Monday, April 11, 2016


Some believe that Pope Francis is too liberal with people who disagree with certain aspects of the Church. Here's even more proof reported by Mark Thomas:

Bishop Fellay has offered the following information in regard to his meeting last week with His Holiness Pope Francis:

-- Pope Francis will never condemn the SSPX.

-- Pope Francis insisted that the Society is Catholic.

-- Pope Francis will extend beyond the Holy Year his recognition of the SSPX's administration of the Holy Sacrament of Penance.

-- Bishop Fellay has been encouraged to establish a seminary in Italy. 


Anonymous said...

If this report is true then this is wonderful news for the whole Church. Hopefully Bishop Fellay will be named a cardinal, all priests are given faculties, the SSPX accepts the teachings of Vatican II as understood in light of the Tradition of the Church.

Gene said...

But, Frances is doing this, not out of any theological/doctrinal stance, rather because he is basically an indifferentist. I preferred Benedict's cautious approach based upon principle.

Anonymous said...


Re the modernists, if you can't bruise 'em, use 'em. I'll take it any way I can get it.

Today's modernists are a strange breed. They're absolutists about relativism. When on the outside their tactics to win access to power is to demand a seat at the table on the grounds that different perspectives are needed, that truth is relative, and such. Once they get that seat at the table they tend to shoot everyone else sitting there. But oddly, their relativism isn't entirely feigned; it's just that they're unaware that at bottom it's incompatible with their absolutism. (Peter Kreeft has much to say about this). So the tension between relativism and absolutism within the modernist breast may occasionally produce a tactical error, if that's what this is.

OTOH, up to now I've thought that the laxity with regard to heterodoxy in the mainstream parishes, combined with the denunciations of SSPX, was a function of clerical oversensitivity to schism (I know, SSPX isn't schismatic, but it looks more schismatic than heretical to the hierarchy). But perhaps Francis is so concerned with love/unity/ whatever that his approach permits treating "schism" the same way as the mainstream abuses.

(For those of you who say that he isn't tolerating abuses and point to Amoris Laetitiae as an example, I'll reply with what I've said here many, many times: Talk is cheap.