Friday, June 19, 2015


 This was produced toward the end of April and shown in early May on a public access cable station. It was filmed on Mercer University's campus:

As soon as I posted the video above, I read the Macon Telegraph on line and its Letters to the Editor.
We Catholics are now being called WACOS! What a great acronym! I don't know who Daniel Lee is. Read on for your edification:

Rename the party

Daniel Lee, the WASP, has a problem. Many of the people running for president on the Republican ticket are Roman Catholic, including Jeb Bush. Lee and his WASPs had better get busy untarnishing the WASP Party. If any of these folks win they will probably reserve a room at the White house for the pope. This will mean we will have to rename the Republican Party the WACO party, (White American Catholic Organization).

-- Alfred J. Graham

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Thanks, for this video, Father, I have listened to part and will listen to the rest over the next couple of days. From what I have listened to so far I thought you put the issues in a good non-judgmental way but without giving way on doctrine.

I also happened to look at a couple of your articles in your newsletters 14 and 21 June. I thought that what you say there, as regards the Blessed Sacrament and on marriage, were very good and I think they warrant a post all of their own. I wish that priests in my diocese would have the courage to address such issues like this in the no-nonsense practical manner that you have because the laity needs this type of sound guidance from their priests.


WSquared said...

Fr. McDonald, unless I'm reading this wrongly, and I really, sincerely hope that I am, I'm not sure the idea of renaming the Republican party the White American Catholic Organization would be good for the Catholic Church in America. Not unless those white American Catholics who would think it a good idea want to appear racist to their opponents, who will have a field day. For the love of God, why make it easy for them?

Some of us who are staunchly Catholic, orthodox, and do our best to be Catholic first before anything else (and yes, some of us love the Extraordinary Form, too) aren't white and we don't wish we were. And we aren't Republicans or Democrats, either. Being neither white, nor Anglo-Saxon, nor Protestant, I mean no-one any disrespect and I am not being uncharitable when I say that do not wish to "fit in" on those terms, simply for being none of those things.

Moreover, Catholic-flavored WASP-iness has arguably hurt the Church's message enough already, especially regarding those Catholic families who are only nominally Catholic. White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, which cast a long shadow in American history is antithetical to Catholicism's global, cosmopolitan reach and appeal as well as Catholic theology and spirituality. Being White and American before one is Catholic would presume to redefine Catholicism along those lines and compromise the Church's mission to "be in the world, but not of it." I am a Catholic, because the Catholic Church is "here comes everybody," and because the true welcome in any Catholic church is the Real Presence: Christ Himself. Because of Christ, we can neither fit in nor flee from the world.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing this interview, Father. I think you clearly articulated some of the issues we face in society today, and it was good you were able to address these to a wider audience. I especially thought your defense of our right as Catholics to speak in the public square was well said. And I really liked the discussion of St. Thomas More and his relevance to the choices we also must make today given the political and social climate. You did a great job. Thanks for posting it.