Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Jordan Spieth is everyone's son, grandson and brother. Given his age and affable personality, people want to protect him or at least most do.

Thus when 22 year old Jordan's collapse at the Masters, described by some as "the most shocking in golf history" and Jordan knowing this had a bit of a melt down on the course in front of millions around the world, meaning he started to cry, the Augusta National asked CBS not to show is face front-on and they complied. The Augusta National wanted to offer this young man some privacy in an undignified moment.

Nor did Augusta want CBS to continue to show in endless replays Jordan's emotional breakdown. CBS complied with that as well!

Normally, the media likes these kinds of moments. Reporters pride themselves into goading victims of accidents, storms and other tragedies into crying. Getting someone emotional on screen is good TV.

Kudos to the Augusta National and CBS for complying with allowing this young man some dignity in a horrible international moment for him

And poor Englishman Danny Willett, a class act himself, hardly gets his due as the Master's winner for the only thing discussed is the loser's "collapse at the Masters the most shocking in golf history!"

Jordan graduated from Jesuit High in Dallas and is a Catholic from what I understand.

Celebrity and exotic wealth can create monsters. Maybe our Lord chastened Jordan to prevent that from happening to this fine young man!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if he made Mass this past Sunday at Augusta? He was not scheduled to tee off until 245 that afternoon, so he could have easily made St. Marys on the Hill just 2 or so miles away on Monte Sano Avenue or a bit farther, the site of Augusta's future diocesan cathedral, Holy Trinity, on Telfair Street? I suspect though he would have been easily recognized at either parish---if he did not attend Mass last Sunday (as I suspect was more likely)...well, maybe some chastisement from the Almighty?!? Wonder also if this is the first time a priest's son has ever won the Masters (Willett's father is an Anglican priest, I believe somewhere around Sheffield in England).

gob said...

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gob said...

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