Saturday, April 25, 2015


There is a psychiatric pathology that leads some to mutilate their bodies. This can reveal itself in a variety of ways from cutting, to obsessive tattooing and piercing of the body.

For many women and some men, plastic surgery is used to mutilate the face. I think we can include Michael Jackson in this category. In other cases people choose to mutilate their body by eliminating the outward signs of their God-given gender. Unfortunately, the once very masculine Bruce Jenner has done this.

Because of Original sin we all suffer some kinds of disorders of mind, body and soul. Our sexuality is not excluded from the fall of Adam and Eve and their original sin that we and the earth have inherited.

Part of the Original Sin that becomes actual sin is the denial of disorders, sickness, pathologies and the appropriate means to deal with these be they a spiritual director, psychiatrist, general practitioner or specialist. 

Bruce Jenner says he is not a homosexual and has never been with a man and had been happily married and produced children. Are we to believe that once he mutilates the masculine characteristics of the male gender's body  that he is somehow now a lesbian? This is pathological and needs psychiatric attention. Spiritual and moral development would help also. Conversion to Christ and his true Church and all she teaches would be the apex of help Bruce Jenner needs.

Pray for Bruce Jenner. He is a very troubled soul; a very troubled man. But to one extent or another, aren't we all? Why deny this and forgo the help we need to prevent the mutilation of body or soul?


qwikness said...

I watched it. It was fascinating. Like watching a train wreck. I wonder if fame had something to do with his self destruction.
ABC was constantly promoting "Becoming Us" for ABC Family. (how ironic to be on ABC "Family") ABC Family surreptitiously teaches children to accept these alternative creatures as normal by simply advertising. Nobody is going to watch that junk but just advertising for it during Disney Princess movies will teach them all they need to know.

Seeker said...


Dymphna said...

Bruce Jenner has looked like an ugly woman for years. It's obvious that something is wrong with him. And don't feel too sorry for him. He's smashed up the lives of his wives and been a terrible father all of his children's lives. Instead of wasting attention on this attention seeker we should turn our eyes away.

Anonymous said...

Is it your "diagnosis," Doctor McDonald, that gender dysphoria is not possible?

Can we do away with all scientific medicine and rely on "conversion to Christ and his true Church" to cure cancer, and epilepsy and multiple sclerosis?

Or is that too Seventh Day Adventist/Jehovah's Witness for you?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I am speaking of a wholistic approach to a psychiatric pathology to include medical care, psychiatric care and spiritual counseling. Are you suggesting bodily, emotional and spiritual mutilation are fine ?

gobshite said...

Would you warmly welcome Bruce Jenner as a parishioner at your church?

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a story on Jenner long ago, about how his training for the Decathlon was all consuming for both him and his first wife, how after she subjugated everything in their lives to that goal, he dumped her. When he won, he left sports behind THAT DAY (it's said he didn't even retrieve his vaulting poles from the Olympic stadium), preferring to achieve wealth and fame through celebrity. He left his first wife after she sacrificed so much for him (forgoing having a child until he finished the Olympics). In a long ago interview about their divorce, she said he wanted her to abort their second child as they were going through the divorce, which she did not do after talking with a friend.
Besides the Decathlon achievement, Jenner's whole life has been like the Kardasians; he's famous for being famous, nothing else.
His divorce from Kris Jenner is his third.

Yes, a he's a broken soul, but one like Michael Jackson, grasping to retain a celebrity using self promotion and bizarre behavior to get publicity, because this is how they make money. They are the carnival freak shows of our era. And, just like the bearded lady or the Elephant Man, for the sake of our own dignity and in our concern for theirs, it is best not to participate in their exploitation by attending the freak show.

Yes, I will pray for him, but I will not think of him much, because society and the media is using him to degrade us, and I'm just not going to willingly participate in that.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I've been in downtown churches for 30 years of my 35 years as a priest and I've had all kinds of parishioners.

I've had this situation in one of my parishes, almost identical, and he was more than welcome to attend Mass. If in a state of grace, he should receive Holy Communion. If married outside of the Church and her teachings concerning marriage he should forgo receiving Holy Communion. If he wanted to be a lector, cantor, Communion Minister or any other public ministry of the church, I would say no to these as any priest should.

Anonymous said...

From Wheaties to Fruitloops..

Paul said...

So sad to see the media championing this situation. Are there people suffering because they cannot "transition" from human to French Poodle or from human to Turkey Buzzard?

(Funny to see "choose an identity" when submitting a comment)