Thursday, April 14, 2016


Alright, I can understand laws governing for-profit businesses making sure that these public businesses don't discriminate based upon race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. I get that and to be honest if I ran a business, I would serve gay people, be it a hotel, a catering business or whatever. When I worked at Davison's Department store in the early 1970's (Macy's) and the Dairy Queen Brazier before that, I worked side by side with gay people and served plenty of them. I liked them. I felt bad for them when they were treated poorly.

But this transgendered ideology is a bit much where those who dress like women but are born male can use a female bathroom and the other way around.

What is the solution?

I recall in some European airports that while I was in a men's restroom a female attendant came in and did some cleaning while we were in there. No one batted an eye. But the difference was that each toilet had its own compartment from floor to ceiling with a door that locked.  Unlike American public bathrooms that have a partition that is above the floor for reasons unknown to me and don't go to the ceiling. So you can hear and smell all the inglorious things that one does in one of these! What's up with that!

And then many men's urinals afford no privacy whatsoever. Now some who are quite proud like showing off, but for me and my modesty, I am no exhibitionist. I do see that more and more men's urinals are getting privacy partitions.

So transgendered or unisex bathrooms exist in Europe with little controversy.

In my historic church we only have one restroom for 600 people. It is unisex, but only one person at a time can use it. Just have several of these in a common area like in airplanes and be done with it!


James said...

The problem with separate unisex cubicles is that men would end up having to queue for them, like the ladies do now. That's the main argument in favor of having separate gents' and ladies' restrooms.

The above the floor partition is intended ... ahem ... to deter homosexual activity in cubicles. But presumably there's much less of that sort of thing going on these days, now that it's easier for them to get hotel rooms (except in Cornwall; have there been similar cases in the US?

What really irritates me is restroom cubicles that don't have a hook on the door for your jacket and coat. Where are you meant to put them if you're sitting down?

TJM said...

Just left-wing loonism run amuk. No worries, because when the libs allow the Muslims to take over the US, this nonsense will stop, along with gay marriage, etc.

Stephen Conner said...

At my work there are two restrooms and both are available for either gender. However, my place of business is in an old home built, probably, 70+ years ago and only one person can use either restroom at a time. I agree with the hook in the stall comment. Very frustrating when one is unavailable.

Anonymous said...

Stall Hook users - be careful. If you hang your coat, which may contain phone, keys, sometimes wallet on that hook, which is usually on the door near the top - it is very easy for a bad guy to reach over, grab the coat, and run. At that moment, the victim is not usually in a position to give pursuit....

gob said...

To continue....should the toilet paper roll out from over the top or from under the bottom...?

rcg said...

I don't mind hookers in the restroom as long as they don't constantly pop their gum.

Anonymous said...

Our pastor gave a homily a few years ago asking "If it were a crime to be a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" The way this country is going, we would win acquittal in a few minutes. The bishops (Catholic, of course, don't even think Episcopal here!) of North Carolina are to be praised for asking the governor to overturn the transgender legislation. So many people are moving to North Carolina from the liberal Northeast---well, you see the results when you have Obama winning the state in 2008, losing it just narrowly in 2012, and cities like Charlotte promoting causes not in tune with traditional values. Jesse Helms sure would not get elected in that state today! And Georgia is probably not too many years behind....

Rood Screen said...


Over the top is unnatural and gravely disordered.

Jusadbellum said...

why does there need to be a law?

if a man dresses like a woman but is obviously a man, but wants to use the ladies room, then he's there for the spectacle, the special 'hey, look at me' spectacle. His delusions need not be protected by the full power of the federal government shouting to the rest of us that "he's sane, the rest of you who disagree with his delusions are the illegal haters".

If a man takes powerful artificial hormones to grow breasts, and indulges cosmetic surgeons to change his facial features, lips, cheeks, etc. so as to pass for a woman - essentially to go incognito - such that no one would be the wiser....then no one would be the wiser! So why would he need a law permitting him to use the woman's room?

Unless of course he is really there for the "hey look at me, I'm special and if you don't agree, then I need the federal government to crush you"

Now, given that the Q and T of the LGBTQ spectrum make up less than 1% of the population, the chances are higher that predators will use this new legal regime to their advantage -as has already happened.

if an obvious male person enters the woman's room but DECLARES himself to be 'transgender' who can challenge him? The bruhaha involved here is to enshrine in federal law GENDER THEORY whereby one's sex is of no special concern so long as one's will to power claims otherwise.

It's voluntarism on steriods. Weaponized will to power exercises. It's absurd and the only way to combat it in court and in public opinion is to be absurd. So now I can "identify" as a black, lesbian, handicapped American Indian despite being a heterosexual white male...and if anyone dares disagree it's because all y'all are HATERS.

See how easy this is? If we all start making outrageous claims and demand others salute us and applaud for our 'courage' the joke will defeat the absurdity of 1% foisting their delusions on the rest of us via the power of government.