Monday, April 6, 2015

One more thing about our Easter Triduum Liturgies

How many out there experienced what we did (and in doing so followed the red) for your Easter Triduum Liturgies:

At Holy Thursday's Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, the Organ accompanied the Processional hymn and the Gloria, also sung with bells pealing. After the Gloria, the organ remained silent until the Gloria of the Easter Vigil, where the bells also accompanied the Gloria, but inside the church and from the bell tower outside.

Everything in between these Glorias was sung acapella.

Did you experience this?


John Nolan said...

Unfortunately most of what passes for liturgy in parishes these days is the hymn sandwich and so the organ is never silent. Also, the faux-folk or sacro-pop settings of the Ordinary which are still prevalent, apart from being dire in themselves, give little indication of change of season. When Mass XVII (Lent) gives way to Mass I (Paschaltide) one notices the difference. Both are easy enough for congregations to learn.

How many parishes have a crotalus (rattle) to replace the bell when the bells have to be silent?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

We have a pre-Vatican II clapper and it was used although it makes me jump each year!

Anonymous said...

"Everything in between these Glorias was sung acapella."

Just between the Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil Glorias. In the Mass I attend, the organ is silent within the Mass throughout Lent, except on Laetare Sunday. Though it can be used outside Mass, e.g., to accompany the non-liturgical processional and recessional.

Anonymous said...

The parish I attend celebrates all liturgies, all year 'round, "by the book." So yes, we had acapella singing (and chant) and use of the clappers from Holy Thursday's Gloria until the Easter Vigil's Gloria.
By the way, all the statues and the crucifix in the church were covered in violet cloth, like the olden days, from Palm Sunday (I think it was Palm Sunday, but now I'm not sure!) until the Easter Vigil.
My parish is St. John Cansius in Chicago, and the Canon Regulars there are dedicated to the restoration of the sacred in the liturgy, so you would expect this. The liturgies were all Novo Ordo, said in Latin. The have a web site ( if you are interested in their mission.

rcg said...

Our servers clack the crotalus with gusto, it always surprises me. I attended a NO parish for Good Friday. It was the dramatic reading and at least well done. I won't discuss the homily. I am not certain that it wasn't heretical, if not actually blasphemous.

George said...

When the bells joined in with the Gloria I noticed they were "in tune and in key" (at least to my ear) which is always good. The Easter Triduum liturgies were all very nicely done.

Православный физик said...

In my parish, it's always acapella :)

Michael (Quicumque Vult) said...

Haha, Father, you're not alone! The clapper always startles me, too!