, 2022



From Rorate Caeli (press title):

“The Mass Is Not Ended” — A Review-Essay by Cleto Moroni

Sound byte:

Today, Siccardi says, no one can claim anymore that this is a rite linked to the “nostalgia” of past generations, who in their youth had experienced the “ancient” liturgy. The elders of our days are rather those of the upheaval of the Second Vatican Council and the liturgical revolution, those who continue to persecute “that Mass,” around whose altar belltowers, basilicas, shrines, monasteries, abbeys, and cathedrals rose up. Vatican II is the only Council in history that did not convene to condemn theological and doctrinal errors but to open itself to the world, to the “distant,” to Protestants. It is certainly no coincidence that the first document of a gathering that focused on ecumenism was the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Sacrosanctum Concilium, where the first paragraph reads: “The sacred Council proposes to make Christian life among the faithful grow daily more intense; to better adapt to the needs of our time those institutions which are subject to change.” The objective thus signaled has failed resoundingly because the premises were fallacious and erroneous. For this reason, as statistics mercilessly point out, seminaries are closing; parishes are being amalgamated; already dioceses (like that of Cefalú) are entrusting parishes to groups of lay people. Thus, while churches, especially in Europe, are emptying and being sold off more and more, those of the traditional kind are vital and thriving.


TJM said...

Trent was wildly successful, Vatican II wildly unsuccessful, yet the geriatrics are still in denial

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, Rorate Caeli, as well as Peter Kwasniewski, have promoted the horrific liturgical war-mongering article in question.

The article in question has confirmed Summorum Pontificum's failure (it's not Pope Benedict XVI's fault) to have established liturgical peace among those who have weaponized the TLM.

Said article referenced in positive fashion Pope Benedict XVI/Summorum Pontificum.

The article then promoted one point after another that attacked Pope Benedict XVI's pro-liturgical peace teachings.

-- The article, in defiance of Pope Benedict XVI, attacked Vatican II.

-- The article, in defiance of Pope Benedict XVI, attacked the Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI.

-- The article, in defiance of Pope Benedict XVI, pitted the TLM against the Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI.

-- The article, in defiance of Pope Benedict XVI, presented the Novus Ordo as an inferior liturgy that has broken with liturgical tradition.

Pope Benedict XVI declared:

"There is no contradiction between the two editions of the Roman Missal. In the history of the liturgy there is growth and progress, but no rupture."

In defiance of Pope Benedict XVI, the article in question has rejected the above.

The article in question proceeds downhill from there...attacking the Council...misrepresenting the Holy Ghost-inspired/guided liturgical reform...denouncing the Holy Mass of Saint Paul VI...pitting the TLM against the Holy Mass of Saint Paul VI...waging liturgical war...the total rejection of Pope Benedict XVI's effort to end the Latin Church's Liturgical War.

But then, Rorate Caeli, as well as Peter Kwasniewski, who presented the article, are radtrad liturgical warmongers.

Therefore, is is not surprising that said folks promoted an horrific liturgical warmongering article — anti-Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI — that performed Satan's work.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

Your Golden Calf, Pope Francis, declared liturgical war on faithful Catholics. You live in an Alice in Wonderland World. Are you going to have a meltdown when a genuinely Catholic Pope undoes PFs disasters and revoked his ultra vires decrees?

Jerome Merwick said...


I know I'm repeating myself, but Francis' "declaration of war" is just a false front for an admission of defeat.

He doesn't have the authority to end this Mass. He doesn't have the intellectual goods to defend his edicts. All he has is his temporary hold on the reins of authority and it's not going to last.

Yeah, a few wimpy bishops are going to let it die for a while in their diocese, but this Mass ISN'T over. Time is not on their side. Truth is not on their side. And the preference of Catholics who actually know their faith isn't on their side either.

It's NEVER going to be over.