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People of confused sexuality are changing their sex from that which was "assigned" to them at birth to something else to include new, unheard of categories. This may well be codified in law by the Biden administration's lobbying efforts. 

However, would this, by reason of logic, also apply to race? Certainly, through the art of tattooing a person's pigmentation can be changed to almost any color.

Can a person "assigned at birth" black or white, or red or yellow or any other color, choose to change their race? Isn't this the logic of sexual reassignment legitimately applied to race reassignment?  


Anonymous said...

People have been self-identifying in false races for years. Look at Warren, and quite a few others of late in the news, and these are only the ones dredged up by media, and tip of an iceberg.

I know my career would have been far better had I identified as a black, female, disabled American veteran where points added to employment scores for every one of those.

If I had it to do all over again, I would apply as a koala.

Anonymous said...

Not to be flippant, but why is this important enough for a post here?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

To show the hypocrisy of virtue signaling of the pagan secular religion who condones enabling people to choose their gender and even undergoing surgery and hormonal treatment to do so but they would not condone race change from that which was assigned at birth.

The whole thing being shoved down our throats in terms of gender ideology is just as fallacious as my truth about how to spell the English language.

Anonymous said...

Fr Allan,

I can really recommend “Cynical Theories” by James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose, which I have recently read twice.

From page 217 of this book:

In recent years the scholar Rebecca Tuvel wrote a paper for the feminist philosophy giant Hypatia exploring parallels between transracial and transgender identities and advocating transracial identity statuses......

.”However, for Theory, race and gender are profoundly different. To claim transgender status, for Queer Theory, is to break down the categories of sex and gender, which are social constructs and which are Theorised to constrain people, BUT to claim a transracial identity, as we know from critical race Theory, would be to ignore the social significance of race and to make an illegitimate claim to a lived experience of oppression. This is seen as speaking over and erasing people of color ......”

Tuvel , an untenured assistant professor, paid a big price for this misstep. Not only was her paper retracted but she was subject to a vicious witch-hunt. Her colleagues publicly blasted her for her insensitivity - even though some privately admitted they secretly agreed with her.

Anonymous said...

“Cynical Theories” by H Pluckrose and J Lindsay - How Universities Made Everything about Race, Gender and Identity - and Why This Harms Everybody.

Have you heard that language is violence and that science is sexist and mathematics is racist? Or been told that there is no such thing as biological sex, or that only white people can be racist? Are you nonplussed by the surge of Wokery, social justice warfare, intersectionality and identity politics that has spilled out of academia and inundated other spheres of life? Also, that knowledge is a social construct and Western science and reason are tools of oppression etc?

This book documents the evolution of the dogmas behind these ideas and exposes the shallow intellectual roots of movements that appear to be engulfing our culture and are now presenting a threat to liberal democracy itself.

Anonymous said...

Here are two articles that take your argument from hypothesis to reality. I came across them while searching Rachel Dotezel. The second is the more interesting. I also wondered about the Klinger gambit and how that character would be played in the Iraq wars instead of the Korean War. With the ways laws are changing, your discussion is not frivolous:!%23:~:text=White%20Couple%20Who%20%27Identify%20As%20Black%27%20Claim%20Their,they%20will%20be%20Black.%20Published%20January%2022%2C%202019

Anonymous said...

A lot of these “dogmas” come from the works of the massively influential Michel Foucault (1926-1984) ; in 2007, Foucault was listed as the single most cited scholar in the humanities. Here are some basics:

Foucault inflated a small, almost banal kernel of truth - that we are limited in our ability to know and must express knowledge through language, concepts and categories - to insist that all claims to truth are value-laden constructs of culture.

While he might at times acknowledge that objective reality exists, he encouraged people to focus on the many barriers to knowing that reality by examining cultural biases and assumptions .......especially the biases and assumptions of white, western, heterosexual males.
For Foucault, sociopolitical power is the ultimate determiner of what is true, not correspondence with reality.

Foucault argued against objective notions of truth and suggests we think instead in terms of “regimes of truth”, which change according to the specific episteme of each culture and time.....he adopted the position that there are no fundamental principles by which to discover truth and that all knowledge is “local” to the knower.......he did not deny that a reality exists, but he seriously doubted the ability of humans to ever transcend their cultural biases enough to get at it...

This is not a reasoned skepticism but a radical skepticism. It says : all knowledge is constructed: what is interesting and important is theorising why knowledge got constructed this way.....Foucault, and other postmodernists, regarded knowledge as provincial and intrinsically political.

For Foucault, power is not exercised straightforwardly and visibly from above, as in the Marxist framework, but permeates all levels of society and is enforced by everyone, through routine interactions, expectations, social conditioning and culturally constructed discourses (ways of talking about things) that express a particular (racist, sexist and homophobic) understanding of the world.

What is VERY important to those who follow Foucault’s beliefs is the blurring of boundaries. Radical skepticism as to the possibility of objective truth and knowledge, combined with a belief in cultural constructivism in the service of power, results in a suspicion of all the boundaries and categories that previous thinkers widely accepted as true. These include not only the boundaries between objective and subjective, and between truth and belief, but also between science and the arts, the natural and the artificial, high culture and low culture AND ALSO between different understandings of sexuality and gender.

This “dictatorship of relativism” is what Pope Benedict has strongly opposed and spoken against.

Anonymous said...

In Victoria, Australia, the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill breezed through parliament last December.

This bill is an overt attack on religious freedom and parental authority. It makes it a criminal act to question or challenge a child's decision to change gender and casts the net wide enough to capture priests, pastors, teachers or parents. Outlawed acts include "carrying out a religious based practice, including but not limited, to a prayer based practice." The government in this large Australian state gives itself, without embarrassment, the the right to decide what you can and can't pray for.

Under a Biden Harris administration I can imagine similar legislation being introduced in the USA.

George said...

God created the universe which contains absolute values and physical constants and properties. Without these it would be difficult for man to discover anything about reality since everything in existence would be in flux with no constant, consistent,and verifiable values to rely on as a reference frame. The electronic devices we use to communicate with and rely on for information, work on physical principles without which they would not function. If a person were to fall off of a tall building, that person's body would have no choice but to obey the law of gravity and in a very abrupt way face the truth of objective reality. Our physical bodies rely on biological principles of operation which would bring about sickness and even death if something were to intervene and impede their functioning

Like the laws and constants of the Universe, there exists objective truth revealed by our Creator which is not subject to opinion, dispute or arbitration. These laws constitute a true reference frame and guide whose purpose is to govern the behavior of men who, having the gift of free will, can, with a corrupted intellect and darkened spiritual condition, misuse that gift to disobey God's laws and mislead others. Everything holds together only as long as we accept, acknowledge, and obey our Creators pre-ordained laws and His created order of all things. When man moves away from God who is the Source of the over-arching transcendent principles and laws which apply to all men, then what follows is a corruption and dysfunction of institutions which are necessary for the proper functioning of a just society.

Anonymous said...


The problem is that for the past approx. 50 years, millions of students in Western universities, including young Catholics, have been strongly influenced by the views of postmodern thinkers like Foucault, Derrida and Richard Rorty, who wrote “We need to make a distinction between the claim that the world is out there and the claim that the truth is out there.”
These students have been taught that there are no absolute truths and there is no fixed human nature and what we think of as reality is always and only a manufactured reality; that there are in fact as many “realities” out there as there are ideologies which construct them.
For decades now in the West, university students have been taught that in our western societies so-called “truths” about the world are often merely the ideological assertions of the patriarchal corporate state.

George said...

The statement that there are no absolute truths is a contradiction since it can't itself be true.
When reality is "manufactured" all kinds of "realities"can result. Which is a problem when the acceptance of the false philosophies and teachings in so much fashion today becomes more and more resident in our society. Those who embrace these things are wise in their own eyes, but deceive themselves in what for them passes as wisdom, and are caught in the snare of their own deception,convicted of things which have little or no basis in truth.
It is to me no accident that this is taking place and happening coincident with the weakening of religious faith, the subsequent diminishment of institutional religion, and the rise in atheism,agnosticism, the occult, and neo-paganism.

Sophia said...

Sophia here: Excellent job, George!