Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The problem with the Liturgy since Vatican II isn't the pre-Vatican II, so called, unreformed Mass; it is the post-Vatican II reformed Mass that leads to this kind of nonsense all over the world. Are there any bishops, including this Italian priest's bishop, reprimanding this kind of nonsense? But if a priest dares to use ad orientem, ornate Roman vestments, intinction or allow people to kneel for Holy Communion, watch out!

Che simpatico prete...

Posted by Aurelio Gentile on Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Angry Augustinian said...

I would bet he's also gay.

Servimus Unum Deum said...

If my priest did this at a wedding mass I'd go to his face, turn off the music player, yell and scream at him, and then write a very stern letter to his bishop, ccd to the Nuncio and the dicastery for sacraments in Rome For ruining my wedding day.

Rood Screen said...

Yes, any kind of nonsense by the celebrant is fine, with no consequences. But any traditional use of the reformed Mass is practically prohibited.

Anonymous said...

And Cardinal Burke is the problem?!

Where to begin?

Clericalism, extreme liturgical abuse, effeminate behavior, scandalous, stupid and the list goes on. Christ died on the cross for what...this? And those silly people enjoying this display. But let a priest dare to wear a fiddleback, say Mass facing the East and use a communion rail, and actually preach and uphold publicly the Catholic Faith......what would be the reaction of those people? I would guess they would cause the priest of not being merciful and elitist and hateful.

And at a time like this (a decade of shameful, sinful, evil, criminal behavior by members of the clergy) we are cursed with a person like this acting in persona Christi, we also have the pope that we have. We deserve not only the pope we have but disgusting displays like an effeminate priest doing a drag show at the altar because as a Church we have denied Christ just like Peter. And we haven't had any remorse or asked for forgiveness. Maybe the disaster that is the Church in 2015 is like a rotting house. The paint begins to peel, the walls crumble. It's so bad that the roof has to come crashing down before the rebuilding can begin.

And still not a word from Francis about what happened in Ireland. His silence is deafening. When does the encyclical on saving trees come out?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

He's Italian, and we should be grateful for the congregation's active participation as vatican ii envisioned it.

Anonymous said...

What a flamer....

Cletus Ordo said...

I have seen priests acting silly at Mass before, but this is beyond the pale…or is it? If you look at any of the videos of the Los Angeles "Eucharistic Congress" (what a misnomer) from the last couple of years you will see priests and bishops dancing down the aisle as they enter for Mass. Yes. That too is beyond the pale.

When we come to Mass we come to something so Holy, so Solemn, so Incredible. We witness again the death and resurrection of the Son of God, in an unbloody manner. We are completely unworthy, yet He, in His mercy asks us to be there and wants to feed our souls because He loves us completely in our unworthiness. We offend, He forgives.

You would think that given the situation man has created and the great act the God has done to remedy this situation, and that given the gravity of what we witness at Mass we would approach Him with the correct attitude. You would think.

Can you picture the 12 apostles and Mary DANCING and SINGING pop songs at the foot of the cross?

I have seen the Novus Ordo Mass celebrated appropriately. Unfortunately, it is too often the exception rather than the rule. This is just plain revolting. I do not have words to express how sick and tired I am of this kind of abuse.

Anonymous said...

Look at the laity: They smile with approval. They join in the clapping. Especially the older women who were raised to know better. These are the enablers of this kind of abuse. Our parishes are filled with enablers. So are many chanceries.

Cletus Ordo said...


If you wrote your local bishop, he would probably ignore your letter, or send you a letter defending the priest (he would then warn the priest about you, labeling you as some sort of dangerous fanatic). If you complained to the Nuncio, your letter would be copied and sent to your local bishop, who would ignore it and file it. If you wrote the Dicastery in Rome, you would be sending your complaint into a black hole.

The Church is the One, True Church founded by Jesus Christ, but it is in a state of dysfunction that boggles the mind. But remember, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.

Mark said...

<<<"When does the encyclical on saving trees come out?">>>

I don't have a problem Pope Francis having composed said Encyclical. As a Catholic who favors the Traditional Roman Mass and Holy Tradition, I very much recognize Pope Francis' Social Teaching as being in line with Tradition.

My attachment to the Church and Her Holy Tradition compels me to be, if you will, a "tree hugger". I practice organic gardening and am very much an environmentalist.

There also isn't any reason as to why His Holiness Pope Francis should not issue said Encyclical.

For example, during the height of World War II, Pope Venerable Pius XII issued various speeches and documents that were not related to the daily pressing events of said war.

That said, I believe that an Encyclical related to liturgy has been much-needed for decades within the Church.

His Holiness Pope Francis must continue "the good work in the liturgy begun by Pope Benedict XVI". A great way to help with that task is via an Encyclical that promotes the Church's authentic liturgical Tradition.

We need Pope Francis to call major attention to the reality that the (Latin) Church's liturgy has collapsed and is in dire need of repair along the line of Holy Tradition.

Mark Thomas

Mark said...

Cletus Ordo said..."I have seen the Novus Ordo Mass celebrated appropriately."

Cletus, Father made that point six days ago when he employed the phrase "when properly celebrated" in regard to the Novus Ordo.

As I replied to Father, the problem with the phrase "celebrated appropriately" or "celebrated properly" is the following:

The Novus Ordo may be "celebrated properly" in various ways. There are Novus Ordo Masses that feature Church-approved ugly vestments, altar girls, Communion received in the hand while standing, various musical instruments, "spirit-filled" ummm..."commotion"..., readings in various languages...

...think of Papal Masses that have included Italian, Latin, and readings and Prayers of the Faithful in one language after another (Tower of Babel) "instructional" comment after another from the "presider"...

The Church even permits non-Catholics to offer readings during Mass."

The question is...what is the proper way to celebrate the Novus Ordo?

The Novus Ordo may be celebrated the uplifting manner in which Father offers said Mass. Conversely, as I had noted above, the Novus Ordo may be celebrated with ugly vestments, guitars, drums...altar girls...Communion in the hand...all with Church approval.

That is one of the major problems that exists with the Novus Ordo. From parish to parish, even within a parish, the Novus Ordo is celebrated "properly" in ways that differ dramatically.

Oh...and then we have Church-approved Masses that are flavored differently according to the practice of "inculturation".

Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

Julian Barkin,

Do you have any idea of how many letters have been written about two parishes and the goings on in our own Archdiocese? Hundreds and hundreds with no responses and no action. One parish, it is doubtful that the Mass is even valid based upon the Pastor's own verbal and written work on the Eucharist, much of it in the parish bulletin. You need to go a long way to invalidate the sacraments, but if his "negative intention" matches his public comments and emails to dozens of people then there may be no valid Eucharist. In the other, in the space of one year, a rebuilt "Reform of the Reform" renewal shaped over years has been totally ripped out leaving the people in disarray. Many of these were refugees from the other.

Hundreds of letters, I have many of them sent to me - and no answer or no action.

Cletus Ordo said...

Vox Cantoris:

No answer? No Action?

No surprise.