Saturday, April 16, 2016


Thank God Pope Francis has made the immigration problem all over the world a centerpiece of his papacy in this time. The secular world and its evil politics turns the other way. The Catholic Church's position on this with Pope Francis leading the way should make all Catholics proud and spur us on to a counter cultural, counter political practice as the Pope leads us.

The other thing that is extremely important is the ongoing enhancement of the relationship of the Catholic Church with the Greek Orthodox. This should not be underestimated in importance!


Anonymous said...

Well let me be the first to say it is very sad to see all of these people looking to escape the terror of Islamic murderers, but they themselves are Muslims and their faith embraces that way of life. At birth they are taught to hate the Jews, Christians and all infidel's, this is a fact and nobody can dispute this. Having said that, looking at the these Muslims on the Island of Lesbos the affection they give the Pope is astounding! Folks these Muslims are looking for the True Faith, they no nothing else but the falsehood of Islam, we should be preaching the Holy Faith to them. Now my beef with the Pope is why oh why did he not go to Iraq, Syria, Egypt and bring home Chaldean Catholics or Maronite Catholics to the Vatican????

Anonymous said...

I agree with the prior post about not bringing home Catholic Arabs and Assyrian Catholics and yes even our brothers in Egypt the Copts who have been under extreme persecution for years now. And I agree these people are looking for freedom and the Christian faith, in the Archdiocese of Vienna 84% of the converts to Catholicism are former Muslims, now if they are sincere or not who knows, but I would rather have them discover the Holy Faith and leave the religion of hate and murder. P.S. I too found the affection of the Muslims kissing the hand of the Holy Father and crying when they met him really shows they are in need of a new life with Jesus Christ and the Holy Gospel very profound in their actions.

Anonymous 2 said...


Or could it conceivably be that through their eyes they see in Pope Francis someone who represents true Islam and is more authentically Muslim than many who call themselves Muslims and have hijacked the religion for their own extremist purposes? In other words, could it be that they see in the Pope a holy man who has submitted to the will of God, which is the essence of Islam?