Saturday, April 11, 2015



Vox Cantoris said...

It was a Church that was fully aware of its mission. Since then, in the West, conversions and vocations have plummeted. Churches have closed, schools have closed and the Catholic population is contracepting and aborting at rates equivalent to non-Catholics. Europe is dying and will be taken over by Islam if they do not wake up.

It is obvious and it is a disaster. That was a Church unafraid of atheism, communism, fascism and secularism. Now we have a Church afraid of homosexualism! Less than 2% of the population.

Ostrich feathers won't bring back the faith but nor will what we've been doing these fifty years since.

Rood Screen said...

One notable feature of the EF Mass is that it does not need a dramatic video to reveal the dramatic nature of Christ's Eucharistic Sacrifice.

The principal trouble with the usual attempts to explain the Mass to adolescents is the reduction of the Sacrifice to two things: "The Mass is for us to receive the truth of Christ during the Liturgy of the Word, and to receive the Substance of Christ during the Liturgy of the Eucharist". This self-centered, even selfish description might be well-received by today's youth, but it is simply wrong.

Luke said...

"The same Mass for thousands of years..."

Kind of.

I don't think it is too dramatic, especially if these kids have grown up in the Ritus Narcissus of Haugen, Inwood and the rest of their ilk.

rcg said...

Breathless emotion can be overcome by reason. It is wonderful to sense the Presence, but now what? Does this movie instruct the children about what the Mass does to prepare the Preist, and the congregation for this encounter? This is perhaps the single advantage of the EF over the OF. It completes the job with the Final Gospel where after the preparation and the encounter of Communion we stand at the intersection of Eternity and are shown Creation flowing through the present to infinity.